Keeping It Real

I’m over on the MuseItHOT! blog today, talking about what makes and breaks sexy for me. If you’d like to find out more, click on the cover below – you’ll also be able to read an extract from my sizzling m√©nage tale from the Lacey’s Lamp collection of short stories, Make Mine a Double.

make mine a double

An In-genie-ous Blog Post

There are many different ways of blogging – some people like to spill their every waking thought out onto the keyboard, others save themselves until they have something particularly important to say or something they need to get off their chest, while others have a rigidly defined system of what they post and when – guest blog on Tuesday, sneak peek on Sunday and the like.

And then there’s the unique Lin Holmes – one of the most prolific authors for Muse It Up/Muse It Hot!, she likes to review and preview books by means of illustrated blogs that manage to be funny, slightly crazy and always¬†leave you wanting to find out more about the book. For her latest Spicy Hot Pick of the Week on the Muse It Hot! blog, she manages to cover not one but 11 short stories. They’re the Lacey’s Lamp collection, all of which spring from the same intriguing starting point.

Lacey Flowers is the owner of a very special bar, that appears to those women most in need of some sexual and sensual fulfilment in their lives. Lacey is a genie who has the power to grant your deepest wish, and from the selection of fantasies on offer, that involves everything from a first experience with another woman to a second chance with an old flame to an injection of spice into a flagging marriage. Or take my own Make Mine a Double, which features a heroine who’s always dreamed about a threesome, but never had the opportunity, until a chance encounter with Lacey Flowers sets a chain of events in motion that lead to… But why don’t you let Lin tell you more, and find out about the other ten stories while you’re at it? Click on the jacket below – well, it seems a book cover is the ideal way to direct you to a blog where covers about and a genie might be able to give you just what you need.

make mine a double