Wild After Dark Is Coming Soon!

What happens when a vampire, a werewolf and a human get together? That’s the premise behind the Wild After Dark anthology, which will soon be available as an early download from Totally Bound. As well as my Brighton-based story, Steal Your Soul Away, the collection includes stories by Helena Maeve, Wendi Zwaduk, Aurelia T. Evans, Nan Comargue and Lucy Felthouse. If you like a side order of fangs and fury with your erotic romance, you can find out more by clicking on the button below.


You can read the full Archaeolibrarianologist review of the anthology here. And look out for the Wild After Dark blog tour – coming to the Naughty Corner and other places soon!


Sapphic Smut Is Out!

If you’re looking for a collection of stories featuring hot girl-on-girl action (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then may I recommend Sapphic Smut, the latest volume from the team behind Smut In The City and Smut By The Sea. Want more info? Then here’s the blurb:

Light hearted, sexy Sapphic smut is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by sapphic smutLucy Felthouse with assistance from Kev ‘Mitnik’ Blisse.

From coffee shops to exotic Indian adventures to cosy cabins in France, Sapphic Smut has it all. Fun with sugar, naughty spankings, seductions by strangers, seductions by friends, cougars and even a twist on a fairy tale abound in this exciting collection of lesbian stories from erotica’s finest authors.

This delicious girl-on-girl anthology contains stories from Lucy Felthouse, Kay Jaybee, Louisa Bacio, Sallyanne Rogers, Vanessa de Sade, Tabitha Rayne and Elizabeth Coldwell.

The book is now available from All Romance Ebooks.


Backlist Blast: Uniform Behaviour

The best erotic fiction should always leave you feeling good, and the Uniform Behaviour anthology certainly does that. Not only did editor Lucy Felthouse choose a cracking selection of stories about characters who have a thing for men (and women) in uniform, a percentage of the royalties goes to the Help for Heroes charity. If you didn’t pick up a copy when it first came out, here’s an extract from my story in the anthology, Strictly No Parking, to give you a flavour of what you’ve missed.

uniform behaviourLate for an appointment, the narrator of the story has parked in a space designated for a senior member of staff, much to the disapproval of the company security guard:

“So, are you going to move your car?” The security guard interrupted my musings. He was standing closer now, and I realised he was barely into his twenties. Certainly not old enough to be addressing me in such a cocky tone of voice.

“What if I say no?” I asked, trying to sound more assertive than I felt. “What if I just leave it here and march straight into my meeting?”

“In that case, I’d have no choice but to teach you a lesson, show you what happens to bad girls who think they can break the rules.”

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been called a bad girl; certainly it hadn’t been by someone as self-assured and, though I hated to admit it, horny as the man who stood before me now. Glancing swiftly down, I couldn’t help but notice a substantial bulge in the crotch of his uniform trousers. Was telling me what to do turning him on? If so, it made us a perfect fit, because despite my annoyance at his treatment of me, there was a distinct wetness in my panties. My body was responding to the idea of being taught a lesson by this brawny young security guard, and I was suddenly anxious to see whether he was prepared to carry out his threats.

“Well, now I know where I stand…” I turned on my heel and started to walk in the direction of Bevington’s reception area. Before I’d taken more than a couple of paces, the guard had caught me by the wrist. Spinning me round, he pressed me up against the wall.

I was suddenly, overwhelmingly aware of the difference in our respective builds. Even in my three-inch heels, I didn’t even come upto his shoulder. The emotion I felt wasn’t fear at being so securely in his grasp; it was arousal, causing my pussy to bloom against the lace crotch of my panties.

His musky, masculine aroma was strong as he bent his face close to my ear. “I gave you a chance, but you just had to disobey me, didn’t you? Well, now you find out what happens when you don’t do as you’re told.”

And what does happen? Find out in Uniform Behaviour, available here.

A Taste Of Rome: Where I Got My Idea From – Guest Post By Lucy Felthouse

atasteofromeMy World of Sin series, which comprises of A Taste of London, A Taste of Paris and A Taste of Rome so far, came about because of my ambition to write for Ellora’s Cave. At the time, they’d recently launched their EC for Men range and I’d heard they were actively looking for more titles to add to it. So I decided to go for it.

Then I just had to come up with something to write about. So I racked my brain for ideas, for something that would work well written from the male perspective (though that’s not a prerequisite of the line), lend itself to lots of sexy adventures, and so on. So when the idea of a gap year popped into my head, I was very pleased.

That meant I could write a series, instead of just one book. My characters would leave home for Europe and travel for a year, starting in London, then Paris, then Rome. After that, it would depend on where my own travels took me next. A Taste of Amsterdam is the next book on my list to write, so watch this space.

As I wrote more books, I found that the idea worked perfectly. Although, admittedly, there is lots of drinking and having sex going on in the books, I’ve managed to keep it fresh by changing up the girls and the locations. The sex scenes themselves are also all very different. I just tend to do what comes naturally, let my characters lead the way. They seem to know what they’re doing and what they want, which makes my job very easy.

So, although the idea didn’t come from anywhere in particular, other than my crazy brain, it’s been very fruitful indeed. I can’t wait to see what the boys get up to next.

Happy Reading!

Lucy x



Ryan came to the conclusion that perhaps this journey wasn’t so horrendous after all. He’d been a little miffed that the American girls, Shanna and Taryn, had wanted to tag along from Paris to Rome with him and Kristian. He’d been keen not to end up with any chicks who wanted more than a one night stand, figuring that any romantic entanglements would screw up their footloose and fancy-free gap year trip. Their last year of freedom, without commitment, before they went to University and had to grow up, buckle down.

In the here and now, however, Ryan decided that Shanna actually wasn’t that bad. It seemed she was determined to spice up the never-ending coach trip from Paris to Rome. Eight hundred and seventy miles, thirteen hours. They’d known when they’d booked it that it would be nigh on intolerable, but it was the cheapest way to travel. And having sat in the increasingly stuffy, tiny coach, Ryan could see why. It made cramped seats in coach class on a flight feel like first class.

Shanna had removed her jacket as the crap air-conditioning was utterly failing to cool down the cabin. It had been draped over her lap for a while before she slid it across so it covered part of his too. Ryan frowned, wondering why she thought it was a good idea to make him warmer. He was already melting in the heat. Then she slipped her hand beneath the jacket and moved it over his crotch. She squeezed his flaccid cock, making her intentions absolutely clear. He realized that if he continued to stare down at their laps it would be painfully obvious to anyone who glanced in their direction what they were up to. So he leaned over and kissed Shanna’s cheek, nuzzling her red hair out of the way to murmur into her ear.

“I’m going to try and act natural.” Then, remembering what had happened to him back in London when he’d ended up with cum-filled boxer shorts, he added, “Can you, uh, catch it in a tissue?”

Grinning, Shanna revealed the flimsy white material in her other hand. It appeared she’d already thought of that. Saucy wench—he liked her. She was a fun girl, gorgeous-looking and a great lay. Had things been different, he might have considered pursuing something long-term with her, but it wasn’t going to happen. He and Kristian had this one chance, this few months to live life to the fullest, do what they wanted, do who they wanted, go where they liked, and he wasn’t going to throw it away for a green-eyed, cute-accented chick. No way.

He wasn’t worried about upsetting her, though. He knew that she and her friend had a similar pact and outlook on their European travels. They too were hooking up, having a good time and moving on.

Ryan grinned out of the window. Life was good. A sexy girl was about to get his cock out on a coach and toss him off, and he was heading to the third destination on his gap year adventure. The Italian capital awaited and he couldn’t wait to see what it had in store.

Before he got there, though, he was going to have another orgasm on public transport. First the toilets on the Eurostar, now beneath a jacket on a coach. God, what was it with women and doing it in cramped, risky places? And Blanche—the French bird on the Eurostar—and Shanna weren’t the only ones he was thinking of. He was beginning to forget what it was like to have sex in a bed. Not that he was complaining—Christ, no. If a sexy woman propositioned him, who was he to refuse?

By now Shanna had undone his belt, button and fly and released his cock from his boxers. It had taken a while as she’d had to keep her movements slow, subtle, so no one realized what was happening. As a result of all the fumbling, his dick was rock hard by the time she got it out, and it sprung eagerly into her hand.

She leaned her head on his shoulder and he slipped his arm around her, pulling her close. Anyone who looked now would just see a couple of young people having a cuddle. Or possibly a hot redhead sleeping on the shoulder of a young man who could either be her boyfriend or a total stranger.

Carefully, she began to stroke him, getting into a rhythm that would drive him to climax without anyone knowing.

Ryan turned back to the window, giving the appearance of looking out at the darkening sky. Shanna’s grip tightened, her movements grew faster and he grew closer to coming. He dug his teeth into his bottom lip in an attempt to regain some kind of control. It didn’t help—his hormones raged and the familiar tingle at the base of his spine was a dead giveaway.

Looking as chilled out, as casual as possible, he turned to Shanna and whispered, “You’d better get that tissue ready—otherwise I’m going to make an awful mess.”

She gave a single nod of understanding and moved her other hand beneath the jacket, slowly, languidly. It probably looked as though she was just changing position, rather than anything naughtier. Ryan, however, was at the stage where he didn’t care. If anyone happened to look across, happened to confront them, he’d hold a hand up to keep them quiet until he finished.



Book three of the World of Sin series.

Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst have travelled to London and lucy felthouseParis on their “gap year” adventure, before starting university. Now it’s on to Rome.

The American girls they met in Paris are along for the ride, providing lots of sexy fun for the boys. But as no one in the foursome is looking for commitment, there’s still plenty of scope for hooking up with the locals. Voyeurism, cougars, risky outdoor sex and threesomes abound in the Italian leg of the boys’ European adventure.

More info, excerpt and buy links: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/a-taste-of-rome/

Add to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18399288-a-taste-of-rome


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9


For a chance to win a Kindle copy of  A Taste of London, visit http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/8b9ec569/

Snogging A Soldier

It’s Sunday snog time again at Blissekiss.co.uk, and for all those of you who like a man in uniform, here’s a quick kiss from An Act of Duty, my story from the Totally Bound Stand to Attention anthology. To set the scene, Mark is in Amsterdam, keeping a promise to his fallen comrade and good friend, Ozzy. But a quiet drink in a bar has turned into a full-on brawl, and now he’s helping the bar’s Dutch owner, Robin, deal with the aftermath of the incident…

anactofduty_800“Stand still, and let me take a look at that.”

Mark made a brief examination of the Dutchman’s face, aware as he pressed his fingers to Robin’s cheek of the warmth of his skin and the potent scent of sweat mixed with something more primal and male.

“Well,” he said, noting the beginning of a bruise forming, “it looks like you’re going to get a nice shiner—”

“Sorry?” Robin replied, failing to recognise the term.

Mark chuckled. “A black eye. But that’s all. There’ll be no permanent scarring.”

“That’s good to know. Not that there’s anything wrong with scars. They can be very sexy.” As Robin spoke, he traced his fingertips over the jagged white scar that ran the length of Mark’s face from cheek to chin, close to his hairline. Mark shivered, partly from the thrill of Robin’s touch and partly in remembrance of the circumstances in which he’d gained that wound.

His heart thumped wildly, his senses rousing in response to Robin’s sensual caress. A second finger had been added to the first, and now Robin trailed them over Mark’s lips, exploring their contours. “Really?”

“Oh, yes. Very sexy.”

Almost before Mark knew what was happening, Robin had kissed him. The lightest of pecks, it still left Mark’s lips tingling. His cock stirred in his underwear, and realised that for the first time since Ozzy had died, he was getting properly turned on. Grief and guilt at not being able to do anything to save his friend’s life had destroyed his sex drive but now, it was reawakening, rising like a phoenix. He cupped Robin’s face in his palms and returned the kiss. His mouth pressed hard against Robin’s, and his tongue flickered along the seam between the lips till they parted and he was able to slip inside.

They ground their bodies together, their passion mounting. Mark ran his fingers through Robin’s dark curls, such a contrast to his own hair, which he kept cropped close to his skull, for ease of maintenance. They felt like silk to his touch.

Robin was stroking his chest through his plain white T-shirt, feeling muscles honed by the physical exertions of Mark’s life in theatre. “Mmm, so hard,” he murmured. “But then I knew you’d have a good body. “

“Yours isn’t too shabby, either,” Mark responded. The Dutchman had a long, lean physique, even if he didn’t possess Mark’s washboard abs or impressive biceps. Mark suspected Robin kept fit by hauling barrels of beer around, maybe cycling around the streets as all the locals here seemed to do. But now wasn’t the time to speculate on the man’s exercise regime. All he wanted to do was become better acquainted with that body in a sexual sense.

It didn’t surprise him that he—or Robin—was suddenly so keen to get physical. They’d been in a situation where they’d been placed in sudden danger, forced to fight to protect themselves and the bar. Adrenaline still coursed through his veins. Fucking Robin would confirm that he’d beaten that danger. He was alive. And Robin had to be feeling something similar. Though the Dutchman’s next words proved he was working to a slightly different agenda.

To find out what happens next, check out An Act of Duty, and Stand to Attention, which also features hot m/m stories by Sean Michael, Jambrea Jo Jones, Lily Harlem, Noelle Keaton and Lucy Felthouse. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss and immerse yourself in the full snog-tastic experience provided by this week’s selection of authors.


Why Fem Dom? – Guest Post By Lucy Felthouse

My novella, Testing Tom, is a fem dom erotic romance. It tells the story of Katrina, a professional dominatrix, and a man, Tom, who used to be both her lover and her submissive, until he left her for a vanilla chick, breaking her heart. He returns, begging for forgiveness, and it’s up to Katrina to find a way to forgive him. Which is where the tests come in…

So, why did I write a fem dom novella? The short answer would be… why not? A more comprehensive answer is…

I enjoy writing fem dom. I’ve written male dom stuff too, but for some reason I find it more difficult. In fem dom I find it easier to treat the male characters like shit (with their consent, of course), with whips, slapping, boot-licking and many other dominatrix-type stuff. Some of my stuff is more hardcore than other stuff, and I would say Testing Tom is probably the hardest. I just went to town on poor Tom, giving him some serious abuse. But the best part was, he enjoyed it.

When it comes to it, it’s crazy that I can’t be as hard on the female characters. They’re all willing submissives, and I’m not one of these people that believes if it’s done to women then it’s abuse. If everyone consents and there are safewords involved, then there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to put a female submissive through some of the hardcore tasks that I’ve put male submissives through. Why can’t a female sub get slapped in the face, be forced to lick boots and other much more intense stuff?

I guess I need to give it a go, don’t I? My female submissive characters are just as strong as my male ones, so I should treat them as such. Right, that’s my next challenge then, isn’t it? Watch this space.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Don’t forget to scroll down, add the book to your Goodreads shelves and enter the awesome giveaway.


TestingTomWhen Katrina’s ex, Tom, turns up on her doorstep, he’s literally the last person she was expecting to see. After dumping her and running off with a vanilla chick, Tom broke the Domme’s heart and left her seriously hurting. So when he returns, begging for another chance, Katrina is understandably very confused and protective of her bruised feelings. She finds it very difficult to believe that he’s turned his back on a vanilla lifestyle for good and wants to be with her, a professional dominatrix. Rather than letting her head or her heart figure out what to do, whether to forgive him, she decides to put Tom through a series of challenges that will prove his devotion to her—or not. Testing Tom is not something she’d ever expected she’d have to do, but to her, it’s the only way she can be sure whether he’s back for good.

More info, excerpt and buy links: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/testing-tom/

Add to Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18147133-testing-tom


Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over seventy publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include Best Bondage Erotica 2012 and 2013, and Best Women’s Erotica 2013. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies. She owns Erotica For All, and is book editor for Cliterati. Find out more at http://www.lucyfelthouse.co.uk. Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/gMQb9

To be in with a chance of winning Lucy’s giveaway prize of a $10 All Romance eBooks gift card, go to http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/share-code/OGI5ZWM1YmU4ZGM2YmI0ZWQ2MTgyNmNkMjI0MWJhOjUw/


Coming Together With Curves

Coming Together: With Curves, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse

ComingTogetherWithCurvesCurvy girls and the men (and women!) that love them is the theme of this charity anthology, edited by Victoria Blisse and Lucy Felthouse.

From Zumba classes to Burlesque dancers, all kinds of big and beautiful women are portrayed between the pages of this book. Read about birthday surprises, smut at the gym, horse riders, lusty couples, naughty neighbours, skilled bakers, rope bondage and misunderstandings from some of erotica’s best authors.

Sales proceeds benefit Parkinson’s UK.

Contents: Six Lengths of Red Hemp (Tilly Hunter), Cross Trainer Number Four (Lily Harlem), Bella Buxom, Just Squeeze Me (JoAnne Kenrick), Captivated (Elizabeth Lapthorne), Red Rag to a Bull (Victoria Blisse), Girl Next Door (Bella Blake), Lush Buns (Sommer Marsden), The Big Reveal (Giselle Renarde), The Wrong End of the Stick (Lucy Felthouse), Riding School (Bella Blake), Flesh For Fantasy (Lexie Bay).

Available from: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/coming-together-with-curves/


Bonnie stifled a sigh. He was doing it again. Staring at her, as he had been every day that week. She was on a fortnight’s training course through work. She was the only one from her office who’d been sent. As a result, she knew no one and ended up sitting alone in the college’s cafeteria at lunchtimes. She’d had a couple of invites from kindly people also on her course, but she’d turned them down. It wasn’t that she was being rude or anti-social, she just hated people to see her eat. She was a big girl—that was putting it politely—and when people saw her eat, she could feel the judgment rolling off them in waves, the thoughts that she was fat because she ate so much.

It wasn’t true. About what she ate, that was. She was fat, and there was no denying it. But it certainly wasn’t her doing. She’d been born to large parents, and despite a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, she was still overweight. All she ever managed to shift was a pound or two here and there, and that was hardly noticeable, particularly on a woman her size. She kept at it, though, resigned to being a larger lady, but determined not to get any bigger.

Because she’d always been big, she was used to the snide comments, the dirty and derisive looks, the open stares. So it didn’t upset her any more, but she still got irritated when people simply gawped at her. Surely one glance was enough for them to ascertain that yes, she was a shapely girl, and then move on. In most cases it was, particularly if she glared at the person in question. But not with this guy. She was sure he was trying to be subtle, because he often averted his gaze as she trained hers on him. But even if he’d looked away, she could tell by the position of his head and body that he’d been peeking at her. Again.

Now, on day seven, she was almost at boiling point. What the hell was his problem? Had no one ever told him it was rude to stare? She was on the verge of doing just that.

Eating her lunch was an unpleasant task, knowing she was being observed. If she hadn’t been so damn hungry, she’d have left it. But she’d been running late that morning and had committed that mortal sin—missing breakfast. So her chicken salad—with no dressing—was absolutely necessary to avoid making herself feel ill, or passing out, so she devoured every last morsel. She ate faster than she normally would, not because she was being greedy, but because the sooner she finished eating, the sooner she’d stop feeling so damn self-conscious about the guy across the room watching her.

She decided to give him one last chance. When she’d finished her lunch, she’d drink her carton of apple juice, then sit for a few seconds, doing nothing. If he continued to look at her, she was going to stomp over there and give him what for. If he didn’t, then she’d carry on with life and do her best to forget about him and his rudeness.

Deep down, she knew she was going to have to go over and say something to him. After seven days, he wasn’t going to suddenly amend his habits. She was just being a bit of a wimp, really, hoping to find some way of getting out of confrontation, because she didn’t like it, not one bit, and it was absolutely a last resort. Unfortunately, she couldn’t think of a single other way of stopping him from doing it. Perhaps she could put up a sign in front of her saying “Please stop staring at me.” But if he couldn’t take the hint when she’d glared at him, he wouldn’t take any notice of a piece of paper.

Several minutes later, her salad was gone and she moved onto her drink. With a sinking feeling in her gut, she saw he was just as interested in her now as he had been when she’d been eating. Damn, confrontation it was then.

Draining the carton, she gathered her plate, cutlery and other rubbish onto her tray, stood up and slid it onto the rack nearest her. Then she returned to her table, grabbed her bag, pulled in a deep breath through her nostrils and marched over to the Peeping Tom. She slid out the chair opposite him and sat down on it.


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