In A Mediaeval Mood

I’ve become a big fan of ambience – I mean the videos you find on YouTube and the tracks on Spotify designed to create a mood or a time and a place. Often, these are pure ‘white noise’ – everything from pounding rain to the sound of a washing machine churning, which many people find aid them in drifting off to sleep. But an increasing number of very talented people are creating – or recreating – soundtracks with any number of voices, sounds, or pieces of music woven together to whisk you off to somewhere less mundane than the room where you’re working or studying. Some of them are even based on books, for fans of the Harry Potter series or Tolkien’s epic fantasy doorstops. But you don’t have to look too hard to find one that could be the perfect accompaniment to the romance books in your TBR pile.

For instance, on a channel called Ambience of Yesteryear, I found this little beauty. To me, it really enhances the scene in my mediaeval romance, One Knight in Muiden, where the story’s heroine, Lady Swaneke, begins to grow increasingly attracted to the brooding and mysterious knight, Sir Alwin, as the characters eat together in the great hall of Muiden Castle. Take a listen and see what you think – and if you know of any other great ambient sounds I should be checking out why don’t you leave me a comment.

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It’s Christmas Sale Time!

So you’ve opened your presents, eaten your turkey, and done whatever else you do to mark the festive holiday season, and now you’re keen to curl up with a good book. (At least, that’s how I like to end my day…) Well, Tirgearr are bringing you a present in terms of the Smashwords Christmas sale. From December 25th to January 1st, all Tirgearr titles will be available at 50 per cent off, apart from the fabulous hot romance titles in the City Nights series, which are already perma-priced at 99p/99c (which should be all the excuse you need to grab a copy of my romantic suspense novella, One Night in Brussels). You’ll be able to find loads of great books from Tirgearr’s range of talented authors, and to take advantage of the savings, use the code SEY50 at checkout. If you’re looking for my historical romance novella, One Knight In Muiden, a tale of disguise, deception, and overwhelming passion, simply click on the link below and you’ll go straight to its Smashwords page.

And have a happy Christmas, and a wonderful, book-filled New Year!