The Craziest Chocolates You’ll Ever Eat

Ever tried onion-flavoured chocolate? Or truffles with a lavender filling? No, I’m not making them up, and those are just for starters…

I’m a guest of the lovely Wendi Zwaduk, talking about some of the weirdest chocolates you can buy, and how they provided the inspiration for my BDSM-themed novella, More Than Vanilla, from the Total-e-bound Whip It Up collection.

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A Whole New Use For Chocolate

Ever wondered what it might feel like to be coated in chocolate, then given a delicious massage? It sounds like it ought to be one of the scenarios in my story for the Whip It Up collection, Total-e-bound’s delicious new anthology that mixes tales of domination and submission with food play (two of my favourite subjects when it comes to erotic fiction). Actually, it was the experience I had at the Lush Spa in London, enjoying a much-needed pampering session. You can tell how much I needed this – the treatment, called The Comforter?, was bought for me as a Christmas present, and I’ve only just got round to enjoying it.

It certainly wasn’t like any other massage I’ve experienced before. The treatment room is snug and cosy, with stars twinkling on the ceiling and bubbles blowing, giving off a real Willy Wonka vibe that’s in keeping with the theme of the treatment. First, I was coated in a gooey, chocolate-scented exfoliating scrub, and when that had been removed with the aid of hot mittens, I was massaged using a rose serum. By the time the deliciously sensual treatment was over, I was so relaxed I was practically asleep on the massage table. As for the after-effects, well, my skin feels incredibly smooth and I smell like a bar of Turkish Delight…

whipitup_800Chocolate isn’t used in quite such an unusual way in More Than Vanilla, my Whip It Up story, but it plays a very big part in the story. Oliver Honeyman and his girlfriend (and long-term submissive), Nina Lee, are running a chocolate shop in York that’s in need of a makeover. They decide that what the business needs is a more adult flavour – from the décor to the range of chocolates on sale. Oliver drafts in Belgian chocolatier, Daniel Martens, to help create the new products, and in the process, Nina comes to discover that Daniel is just as dominant as Oliver. In this extract, Nina and Daniel are working in the chocolate workshop at the back of the shop, and with Oliver away, their relationship begins to take a more intimate turn:

In one of the big steel vats, white chocolate was being tempered—the process repeatedly heating and cooling the chocolate so that the finished product would have a glossy texture and melt smoothly in the mouth. Daniel was all about the ‘mouth feel’, Nina had discovered. He wanted the eating of chocolate to be a sensual act, one to be savoured and enjoyed.

The tempered chocolate was almost ready, at which point it would be poured into small, heart-shaped moulds. These shells would then be filled with a mixture of raspberry purée, framboise liqueur and whipped cream—or, as Daniel called it, slagroom. Nina had picked up a few Flemish words from him while they’d been working together, including a couple she didn’t think she could repeat in polite company.

“You know,” he said, as Nina went to put the bowl of raspberry-flavoured cream in the fridge, “there’s one thing we’ve never really discussed. And that’s how you and Oliver come to be master and servant as well as lovers.”

“You’re not really interested in that, are you?” Nina paused with her hand on the fridge door handle, aware she was blushing. Just the word ‘master’ on Daniel’s lips set her pussy fluttering. His interest in her had to be obvious to Oliver from the way he’d reacted to seeing her in the throes of submission, and to her surprise, he didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. In fact, he’d been dropping heavy hints that, given the opportunity, he’d like to see her submit to the Belgian.

“But of course. Your relationship is obviously a very special one, and I think that Oliver is so lucky to have a partner like you, so submissive and obedient.”

Nina’s heart raced. She shouldn’t be so aroused by Daniel’s words, by the want in his gaze, by the knowledge that he’d seen her naked and writhing helplessly on Oliver’s knee as she was brought to orgasm. Yet she knew that if he ordered her to begin stripping, just as Oliver had done when they’d played their kinky game of ‘guess the flavour’, she would peel off every last stitch for him.

“I knew for a long time that something was missing in the relationships I’d had with other boyfriends,” she told him. “It was only when I met Oliver that I realised what that something was. Obeying his orders, letting him take control—it gives me the freedom to explore my desires to their limits. And now there’s no place I’d rather be than over his knee.”

“And very beautiful you look there, too.” Daniel might have continued if Nina, her hands sticky with sweat, hadn’t lost her grip on the stainless steel bowl and almost dropped it. Between them, they prevented it from crashing to the floor and spilling its contents, but in the process their faces and clothes were flecked with specks of the blush-tinted cream. Despite the gravity of the situation, Nina couldn’t help giggling. A blob of cream had landed on the end of Daniel’s nose, and he seemed oblivious to the fact as he made sure the bowl was safely stowed in the fridge. Only when he turned back to face her did he seem to realise what had happened.

“You think this is funny, do you?” he snapped, the sudden bark in his tone sending a fresh jolt of lust down to her pussy. Certain that he wasn’t as angry as he appeared to be, and that the sudden tension in the workshop stemmed from the conversation they’d been having before their near-disaster with the framboise cream, Nina bit back her giggles.

“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

It had been the right thing to say. Glancing downwards, she was certain she saw the shadow of a bulge at the crotch of his dark trousers.

“You know how much it would cost to make another bowl of that slagroom? The time it would take to whip it up, the time we’d waste when we could be working on the filling for the champagne and peach truffles?” “It was an accident, Sir. I didn’t mean to—”

Still the cream adorned the end of Daniel’s long, straight nose. Nina yearned to reach out and wipe it away. With Oliver, that would surely have earned her a punishment. Would Daniel react in the same way, and why was it so important to her to discover whether he would?

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