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Sunday Snog – Night Voices


nightvoices_800Hooray for Sunday, and all the delicious snogs coming your way via Blissekiss. As my naughty but nice novella Night Voices is now available for early download from Totally Bound, I thought I’d treat you to a little kiss from that.

Late-night DJ Laurie is less than thrilled about having sex therapist Dr Roxy as his co-presenter, and when she oversteps the mark in the studio, he knows there’s only one way to teach her not to do it again.

Laurie all but dragged her to his flat. The walk had been just long enough for doubts to set in as to whether she was doing the right thing. She’d always been impulsive when it came to men. Until now that had mostly been one-night stands when she was in a strange town on one of her book tours. Hooking up with a man she knew she would never see again had its thrills. Most importantly, it couldn’t do anything to harm her career. But she worked with Laurie, and he could make things very difficult for her if this didn’t work out. If only he hadn’t pushed her buttons with his talk of a spanking.

Maybe she should have tried harder to resist the challenge he’d laid down. Who was she kidding? Resistance was the last thing on her mind, especially now, as Laurie fumbled his key into the front door lock and let them both into the flat. Still, she needed to be sure they were both reading from the same script.

Rising up on her toes, Roxy took the point of Laurie’s chin in her hand and held it there while she pressed her lips to his. He made no attempt to break free of her grasp, returning the kiss with passion. They staggered a couple of paces down the hallway, mouths locked together. Laurie traced his tongue over Roxy’s full lower lip, and she moaned softly. She played her hand down the length of his throat and into the open neck of his shirt. The soft curls of hair tickled her fingertips, and she smiled to herself. She loved a man with a nice, hairy chest—even better if that hair trailed in a line to connect with the bush at his groin and drew the eye downwards with the promise of delights to come.

Roxy started to tug at his shirt buttons, wrenching the first two open before he stopped her.

“Hey, who’s in charge here?” he growled. “Not the little brat who needs a spanking, that’s for sure.”

She’d never been referred to as a brat before and the word, with all its connotations of bad behavior that needed to be punished, sent a shiver of dark, sweet pleasure through her.

“Come with me,” Laurie ordered and led her through to his living room.


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