Snogging A Soldier

It’s Sunday snog time again at, and for all those of you who like a man in uniform, here’s a quick kiss from An Act of Duty, my story from the Totally Bound Stand to Attention anthology. To set the scene, Mark is in Amsterdam, keeping a promise to his fallen comrade and good friend, Ozzy. But a quiet drink in a bar has turned into a full-on brawl, and now he’s helping the bar’s Dutch owner, Robin, deal with the aftermath of the incident…

anactofduty_800“Stand still, and let me take a look at that.”

Mark made a brief examination of the Dutchman’s face, aware as he pressed his fingers to Robin’s cheek of the warmth of his skin and the potent scent of sweat mixed with something more primal and male.

“Well,” he said, noting the beginning of a bruise forming, “it looks like you’re going to get a nice shiner—”

“Sorry?” Robin replied, failing to recognise the term.

Mark chuckled. “A black eye. But that’s all. There’ll be no permanent scarring.”

“That’s good to know. Not that there’s anything wrong with scars. They can be very sexy.” As Robin spoke, he traced his fingertips over the jagged white scar that ran the length of Mark’s face from cheek to chin, close to his hairline. Mark shivered, partly from the thrill of Robin’s touch and partly in remembrance of the circumstances in which he’d gained that wound.

His heart thumped wildly, his senses rousing in response to Robin’s sensual caress. A second finger had been added to the first, and now Robin trailed them over Mark’s lips, exploring their contours. “Really?”

“Oh, yes. Very sexy.”

Almost before Mark knew what was happening, Robin had kissed him. The lightest of pecks, it still left Mark’s lips tingling. His cock stirred in his underwear, and realised that for the first time since Ozzy had died, he was getting properly turned on. Grief and guilt at not being able to do anything to save his friend’s life had destroyed his sex drive but now, it was reawakening, rising like a phoenix. He cupped Robin’s face in his palms and returned the kiss. His mouth pressed hard against Robin’s, and his tongue flickered along the seam between the lips till they parted and he was able to slip inside.

They ground their bodies together, their passion mounting. Mark ran his fingers through Robin’s dark curls, such a contrast to his own hair, which he kept cropped close to his skull, for ease of maintenance. They felt like silk to his touch.

Robin was stroking his chest through his plain white T-shirt, feeling muscles honed by the physical exertions of Mark’s life in theatre. “Mmm, so hard,” he murmured. “But then I knew you’d have a good body. “

“Yours isn’t too shabby, either,” Mark responded. The Dutchman had a long, lean physique, even if he didn’t possess Mark’s washboard abs or impressive biceps. Mark suspected Robin kept fit by hauling barrels of beer around, maybe cycling around the streets as all the locals here seemed to do. But now wasn’t the time to speculate on the man’s exercise regime. All he wanted to do was become better acquainted with that body in a sexual sense.

It didn’t surprise him that he—or Robin—was suddenly so keen to get physical. They’d been in a situation where they’d been placed in sudden danger, forced to fight to protect themselves and the bar. Adrenaline still coursed through his veins. Fucking Robin would confirm that he’d beaten that danger. He was alive. And Robin had to be feeling something similar. Though the Dutchman’s next words proved he was working to a slightly different agenda.

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