Hot Flashes

dirty flash fictionWhen you’re looking for a quick, hot read, nothing hits the spot quite like erotic flash fiction. It gets to the point fast, but even though it’s short, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t reach all those important little places. Dirty Flash Fiction, published by Sexy Little Pages, is a short, short anthology produced by the team calling themselves The Kinky Brits – Jillian Boyd, Charlie J. Forrest, Zak Jane Keir and Anna Sky – and the seven stories in the collection showcase the various things flash fiction does so well. From Charlie J. Forrest’s Gluttony, a depiction of lust and desire that makes its point in a mere handful of paragraphs, to Jillian Boyd’s haunting paranormal tale, Becoming, there’s something to fit every erotic moment. Zak Jane Keir provides both full-on filth (we’d expect nothing less) in the bukkake-themed The Big Five Oh, and a weird speculative mood piece, Even After All. Things are rounded out nicely with Forrest’s saucy Sign Of The Hunted, featuring that classic staple of flash fiction, the twist ending, and Anna Sky’s two stories, Chastised, which offers an intense MM CP scenario, and a bit of deliciously shame-laced female submission courtesy of Intangible Assets.

Hopefully this will be the first in a series – there’s certainly an appetite for authors to write flash and readers to devour it – and it proves that Sexy Little Pages is one of the up-and-coming imprints who intend to try something a little different from the erotic romance norm.

Dirty Flash Fiction is available from Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

Hot Encounters Of The Fourth Kind

The lovely Lisabet Sarai is renowned for producing some of the most sensuous, intelligent, genre-defying erotic fiction around, FourthWorld_400x600and her new collection of dark paranormal stories, The Fourth World, is no exception. Be warned, though, this is strong stuff – the tales here include violence, blood, death, extreme BDSM, m/m interaction, vampires, succubi and things with tentacles. Here’s the blurb, to give you a better idea of what’s involved:

Enter the fourth world – a world of lust and shadows, where anything can happen.

Obsessive passion and dark ecstasy mark these seven stories of paranormal desire from eroticist Lisabet Sarai. An undead couple hunts for beauty and youth in the history-drenched streets of Prague. A sex addict meets his fate in the embrace of a seductive monster. An innocent writer offers her body and heart to a century-old ghost. A spiritual seeker succumbs to temptation in the arms of a fearsome and greedy goddess. A kinky, blood-drenched threesome unfolds in a luxurious Bangkok penthouse. These tales conjure the magic of sex, and its dangers. Expect to be unbearably aroused and occasionally terrified. Do not expect happily ever afters.

And if that’s roused your appetite, here’s an X-rated extract:

“Master Carl?” My eyes trained respectfully on his scuffed boots, I stand back to let him enter. The door swings shut behind him.

He fists my hair and forces me to my knees. My cock surges inside my pants.

“Don’t speak unless I ask you a question, boy. Understand?”

“Yes—yes, Sir.” I feel vaguely guilty bestowing that honorific on anyone but my true master. Keeping my gaze straight ahead, where an impressive lump distorts his worn dungarees, I catch a whiff of gasoline and old, sour sweat. His hand goes to his fly. I hold my breath, my heart slamming against my ribs.

“So you want me to cut you? That’s what you said, right?”

“That’s right, Sir.”

He peels the zipper down and hauls out his massive, uncut cock. “Suck me first. If you do a good job, maybe I’ll get out my knife.” 

I have no opportunity to reply. He mashes the head of his dick against my lips, pushes them apart, and drives his rod down my throat. When I sputter and choke around the rigid plug of flesh, he draws back a bit, letting me gulp air into my lungs. Then he rams back in, but this time, I’m ready. I suck at him like a kid with an ice cream soda, swirling my tongue over his bulb and tickling the ridge beneath.

He groans a bit. His blunt fingers clutch my shoulders to hold me still while he thrusts. He’s found his rhythm now, a hard, fast plunge followed by a slower withdrawal. My lips cling to the sleek, steely bulk of him each time he retreats.

Despite the funky smell of his jeans, he tastes clean, a bit flowery, as if he used perfumed soap. I’m reminded of them—my real master and mistress—and all at once I’m on the edge of coming. I tense, knowing that’s not permitted and my abuser senses the change. He’s a serious Dom, despite his tough demeanor, attuned to his submissive’s reactions. His hesitation gives me the chance for a deep breath and the urge subsides a bit, though my cock still throbs every time he fills my mouth.

I let myself pretend that the cock I’m sucking belongs to my master. He’s longer and more slender than Carl, but I don’t doubt he’d be equally rough. Cruelty is a habit for him. Closing my eyes, I picture him looming over me, his raven curls tumbling over his brow, his lips stretched in a taut grimace of pleasure. I’ve never tasted him, never touched him, but I know his skin would be cool and silky. His cock would be hard as a marble tomb.

The Fourth World is published by

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About Lisabet

Brief Bio

When I was a little girl, my dad would make up stories for my siblings and me, fabulous sagas about ghosts and monsters, magical races with mysterious powers, heroes on impossible quests, hidden treasures awaiting only the most courageous seeker. I blame him for my lifelong fascination with the magical and miraculous.

Now that I’ve grown up, I create my own tales of wonder, weaving in generous portions of human desire with its potent enchantments. Lust and power—terror and ecstasy—my paranormal stories will make you believe in magick.


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Another Sunday Snog From Taming The Lion

As promised on Friday, here’s a sweet snog from Taming The Lion, Book Two in the Lionhearts series. Lion shifter Kaspar has met Jon, the human he realises is destined to be his mate, and has accepted an invitation to go back to Jon’s for coffee. They’re discussing Jon’s career as a professor of archaeology when this happens:

tamingthelion_800Kaspar turned back to face him. “Do you still go on digs like this?”

“Not as often as I’d like.” He sighed. “I’ve become entirely too deskbound over the last couple of years. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all the internal politics of the archaeology department, and I certainly don’t want to talk about them.”

So don’t,” Kaspar said, moving to sit on the sofa beside him, so close Jon could feel the heat of the young Dutchman’s thigh through his jeans. “Talking’s overrated. You can say so much without words.”

He brought his mouth down on Jon’s in a kiss as sweet as it was unexpected.

Jon smiled against Kaspar’s lips, his eyes closed tight. When Kaspar sought to push his tongue into Jon’s mouth, deepening the kiss, he didn’t resist.

“You taste good,” Kaspar murmured as they broke apart for a moment. “I could spend the rest of my life kissing you from head to toe.”

“Well, why don’t you start?” Jon spoke with a boldness that surprised him.

“Anything you say…”

With their mouths locked together, they tugged at each other’s clothing, undoing belts, buttons and all the fiddly things that stood in the way of their being naked.

Kaspar sucked and nipped at Jon’s neck then pushed the tip of his tongue into the folds of his ear. The wet pressure made Jon squirm and he let out a little noise somewhere between a giggle and a moan.

“Ticklish, huh?” Kaspar grinned evilly. “Now that’s something I need to file away for future reference.”
So maybe this isn’t going to be a one-off…

Find out what happens next by picking up a copy of Taming the Lion from Totally Bound. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss for this week’s selection of juicy snogs.


Cover Reveal – Taming The Lion

With The Pride of Amsterdam, the first book in my male/male paranormal series, Lionhearts, out as an early download later this month, here’s a sneak peek at the cover for the second book, Taming The Lion, which will be published in spring 2015. This time, the action switches to Bath, where Dutch lion shifter Kaspar meets university professor Jon and finds himself at the heart of a deadly plot to revive an ancient cult…


Sunday Snog – The Spirit of Stage 13

With Hallowe’en creeping ever closer, here’s the final spooky snog of the month as part of the weekly Sunday Snog at Blissekiss. This time, it’s an extract from The Spirit of Stage 13, part of the Totally Bound Haunted By You collection. Struggling screenwriter Evin has had a strange experience on a soundstage which is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Jack, a young actor who died in tragic circumstances. Later, Evin finds himself dreaming about Jack…

thespiritofstage13_800He didn’t speak, just crooked his finger and beckoned Evin close. With one stride, Evin was in Jack’s arms. Their lips met in a crushing kiss. Evin felt the other man’s tongue snake into his mouth, battling with his own. The kiss left him panting, short of breath, his dick standing up hard, seeking to find its way out of his underwear. For the first time, he glanced down and realised he was dressed in his usual night attire, a grey marl T-shirt and white briefs. Not the kind of thing he’d usually wear to impress such a gorgeous stud—or to stand on the sidewalk in front of his apartment building—but in dreams nothing ever made sense. And anyway, Jack seemed to like what he saw well enough.

His hand made a grab for Evin’s bulge, stroking it through the thin cotton underwear. Already feeling constricted in the tight-fitting briefs, Evin sighed as his cock stiffened further, reacting to the light, teasing touch.

In response, he roamed down the length of Jack’s bare, warm back with his hands to cup the cheeks of his ass. Their mouths were mashed together. Evin was lost in the passion of their kiss. He clung to Jack like he never wanted to let him go, while those clever fingers worked their way into the Y of his briefs, closing around his shaft.

Evin broke the kiss, needing to release the moan that was trapped in his throat. In any normal dream, the perspective would have changed again by now, events not driven by any internal logic. He’d have found himself lying on his bed with Jack, both of them naked, having bypassed the time-consuming process of climbing the stairs and stripping each other down to nothing. Or maybe they’d have been in the shower, water pouring down on them as they kissed and explored each other’s body. But something in his subconscious seemed to relish the scene he’d created, Jack spinning him round to push him up against the side of Gilson’s newly washed Chevy before tugging Evin’s underwear down and off.

Dampness soaked through his T-shirt as his back met the wet glass of the passenger window. He wanted to be free of it, but Jack seemed to like him the way he was, half dressed and horny. With lips curled in a smile that bore a delicious hint of something dark and dangerous, he renewed his steady tugging at Evin’s rod.

You can find out what happens when Evin’s lust for Jack becomes more than just a dream in The Spirit of Stage 13, and as always there are a whole range of Sunday Snogs waiting for you over at Blissekiss.


The Gardener And The Vampire – Guest Post by Janine Ashbless

fiftyshadesofgreenI always knew I wanted to write a supernatural story. Because I’ve done quite a bit of volunteer gardening at my local Victorian cemetery, my first thought was to use that setting and have a female gardener meet a ghost. But I struggled to think of a way I could reach a plausible, um, “consummation” of their relationship in such a public place. Then I flipped the idea round and set the story from the undead point of view and suddenly everything worked: the lone sepulcher, the isolation, the historic era, the swift predatory sex, the title. Those writing moments are so satisfying when they happen! The result is “Love Lies Bleeding,” one of the twelve garden-themed stories in Fifty Shades of Green. I hope you enjoy it.

Xxx—Janine Ashbless

 Excerpt from Fifty Shades of Green, “Love Lies Bleeding”

Once, greatly daring, I did come out while he was here. My desire was so fierce that day I could not resist the lure. He’d been laboring all morning a little way off from the house, where the woodland understory was still thick. Maybe he glimpsed my presence at the corner of his eyes, because he would pause and glance about himself occasionally, frowning into the depths of the grove. But he never truly saw me. Resting after his lunch in a cleared dell, he dozed off for a moment, I think, in a patch of sun. I crept in closer under the dense cover of the rhododendrons. There he lay in his open shirt, one arm tucked behind his head to pillow it. His face was peaceful in repose, his lashes long and silky. That broad chest of his rose and fell mesmerically. Beyond the crest of his ribcage, his torso sloped down to the shallower flatland of his stomach, a vulnerable stretch that seemed to crave the touch of my hand. I was close enough to hear his gentle breathing, to smell his sweat, to feel the heat of his blood like a furnace on my face. Almost close enough to reach out to him. My lust for him was an ache bone-deep.

But he lay in sunlight. I was confined to my shadows.

Almost as if he felt my gaze upon him in his shallow dreams—and perhaps he did—he woke up abruptly and sat up shivering and looking around him. In my hiding place amongst the dark and glossy leaves, I froze.

Did I want him to see me? The answer is, I do not know. I have been ill so long, and there are no mirrors in my house. I am no longer entirely sure that I look like the pretty girl I used to be, all ringlets and wide eyes and blossoming maidenly curves. I think I must be pitifully frail and slender now. I don’t eat much these days. My appetite comes and goes.

I like to watch him eat.

I like to watch when he goes off to empty his bladder against the bole of some tree. There is something exquisitely masculine about the way he stands; the insouciant tilt of his hips; the brace of his legs; the satisfied little bounce he gives as he readjusts his clothing afterward.

He’s in the prime of his youth, and male, and working alone. I can see the low burn of the fire that’s in his flesh, always. It must be hard to ignore the imperative itch of his potency. That weight he carries between his thighs. I imagine it is burdensome at times. And I sympathize, because my own need is just as cruel

Blurb and buy links

Fifty Shades of Green is a garden of naughty delights! Within our pages you’ll discover:
– Virile gods and their mortal conquests. – A community garden’s secret (and very dirty) fertility ritual. – An Edwardian dominatrix living out her sadistic garden fantasies.  – Student/teacher lessons in horticultural hotness. – Young lovers seeking the help of green witches. – A beautiful, blind priest who helps an injured traveler. . . . and so much more. Peek inside the garden gate. (You know you want to.) A dozen racy tales await. Fifty Shades of Green is a collection of twelve delicious and erotic short stories with gardening themes. What you’ll find in these pages is hotter than the hottest pepper on the Scoville index of heat! And smart, not smutty. Well . . . maybe a little smutty.

To Buy Fifty Shades of Green (it’s on sale, just for you): UK US

Author Bio and Links

Janine Ashbless is an established writer of erotica and hot romantic adventure. She’s had novels published by HarperCollins, Black Lace, Samhain, and Ellora’s Cave. Her latest books are Cover Him with Darkness, a novel of fallen angels and religious conspiracies (Cleis Press) and Fierce Enchantments: Ten Erotic Tales of Myth, Magic and Desire (Sweetmeats Press,), both to be released in October 2014.

Janine Ashbless Website

Janine Ashbless on Amazon US

Janine Ashbless on Amazon UK

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Sunday Snog – The Feel Of Wings


thefeelofwings_800Continuing with the spooky kisses as part of the Blissekiss Sunday Snog, here’s a snippet from my Totally Bound angels and demons-themed novella, The Feel of Wings. Faith is cataloguing the library in a house that once belonged to a student of the occult. She doesn’t believe the story of the man’s attempt to raise a demon – until she meets Andras…

Andras held out a beckoning hand. “Come to me, Faith.”

She didn’t think to argue, simply walked the few paces to where he stood.

“Kiss me,” he commanded, bending his head towards her.

Faith had to raise herself on tiptoes to come anywhere near reaching his mouth. Taking pity on her, conscious of the mismatch in their heights, Andras hitched her up till she could wrap her legs round the small of his back. She had no fear that he wouldn’t be able to hold her in that position for as long as necessary. His strength was superhuman, just like his build.

She wasn’t quite prepared for the feel of his mouth. She’d expected his skin to be cold, like a dead thing, but he was warm, vital. When he pressed his lips to hers they almost burned her, both with their heat and their passion. As he said, it had been a long time—with so much pent-up desire to release she wondered whether she could take it all.

He explored her mouth with bruising thoroughness. His kisses left her lips swollen, his teeth nipping at the soft flesh. Faith could smell the odd, other-worldly scent of him—a mixture of feathers, smoke and exotic spices—like nothing she’d ever known before. She ground herself against him, trying to manoeuvre herself into a position where the head of his cock pressed against her pussy. But Andras had other ideas.

“Have you ever learned how rewarding pleasure can be when mixed with pain?” Andras murmured in her ear. “Or that you have not truly experienced orgasm till it has been wrenched from your bound, helpless body?” When she didn’t immediately answer, he continued. “I take your silence as meaning that I have much to teach you, sweet Faith. But first, let me shed a little light on the subject…”

He snapped his fingers together, and fire burned at their tips. No heat came from the flames, just a cold white light. Another snap, and every candle in the study blazed into life.

Find out what happens when Faith’s guardian angel enters the erotic fray by reading The Feel Of Wings, available from Totally Bound. And check out Blissekiss for the many delicious snogs on offer today.


Sunday Snog – The Washstand

spirit lovers twoAnother Sunday and another spooky snog in conjunction with the Blissekiss Blisse Birthday Bash, the party to mark the 150th Sunday Snog. Here’s a kiss with a distinctly Victorian flavour from The Washstand, my story in the Xcite paranormal collection, Spirit Lovers 2. Ros has bought the antique piece of furniture of the title, but she doesn’t realise it comes with its own resident ghost who’s naked, handsome and in the mood for an erotic adventure…

He crept down further, till his mouth hovered over my pussy. Looking up at me, he asked, ‘I hope you are not averse to a little gamahuche?’

If it meant what I thought it meant, I wasn’t going to say no. I shook my head and, to my delight, he spread my lips with his fingers and began to run his tongue along my slit. He toyed with my clit for a moment or two before lapping all the way down to my rear hole. None of my lovers had ever tried licking me there, and I squirmed at the new, strangely pleasurable sensations. Geoffrey tongued me till I was a wet, panting mess, but he never quite took me to the orgasm my body was starting to demand. If he was leaving me frustrated I couldn’t exactly complain, since that was the exact condition in which he’d spent the last century.

Just when I was ready to scream if he didn’t give me the relief I needed, he rose to his knees. My juices shone on his lips, and I knew if he kissed me now I would taste myself, rich and fragrant.

He climbed over me, clutching his cock. It was as rigid as I had seen it on any previous occasion, and though it was one of the fattest I’d ever come across, all his oral attention had made sure I was more than ready to take it. He guided it to my entrance and pushed home. I was so turned on, I almost came just feeling him enter me.

Spirit Lovers 2 contains stories of ghostly lovers and out-of-this-world encounters by Giselle Renarde, Roxanne Rhoads, Kitti Bernetti and Frank Selby Jr, and is available from Xcite and Amazon. Alternatively, leave a comment below and you could win a PDF copy of the book. Enter by the end of today (October 12th) and I’ll draw a winner at random. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss 150th for plenty more sizzling Sunday snogs and maybe a slice of birthday cake…


Sunday Smooch – Abyssinian Heat

Some Sunday snogs coming up from books and stories with spooky themes this month, as Hallowe’en is on the horizon. Today, I’m bringing you a smoochy snippet from my Totally Bound shifter novella, Abyssinian Heat. One for cat lovers, this tells the story of Miranda, who’s just lost her beloved old moggy, Charlie, and is in the market for a replacement. In the meantime, she’s getting intimate with her on-off boyfriend, Finn – a bad boy who she knows isn’t any good for her, except in bed…

abyssinianheat_800Finn lifted me up out of the bath, not caring that he was splashing water down the front of his faded jeans. I was sure they would be coming off soon enough.

He wrapped the towel round me hastily, and carried me through to the bedroom. Placing me down on the bed, he bent over me and we shared a long, lingering kiss. My fingers tangled in his sleek black hair as our mouths mashed together. Finn never failed to rouse a deep hunger in me, an overpowering urge to have his cock buried in my aching pussy. But this was something beyond simple lust. This was a need to prove that life still went on, even though Charlie was gone. This was something raw and feral, an animal instinct my body couldn’t help but obey.

Impatient to have Finn naked, I grabbed the belt of his jeans, fumbling it undone before turning my attention to his zip.

“Whoa, slow down there, sweetheart,” Finn said in an amused tone.

“I can’t,” I replied. “I need to see that big, beautiful cock of yours. I want to feel it sliding up into my pussy, giving me the fucking of my life.”

Finn must have realised how out of character my behaviour was. I never used dirty talk and I usually let him take the lead in bed. Now, I was almost ripping the clothes off him and he was clearly loving it. He never wore underwear, so when I pulled his jeans down his cock uncoiled at once, almost pushing itself into my grasp. I stroked its hot, smooth length, marvelling at how quickly it grew fully hard.

Normally, I liked Finn to lick me for a while, getting me good and wet before he fucked me, but today my juices were already flowing freely. I pushed him on to his back and straddled his crotch, guiding his cock into place. Our eyes met, the devilish twinkle in Finn’s reflected in my own in the moment before I slowly sank down, taking him all the way inside me.

He reached up to play with my tits as I rode him, squeezing my muscles hard round his shaft to give him as much pleasure as I could.

“Don’t stop,” he begged as I pulled almost all the way off him. Leaning forward, I gave him a long, sensual kiss, before sliding back down. I could have teased him like that for a while, but the wild spirit that infected me urged me on to make us both come, soon and hard.

To find out what happens when Miranda acquires her new cat, and discovers the secrets both it and Finn are hiding, pick up a copy of Abyssinian Heat. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss for loads more lovely snogs.