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Snog By The Sea – Summer of Lust

As part of the Blissekiss Snog By The Sea event, here’s a Snog from my Xcite Romance novella Summer of Lust, set on Dorset’s beautiful Jurassic coast. Read on to enjoy a delicious kiss and discover how you can win tickets to the Smut by the Sea event, which is being held in Scarborough on June 14th.

summer of lust newSo on with the snog which opens the story – a snog which, for the heroine of Summer of Lust, Lily, brings with it a bad case of writer’s block…

He kissed me for the first time in the shadow of the old pier, pushed up against one of the weathered wooden pilings. It seemed as though I’d been waiting forever to feel those soft, full lips of his pressing against my own, my body melting into the sweetness of his kiss. Above us, we could hear footsteps as people passed along the boardwalk, wrapped up against the early evening chill, oblivious to the way our passionate embrace was heating up the night.

His cock pushed at my belly, making its presence felt even through the layers of clothing separating us. I’d glimpsed his bulge earlier, straining against the crotch of his faded jeans, and I knew he was going to be big. I could hardly wait till I had that thick, delicious length in my hand, but something held me back from reaching to unzip him. That seemed far too brazen an act, even though we could no longer pretend we didn’t want each other. Our desire had been on a slow burn since the day we met, and we both knew all it would take was another touch, another kiss to set it blazing out of control.

What he did next took my breath away. He –

‘What?’ I almost pounded the keyboard in frustration. ‘What did he do?’

To find out how Lily resolves her problem and enjoys the hottest summer of her life, check out Summer of Lust at Xcite and Amazon.

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