Backlist Blast: Big and Beautiful

If you’re in the mood for a bit of Rubensque fun to get you into that Friday mood, here’s something that might just do the trick, courtesy of Tight. The story comes from Xcite’s Big and Beautiful anthology, which also features contributions from the top-class line-up of Alcamia Payne, Victoria Blisse, Ralph Greco and Viva Jones.

big and beautifulTo set the scene briefly, Eleanor has been called to attend a job interview but a mishap at the dry cleaner’s means she’s wearing a suit that is rather too tight for her very voluptuous frame. She feels more than a little self-conscious, but she isn’t prepared for the reaction her appearance arouses in the man who’s interviewing her, and the unorthodox direction the interview begins to take.

‘Now, Eleanor, I’d like you to go over to the cupboard by the door. On the top shelf there’s a wooden puzzle. Could you get it down for me and bring it back to the desk, please?’

Another odd request, but I obeyed without hesitation.

If this was all, as I suspected, some kind of initiative which would involve me solving the puzzle once I’d brought it to him, I was more than happy to comply.
There was a metal stool on casters, much like the ones employed in library stacks for reaching books on the highest shelves, and I knew I would need to use it to gain access to the top shelf. I had to adjust my skirt to help me climb up onto the stool, hitching it almost high enough to give Ryan an inadvertent flash of my stocking tops. I thought I heard him give a little murmur of approval from behind me, but dismissed it as nothing more than my overheated imagination.
Once I had clambered down, smoothing my skirt in place once I was back on solid ground, I took the puzzle and placed it on Ryan’s desk.

‘Would you like me to solve it now?’ I asked. I’d been studying the puzzle as I carried it over. It was in the shape of a box, which had to be taken apart and put back together again, and it looked simpler than I was sure it really was.
‘No. Actually, what I’d like you to do is bend over the desk for me.’
‘I’m sorry?’ I couldn’t have heard him right.

‘No hesitation, please, Eleanor. Over the desk for me. Now.’

There was an edge to his voice I hadn’t heard before. Stern, authoritative. Never mind the fact he was so much younger than me. Suddenly, he was taking control of the interview in a way I had never expected.

Still, I was reluctant to do as he asked. I didn’t want to think about what my bottom would look like, the skirt stretched so tight across it, or what he might choose to do once he had me in that position.

‘Do I have to haul you over it, Eleanor?’ he snapped.

So I made a space for myself among all the papers on his big desk, and bent over it, just as he’d requested. My big tits were crushed against the desk top, the feel of cool metal through my clothing causing my nipples to spring to life. He came to stand behind me, and the next thing I felt was his hand smoothing over the ample moons of my arse.

‘Oh, that’s wonderful,’ he murmured, as though in some kind of reverie. ‘From the moment you walked into my office, I said to myself, “There’s a woman I want to have over my desk, bare and waiting for the crack of my hand on her arse.” You really have the most glorious figure, Eleanor. The sort of figure I thought was disappearing, what with all these faddy diets and this desire to be so thin you’re practically invisible. A woman is meant to have curves like yours, lush and inviting …’

To find out how Eleanor gets out of her predicament (assuming, of course, that she really wants to), and read the other luscious stories in the collection, pick up Big and Beautiful from Xcite Books and Amazon.