Santa’s Coming!

Are you one of those readers who likes stories of hot romance – and even hotter sex – between hunky men? (Go on, you can admit it to me; I’ll just welcome you into the club…) Does it add an extra frisson if one – or both – of those men is a delicious DILF, combining the responsibilities of being a good father with his commitment to his partner? And might you get just a teensy bit more excited if these stories featured the fun of the Christmas season, Santa costumes and all? In which case, you might want to take a look at the Ravenous Romance anthology, I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus. It actually came out last Christmas Eve, but it might have passed you by in the excitement of wrapping your presents and stuffing your turkey, so I thought I’d draw it to your attention now.

Each of the six stories here deals with the idea of someone playing Santa (though the man himself makes a cameo appearance in one of the tales). Up first is Christmas Morning by Derek Clendening. Steve was left to bring up his son, Noah, on his own when his wife died, but his relationship with Trent might finally be able to provide a solid family background for the boy. Steve has promised that on Christmas morning he’ll explain to Noah that he and Trent are more than just good friends, but first he has to deal with the erotic distraction Trent provides by dressing up as a very sexy Santa…

Dennis, in Ryan Field’s I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus, has been with his partner, Mario, for long enough that sex has become routine and predictable. He doesn’t want to be unfaithful to Mario, but the camp perfume salesman in Macy’s who helps him with his Christmas shopping provides fuel for his kinkiest fantasies. Can something as simple as a bottle of nail polish help the couple rediscover the naughty spark in their relationship?

Told from the point of nine-year-old Mira, Clancy Nacht’s The Best Christmas Ever is low on erotic content but supremely heartwarming. Mira has never been able to work out why she’s never seen her father’s partner, Brad, on Christmas Eve, the night Santa makes his annual appearance. She knows Daddy and Brad love each other very much, so how will she react when she sees her father kissing Santa under the mistletoe?

In J.L. Merrow’s Just Like Santa, nursery worker Jason has got the job of playing Santa at the children’s Christmas party. If that’s not embarrassing enough, his humiliation appears to be complete when the costume rips, revealing his underwear to everyone in the place – including Alec, the dad he’s been hoping to impress. Luckily, there’s Christmas magic in the air, and the incident only results in bringing the two men as close as Jason could have wished…

My own contribution, Christmas Post Boy, adds a little BDSM spice to the mix. Wayne thinks he’s going to have a miserable Christmas, having learned that his ex, Tim, is taking his two sons to Lapland for the holidays – a trip Wayne had always planned to share with Tim. Before he can get too maudlin, he received a visit from Cameron, the company’s cute post boy, who’s playing Santa this year. And when Wayne learns just how little Cameron is wearing beneath the costume, he can’t resist the opportunity to put the lad through his submissive paces…

Finally, Adrian Harper’s Santa Claus Is Coming returns to a cosy domestic scene. Evan is doing everything to make sure his daughter will have a Christmas to remember, but he’s out of favour with Santa, better known as his other half . Indeed, it turns out he’s on the ‘naughty’ list. What he doesn’t realise is that you have so much more fun if you’ve been naughty than if you’ve been nice.

If all that hasn’t got you itching to sample the festive frolics, maybe this extract from Christmas Post Boy will:

He hit “send” and watched the e-mail disappear from his screen. When he looked up from his monitor again, Santa was standing by the desk. He had thrown back the hood of his robe to reveal thick, dark hair and was in the process of unhooking his beard from behind his ears. With the disguise removed, Wayne realized he was looking at Cameron, who worked in the post room and couldn’t be older than twenty. Cheerful Cameron, who whistled as he pushed his cart through the building and would always stop for a chat with Wayne about the weekend’s football results.

“Nice outfit, Cameron,” he said. “Compliments of the season and all that. But aren’t you a little young to be playing Santa?”

“Oh, Dave should have done it.” Dave was the company’s maintenance man, close to retirement age and eminently more suited to the part. “But he had to go home with the flu, so I stepped in instead.”

“Well, I hope he feels better soon. Now, let’s go. I’m dying for a drink.”

“That’s okay, Mr. Griffin, I have one here.” The lad fished in the folds of his robe, and brought out a half bottle of Jack Daniel’s, along with a couple of plastic cups he’d filched from the water cooler down the corridor. As Wayne rose to take one of the cups from Cameron, he noticed the heavy, buckled boots the lad was wearing as part of his costume. They seemed more suited to riding a motorbike than playing Santa, but Wayne couldn’t help admiring them. Cute boys in biker boots were one of his favorite fantasies, and it couldn’t be denied that Cameron was cute, with hair that fell untidily into his eyes and full lips that almost demanded to be kissed until they were bruised.

Wayne swiftly downed his whiskey, wondering what had come over him. So he was feeling sorry for himself—and more than a little horny, as the warm bite of the alcohol made itself felt—but that was no reason to start eyeing up the junior members of staff.

Then Cameron moved to refill his cup, and he caught a glimpse of what appeared to be bare flesh above the tops of the post boy’s boots.

“Cameron, just what are you wearing under that thing?” he asked. As a flush rose to Cameron’s cheeks, he snapped, “Come on, show me.”

The dominant tone was one he almost never adopted, but it had clearly done the trick, as the lad began to fumble with the fastening of his robe. So he got off on being told what to do, did he? Wayne felt his cock stir as he weighed up the possibilities of the situation and discovered just how much he liked them.

Get in the Santa-kissing mood over at the Ravenous site or on Amazon – and don’t forget to leave sherry and mince pies for when he comes down your chimney…