Get Ready For Girl Fever!

Packed with hot, quick reads for lovers of all-girl encounters, Girl Fever: 69 Stories Of Sudden Sex For Lesbians is out now from Cleis Press. It’s edited by Sacchi Green, so you know you’re in for a quality selection of stories, and if you need any more encouragement, here’s the cover, which I really love:

With 69 contributors, my good self included, it’s impossible to list all the highlights here, but there’s a full run-down of authors at bios at Sacchi’s blog. You’ll also find details of a reading of stories from the book on June 6th at Bluestockings in New York (if only I could attend that – I haven’t been to New York for far too long now) and if you leave a comment before June 15th, you’re in with a chance of winning one of two copies of Girl Fever. And believe me, it’s worth winning!


Lesbian Cops Could Cop An Award

The Lesbian Cops anthology, edited by the fabulous Sacchi Green, which features among the contributions my story of a nefarious stag party stripper and the cop who’s sent to arrest her, Torn Off A Strip, is one of the four finalists in the running for this year’s LAMBDA award for best lesbian erotica. The awards, now in their 24th year, celebrate the best in LGBT writing, and the winners will be announced in a ceremony on June 4th. Apparently, there was a record number of nominations this year, so the anthology’s done incredibly well just to make the final cut.

The full list of nominations in all categories can be found here – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the judges find Lesbian Cops an arresting enough read to take the prize!

It’s A Fair Cop!

Well, quite a few of them, all crammed between the pages of the forthcoming Lesbian Cops, edited by Sacchi Green, whose previous anthologies  include Girl Crazy, Lesbian Lust and Lesbian Cowboys. To give you an idea of what’s contrained within its pages, here’s the blurb from Cleis Press:

What is it about lesbian cops that pushes all the right buttons? It’s not just the uniform, with handcuffs and weapons, or the confidence, authority, and sense of danger. There’s something more as well, an irresistible force that these writers have channeled into fiercely erotic stories of policewomen in or out of uniform, on patrol or undercover, in charge or in need of healing, on the case or under the sheets.

The action can be gut-level tough, as in Jove Belle’s Hollis where anti-terrorism boot camp surges over the inevitable edge into BDSM, or heart-wrenching as in Evan Mora’s A Cop’s Wife when death threats sharpen the need for life-affirming sex to a keen edge, or quirky as well as steamy while Teresa Noelle Roberts’s cop finds a way to maintain respect for her own Dress Uniform while indulging her anime-girl lover’s cos-play kink. Delilah Devlin, Andrea Dale, R. G. Emanuelle, Cheyenne Blue, and all the other contributors offer their own sizzling visions of the complexity and depth, the strength and vulnerability, and above all the commanding, overwhelming sex appeal of Lesbian Cops.

As you can see, this is going to make the late, lamented The Bill look tame – which is no bad thing! To mark the book’s release on April 1st, 14 of the contributors are taking part in a blog tour. Every day, one of us will be talking about the inspiration behind our stories, why we love girls in uniform and more. Here’s the full schedule, so take down these particulars:

April 1  JL Merrow

April 2  Jove Belle

April 3  Delilah Devlin

April 4  R. G. Emanuelle

April 5  Andrea Dale

April 6  Kenzie Matthews

April 7  Ily Goyanes

April 8  Cheyenne Blue

April 9  Evan Mora

April 10 J.N. Gallagher

April 11  yours truly

April 12  Teresa Noelle Roberts

April 13 Lynn Mixon

April 14 RV Raiment

So many talented authors, so many hot cops. This collection is going to be a force to be reckoned with…