Stumbling Into Day Of The Dead

This is a post I put together to promote the Myths, Moons and Mayhem MMM paranormal menage anthology. The antho’s editor, Dale, didn’t like how the post appeared when it went up at the Alpha Book Club, so here it is as I wrote it.

Growing up as a child in the UK, I had no knowledge of the Day of the Dead. The big British celebration wasn’t even Halloween in those days – we preferred to throw our parties on November 5th, when we paid tribute to Guy Fawkes’ failure to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Letting off fireworks and eating baked potatoes, Yorkshire parkin and brandy snaps as a way of celebrating the preservation of 17th century democracy may sound bizarre, but it worked for us.

Over the last few years, however, I’ve found myself on a couple of occasions dining in a Mexican restaurant on the Day of the Dead. The atmosphere is always suitably spooky, and you’re greeted by waiting staff with gorgeously painted faces. Indeed, in one restaurant customers were being offered the chance to have their faces decorated, too, though it’s a little disconcerting to look up from your burrito and refried beans to see a host of skulls grinning at you from the neighbouring tables. In that particular establishment, images were projected on the walls of decorated graves and the items used by Mexican families to honour the spirits of their dead relatives, so even if you knew nothing about the Day of the Dead before walking in, you’d have a pretty good idea what it involved by the time you were finishing off your coffees and settling your bill.

These days, you can find recipes online for delicious-looking Day of the Dead biscuits, while the British Museum shop does a nice line in decorated skulls (as well as a Day of the Dead tea towel, because we love to put our own twist on a tradition). It’s a holiday that I doubt will ever have as big grip on the British imagination as Halloween, but if you fancy a change from trick or treating or burning a Guy on a bonfire, Day of the Dead celebrations are there if you know where to look for them.

Of course, if you don’t have any parties lined up, then you can always stay in with a copy of Myth, Moons and Mayhem, and enjoy a selection of gay menage stories in which all manner of spooks, spirits and other creatures come out to play. Have fun whatever you do!

Myths, Moons and Mayhem is edited by Dale Cameron Lowry and published by Sexy Little Pages. It’s available from various ebook retailers – find out more by clicking here.

Moons, Myths And Mayhem Is Here

Another month, and another quality Sexy Little Pages anthology hits the shelves. Edited by the very talented Dale Cameron Lowry, Myths Moons And Mayhem is a collection of gay paranormal menage tales – and it’s as hot as you could hope for.

As you’d expect with a book of this type, the stories feature a wide range of supernatural and otherworldly creatures. It wouldn’t be a paranormal anthology without werewolves and vampires. Carl Redlum’s When The Big Moon Shines has a young, recently turned werewolf who finds a couple of fellow wolves to help him come to terms with his new appetites, while Morgan Elektra’s The Endless Knot contains the always entertaining combination of a werewolf, a vampire and a human, who share a horny Halloween encounter.

Elsewhere, Close Encounters Of The Three-way Kind is Rob Rosen’s X-rated take on an alien invasion, Celyn’s Tale by Rhidian Brinig Jones delves deep into Welsh folklore, Greg Kosebjorn’s Squatchin’ follows a couple of Bigfoot hunters who discover something they never expected while on their latest expedition and Clare London’s Inside Man is the story of a ghost who finds an unusual way to experience the pleasures of sex once more.

The remaining stories all feature magic users of one kind or another. In Rebecca Buchanan’s The Secret Of The Golden Cup, a college professor realises a hidden artefact he’s been itching to study has powers he could never have imagined, while Dale Cameron Lowry’s The Cave, set in Madagascar, features a team of lusty palaeontologists who have a whole raft of magic powers at their fingertips. My own contribution, Careful What You Wish For, is a revised version of a story first published by Dreamspinner, and tells what happens when a college student pining hopelessly for his roommate gets the opportunity to cast a love spell that will bring Mr Right to him.

If all that sounds like fiction to give you a thrill up the spine this Halloween, Myths, Moons and Mayhem is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Kobo, and you can find out more about the book and leave your own review at Goodreads.

I’m On Jordan Monroe’s Blog Today…

…talking about Verlangen, my story in the Sexy Little Pages anthology, Symphony Amore, which is released on September 19th . The book contains nine short stories that revolve around music, and if you want to know how a mystery violinist provided me with all the inspiration I needed, you can read the interview here.

Rule 34 Is Out!

Ever heard of Rule 34? Unless you’re familiar with some of the shadier haunts of the internet, the term may be unfamiliar to you. The original ‘rule’ is ‘If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions’ – a principle which will be proved right whenever you turn off ‘safe search’ while browsing. For the newest Sexy Little Pages anthology, which is on full release today, editor Zak Jane Keir has twisted the rule slightly. In this collection, there’s a kinky version of anything you can imagine, and the authors of the story here have had some fun with the concept. If you never believed anyone could get turned by skeletons, photocopiers or tripe – yes, tripe – prepare to be amazed.

My own contribution to the anthology is Tell Me If It Hurts, inspired by letters we used to receive on Forum magazine from readers who were into ‘dentism’. In this story, a very submissive patient is drilled and thrilled by a sadistic domme of a dentist, and loves every minute of it.

You can read more in Rule 34, which also features stories by a talented line-up of authors including Lisabet Sarai, Charlie Powell, VK Foxe, Dylan McEwan and Zak herself. It’s available from Amazon UK and Amazon US, and you can find out more about the people behind the book at the Sexy Little Authors Rule 34 page.

Silver Desire Is Out!

Silver Desire, the collection of stories about 50-plus women that proves passionate sex doesn’t end when the menopause starts, is now available. Edited by the inimitable Zak Jane Keir, the book features stories by a number of top authors from the UK and US, including Jillian Boyd, F. Leonora Solomon, Spencer Dryden, Pepper Valentine, Madeline Moore and more. My own story in the anthology, Age Appropriate, tells of a woman making her first trip abroad alone, and discovering the perfect tour guide to show her around the beautiful city of Milan. Here’s a short extract:

silver-desireHe was looking at her. The first time, she hadn’t been sure she was the focus of his attention, but he’d glanced over a few times now—too many for it to be a coincidence, Molly decided. When their eyes met, she blushed and quickly looked down at the rim of her coffee cup.
It shouldn’t have surprised her, the fact she was so clearly an object of desire for a man barely half her age. She’d never been the focus of so much male attention as she had since she’d arrived in Milan, yesterday. Men, young and old, alone or with their wives, watched her pass with open admiration. One or two had even whistled, or uttered some compliment she didn’t understand. Back home in Lincoln, she could walk down the high street, ignored, invisible. British men seemed fitted with some kind of radar designed to home in only on the young and skinny. Once you hit the wrong side of fifty, they didn’t want to know.
And this rush of interest had nothing to do, she sensed, with the new choppy, chinlength haircut she’d had, or the clothes she’d bought for her holiday. Clothes the fashion feature on breakfast television had described as “age appropriate”—longline cardigans, loose, floral tops, a well-cut, flattering pair of black jeans. No, she could have been sitting here in a sloppy old tracksuit and the men would still have stared.
The guy at the table near the counter rose to his feet. Was he coming over to her? What would she do if he did? What would she say, given that her command of Italian didn’t extend much beyond “please”, “thank you” and “how much is it?” Molly’s heart thumped hard in her chest. He was beautiful, with those dark, liquid eyes, full lips and messy black curls. Too beautiful for her.

Silver Desire is on sale at Amazon UK and Amazon US. The official launch party is at Sh! in Hoxton Square this Friday night (September 16th) from 6 o’clock. We’ll be reading extracts from the stories and there should be snacks and a glass of something nice to accompany the fun. You can find out more on the Sh! blog. Hope to see you there.

Hot Flashes

dirty flash fictionWhen you’re looking for a quick, hot read, nothing hits the spot quite like erotic flash fiction. It gets to the point fast, but even though it’s short, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t reach all those important little places. Dirty Flash Fiction, published by Sexy Little Pages, is a short, short anthology produced by the team calling themselves The Kinky Brits – Jillian Boyd, Charlie J. Forrest, Zak Jane Keir and Anna Sky – and the seven stories in the collection showcase the various things flash fiction does so well. From Charlie J. Forrest’s Gluttony, a depiction of lust and desire that makes its point in a mere handful of paragraphs, to Jillian Boyd’s haunting paranormal tale, Becoming, there’s something to fit every erotic moment. Zak Jane Keir provides both full-on filth (we’d expect nothing less) in the bukkake-themed The Big Five Oh, and a weird speculative mood piece, Even After All. Things are rounded out nicely with Forrest’s saucy Sign Of The Hunted, featuring that classic staple of flash fiction, the twist ending, and Anna Sky’s two stories, Chastised, which offers an intense MM CP scenario, and a bit of deliciously shame-laced female submission courtesy of Intangible Assets.

Hopefully this will be the first in a series – there’s certainly an appetite for authors to write flash and readers to devour it – and it proves that Sexy Little Pages is one of the up-and-coming imprints who intend to try something a little different from the erotic romance norm.

Dirty Flash Fiction is available from Amazon, iTunes and Barnes and Noble.

Call For Submissions: Silver Desire

Writer, editor, woman behind the regular Dirty Sex Words reading slams and all-round kinky person (she’ll love me for calling her that…) Zak Jane Keir is putting together an anthology featuring characters who rarely feature in erotica/erotic romance – women over fifty. Silver Desire, to be published by Sexy Little Pages, will celebrate the love life and lusty libido of the older woman in all its varied forms. Zak is looking for sex-positive stories (i.e. no downer endings or sex going wrong) of between 4,000 and 6,000 words. You can find full details of formatting and other requirements here, and the deadline for submissions is May 10th.