Sunday Snog – Everything To Him

everythingtohim_800Here’s a hotter than hot snippet as part of this week’s Blissekiss Sunday Snog. It comes from my Totally Bound ménage story, Everything to Him, the tale of a young journalist who gets the chance to live a billionaire’s lifestyle for a magazine feature. Felix Meredith has agreed to share everything for the story, and that includes his wife, Amber…

He paused to shower her face with kisses as she hung, suspended above him, the head of his dick bathed in her flowing juices but not yet breaching her entrance.

“You’d do it?” she asked, in the moment before she slid down on to his upthrust length. “You’d let Josh fuck me? And it wouldn’t change anything between us?”

“Nothing could change the way I feel about you,” he assured her, his words breathed directly into her ear. “I love you, Amber, and I always will. You’re everything to me. That’s why I want to do this, because I’m sure it will strengthen what we feel for each other, not weaken it.”

Then he was pushing up, into the hot, clutching grasp of her cunt. Amber cried out at the delicious penetration, feeling the two of them become one. He gripped her arse cheeks, holding her secure, and she wrapped her arms round the back of his neck. The musk of his cologne, the muskier scent of his body mingled so seductively with it, inflamed her senses. “Fuck me, Felix,” she pleaded. “Show me just what I mean to you.”

His response was to jab into her with short, almost brutal thrusts that slammed her against the wall. The jerking motions sent a dull friction through her pussy, setting her clit pulsing. Her moans filled the hallway and she was sure Alison would come running, alerted by the commotion. If the housekeeper arrived and saw them, Felix still fully dressed, Amber naked, fucking for all they were worth, would they stop what they were doing? She very much doubted it.

You can get hold of Everything to Him either as a standalone story or as part of the Sharing the Billionaire anthology. And you can enjoy a selection of snogs, from torrid to tender, over at Blissekiss.


Monday Menage Madness

The only thing better than a romance involving two lovers is one involving three, and if you enjoy menages, then Total-e-bound are running a special promo designed for you. To celebrate the release of the Sharing the Billionaire anthology, for today only you can get 25% off any of their menage titles (not including Sharing the Billionaire itself). So you can pick up my rock and roll threesome novella, Three-part Harmony at a bargain price. And that’s only one of the cracking books on offer. To find out more, click on the image below. Nice and threesy does it…


Couple Of Covers For You

So I haven’t had the opportunity to do much in the way of blogging recently, given that I have builders in the house and that really only gives you the chance to hone your tea-making skills (if you want the perfect strong, one sugar, I’m your woman…).

But I do have new stories in a couple of imminent releases from Total-e-bound, and once the dust has settled and everything is no longer covered in plastic and gaffer tape (which, admittedly, does sound like a good starting point for a story), I’ll fill in more details of the content. But for now, please admire the fine covers for the m/m medical romance anthology, Emergency Servicing:


If that’s not mouthwatering enough, how about this classy number for a menage anthology where everyone’s not so much filthy rich as rich and filthy – Sharing the Billionaire:


Both anthologies are available to pre-order now (click on the covers to go to the TEB site), and I’ll be sharing spicy extracts with you very soon…