Lucy Felthouse Goes Ga-Ga Over Uniforms

So there I was, putting together some info for another author about great pubs in London (it’s a tough job, but when someone asks about one of your specialist subjects you just can’t say no…) and Lucy Felthouse sent through an update on the Uniform Behaviour anthology. It’s been receiving decent reviews at places like Night Owl Reviews, Romance Junkies and Filament magazine, but if you want ten good reasons why you should get hold of a copy, then Lucy’s article will provide them.

You probably already know it contains stories from authors including Victoria Blisse, Rebecca Bond, Justine Elyot, Shermaine Williams and my good self, and that part of the proceedings from its sale will go to the Help For Heroes charities, but Lucy has plenty of other naughty but nice reasons to recommend it – including winning an Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit. Hot stories, men in uniform and sexy prizes – what more could you want?