Sunday Snog – Someone Else’s Skin

Greetings, Sunday Snoggers! As part of this week’s  kiss-tastic action over at Blissekiss, I’m sharing a snog from what’s still one of my personal favourites among my books, Someone Else’s Skin. A tale of body-swapping, time-travelling and very kinky rock musicians, it features a cheeky little kiss as part of a threesome between heroine Annie, her boyfriend, Matt, and his fellow bandmate, Kevin:

Tsomeone else's skin 2013he night air still held more than a trace of warmth as we stood on the sidewalk outside the club. We had to wait less than a minute before a yellow cab cruised into view. Matt flagged it down and gave the driver our address. The three of us squeezed into the back seat, Matt and Kevin making sure I was between the two of them. I had barely complied with the recorded announcement reminding me to buckle my seat belt before my skirt had been lifted almost to my waist and each of the guys had a hand between my legs. Kevin was busy with my clit while Matt’s finger rubbed gently against the entrance to my arse.

I was sure the driver was using his mirror to watch us, but before I could open my mouth to object, Matt had locked his lips to mine and was kissing me hard. By the time the cab pulled up outside our building, I was so weak with arousal I practically had to be carried to the front door. The cabbie said nothing as Matt paid him, but I had a vision of the man pulling over in some quiet parking spot so he could pull his cock out of his pants and jerk off.

Once inside the apartment, we went straight to the bedroom. Matt had me naked in seconds, then I lay back on the bed to watch him and Kevin strip off. Suddenly, I was being confronted by two nicely sized cocks, already well on the way to being hard. Kevin’s, I noticed, was uncut, the head beginning to emerge from its smooth sleeve of skin. I couldn’t wait to touch it, and reached out a hand in greedy anticipation.

Matt looked on, stroking himself, as I made myself familiar with Kevin’s body. His muscles were more defined than Matt’s, his abs almost ridged to my touch, and the Celtic band wasn’t his only tattoo, I soon discovered. He had a black rose, its stem encircled with barbed wire, on his left arse cheek. I wondered how many other girls besides me had seen it.

‘I thought of having a tattoo done once,’ I said, giving that rose a little kiss. ‘Something in a secret place so only my lovers would ever find out about it.’

‘You never told me that,’ Matt said.

‘You never asked,’ I replied, beckoning him to join us on the bed.

The hot threesome action continues in Someone Else’s Skin, available from Amazon and Xcite, and don’t forget to check out the other hot snogs being served up at Blissekiss.


Backlist Blast: Someone Else’s Skin

Now, this delve into my backlist is really an excuse to show off the striking new cover I’ve been given for my body-swapping sci-fi novel packed with secret conspiracies and kinky rock musicians, Someone Else’s Skin. Most of the Xcite catalogue has been given this new, contemporary feel to its design, and this jacket cunnisomeone else's skin 2013ngly implies all you need to know about the adventures of modern-day Manhattanite Annie, who switches sex under hypnosis and turns into 22nd-century eco-warrior Jai. Meanwhile, back in New York, she’s having to cope with the sudden success of her boyfriend Matt’s rock band, and her unexpected attraction to his hot bandmate, Kevin.

To give you a flavour of the story, here’s what happens when Annie first gets to grips with the challenges of being in a new – and decidedly male – body:

The only noise in the apartment was the faint hum of air conditioning. The cool atmosphere reminded me of how much I needed a drink and a shower. Men sweated differently to women, I was sure of it; the bodysuit clung uncomfortably to my chest and thighs, droplets of sweat caught in the coarse hairs there.

I went in search of the kitchen. Like every other room in Jai’s apartment, it was tiny, and had no windows. Though when the view outside was just a bland, uninspiring corridor, who would want to look at it for any length of time?

The fridge was set flush into the far wall. It contained little apart from fruit and cans which were bound to contain some alcoholic beverage, if every other bachelor’s refrigerator I had seen was anything to go by. A plastic container on the bottom shelf contained a colourless liquid, which I sniffed dubiously before taking a sip; it had a faint tang of grapefruit and was surprisingly refreshing.

My thirst satisfied, I headed for the bathroom. It was as pristine as on my previous visit, and I wondered whether Jai did his own cleaning. I wished I knew more about him, about the person he was and I was going to be. Still, when I’d showered, I would go and investigate the files on that memory stick more fully, and see if I could access his e-mail. His in-box might tell me a few of his secrets.

There was no bath, though there would hardly have been room for one. The shower, when I examined it, had various settings: ‘relaxing’, ‘invigorating’, ‘tropical’. I like the sound of that one, I thought, turning the dial.

I stripped off the bodysuit and stepped naked into the steamy spray. The tropical setting was everything it had promised, beating down like rain from a blue Caribbean sky. I squeezed lemon-scented gel from a dispenser and rubbed lather into baby-fine hair and over the contours of my new body.

Jai Galloway was in good shape; there was no tell-tale thickening at his waist and his belly was flat. I soaped chest and back, let the spray wash the lather away, then moved down to the lean, firm thighs and what hung between them. I ran my hands experimentally over the velvet skin, cradling the heavy balls gently. I’d touched Matt and my other boyfriends there many times, brought them to orgasm with my fingers, but I’d never known how it felt for them to be on the receiving end of my attentions. This felt good, I had to admit; so good, in fact, that I couldn’t resist continuing.

Gradually the cock lengthened and stiffened, growing harder in my hand. I had always thought Matt had a pretty big one, but by the time I’d got myself fully hard I realised what I was holding was even more impressive. This was seriously weird: suddenly, I was better endowed than my own boyfriend.

It didn’t stop me from playing with myself in earnest. I varied the speed and pace of my strokes, learning more about what gave the most pleasure to this borrowed body of mine. It soon became clear that a little twist of the fingers at the end of every upstroke did it for Jai, and I leaned back against the shower wall, revelling in the sensations of jerking myself off. After a couple of minutes I felt the seed beginning to rise from my balls, and I concentrated on squeezing the spot just below the head ’til it was too late to stop. Spunk jetted out of me, in a swift climax which was so different to the diffuse waves of pleasure I was used to experiencing. I found myself hanging onto the shower gel dispenser for support as my knees buckled and I let out a couple of choice curse words.

When it was over, I felt exhilarated and strangely guilty, as though I’d been caught indulging in a forbidden pastime. Some people might consider I had, I reflected. I almost wanted to apologise to Jai for taking liberties with his body. What if Graham had decided to bring my out of the trance at that moment..?

To find out more, visit the book’s page on the Xcite Books website.

Second Skin

Ooh, the joys of rebranding! I’ve just received a brand-new cover for my Xcite novel Someone Else’s Skin, so I thought I’d share it with you all. It puts me in mind of the glory days of the old Little Brown erotic imprint, X Libris, which most of you willl be far too young to remember, but it’s always nice to have the confidence to wear purple…

Of course, the pages of this kinky time-travelling, body-swapping adventure is just as hot as it ever was, and to prove it here’s a little peek at the action. Journalist Annie is moving between two lives, getting glimpses of her future male self, living in an environmentally ravaged police state, and having fun in present-day with her musician boyfriend, Matt. Inspired by his adventurous friend and bandmate, Kevin, Matt is keen to play domination and restraint games, as Annie is about to find out:

‘I can’t wait to get you inside,’ Matt added, in a tone of voice I’d come to know all too well over the last few days. ‘I’ve got something for you.’

‘Really?’ I asked, wondering if that something was more sexy lingerie. I was a little disappointed, having walked the three flights of stairs up to our apartment, when Matt pulled a roll of tape from his pocket. It looked just like the gaffer tape the band used to secure their mike leads to the stage when they were performing.

Matt almost laughed at my pout of disappointment. ‘I know what you’re thinking, babe, but as soon as Kevin told me about this, I just had to go out and buy some.’

‘Why? What’s so special about it?’

‘Put your hands together in front of you, and I’ll show you.’ I did as he asked, and Matt tore off a length of tape and looped it round my wrists, binding them together. ‘Bondage tape,’ he said with a grin. ‘Don’t worry, it comes undone really easily – but only when I decide.’

I couldn’t think what kind of conversation he and Kevin had been having which would end with his friend telling him all about bondage tape. Had they been discussing our game in the kitchen last night? Did Kevin know that I got off on the idea of being watched, or that I would be happy to have another man join us for sex?

Matt grabbed my attention by starting to undo the buttons which ran down the front of my dress. Next, he flicked open the front fastening of my bra. With my hands taped together, I couldn’t do a thing to stop him, not even when he pulled down my panties and ordered me to step out of them.

‘Isn’t this fun, Annie?’ he said. ‘I can do whatever I want to you.’

Even though he’d caught me completely off guard, I couldn’t deny that being bound and helpless was doing something to me. My nipples were two taut peaks, jutting out in the hope of being tweaked by Matt’s fingers, and my pussy was flowing with my juices.

‘Into the bedroom, sweetie.’ Matt gave a gentle push between my shoulder blades, guiding me in the direction he wanted me to go.

To discover what happens once they’re inside the bedroom, check out Someone Else’s Skin at the Xcite Books site, where you’ll find plenty more books with arresting covers and inventive storylines  – and pick up an extended extract from my new m/m BDSM-themed novella, His. Go on, you know you want to…


The Skin You’re In

It’s a double whammy on the new release front for me. Not only am I featured in Total-e-bound’s Cougars And Cubs anthology which debuts today, my novel Someone Else’s Skin is now available from Xcite books. It’s a time-travelling bodyswap adventure, telling what happens when journalist Annie Harrison accepts the offer to be hypnotised and find out not who she was in a previous life but who she’s going to be in a future one. Her alter ego is Jai Galloway, a 23rd century citizen who’s part of a rebel group trying to prevent a massive ecological catastrophe. If that sounds a little serious for your average erotic novel, don’t worry: both as Annie and Jai, our hero/ine enjoys lots of sex, including some kinky fun with bondage tape and a couple of hot threeways.

The novel was originally inspired following a press launch I went to many years ago where I was hypnotised by Paul McKenna – though I didn’t see my future self that night, sadly. But it proves you never know where you’re going to find the starting point for your next story…

To find out more about the book and read a rather steamy extract, visit the Xcite site.