Sunday Snog – Steel City Sins

It’s Sunday Snog time with Blissekiss, and as promised on Friday, here’s a kissing scene from Steel City Sins, the final book in the Steel City Nights trilogy. Detective Fraser has come to check on club owner Scott Beresford following an apparent road rage incident. Fraser is attracted to Scott but too afraid to do anything about it – until Scott takes charge…

steel city sinsI can still say no, Fraser reminded himself. Walk away now, and not risk compromising everything I’ve worked for. Yet his fingers seemed to be untying his shoelaces of their own volition, and once his feet were bare, he wiggled his toes against the luxurious white pelt of the faux bearskin rug on the floor.

Scott came to sit beside him. ‘Does that feel better?’

Fraser nodded mutely. He turned to look at Scott. Their lips were almost touching, and he made no protest when the other man brought his face closer, narrowing the tiny space between them to nothing. Fraser closed his eyes, holding his breath as he waited for him to make the next move. The kiss, when it came, was soft, and Fraser responded in tentative fashion, half-afraid that if he opened his eyes this would all prove to be a mirage. But Scott didn’t pull away, didn’t vanish, and when his tongue pressed against the seam of Fraser’s lips, he let his mouth fall open to allow entry.

The tip of Scott’s tongue met his own as the kiss deepened, and almost without being aware of it, he twined his arms around Scott’s neck and surrendered to the sweet sensations that flooded through him. Why, he wondered, had he denied himself this pleasure for so long? Though maybe he’d been destined to wait till the self-assured Scott came along and opened up his world to the beauty of being with another man.

Scott broke the kiss to murmur, ‘You like that?’steel city boxset cover

‘I love it,’ Fraser responded enthusiastically. ‘You have such a soft mouth.’ He felt himself blushing. What a stupid thing to say, as though he’d expected kissing another man to be hard and bristly and uncomfortable.
‘God, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.’ Scott chuckled, clearly not at all offended by the remark. ‘But there’s no need to be so uptight. Just relax and go with what feels good …’

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Steel City Bundle – Three Nights In One

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, Xcite have brought out the titles in the Steel City Nights trilogy in one red-hot bundle. Tales of mystery, intrigue, deception and desire come together when the doors of the Steel City club open – and at the heart of all three tales are ordinary men searching for that special relationship…

Steel City Seductions

Danny Rowan, head of security at Steel City, Sheffield’s hottest nightclub, is as straight as they come – or so he steel city boxset coverthinks, until he’s asked to chauffeur the club’s star turn for the evening, female impersonator Crystal Devine.

He’s intrigued by Crystal and when Crystal treats to Danny a night he’ll never forget, all his inhibitions are shattered, and he finds himself returning for more.

But who does he really want? Crystal or her male alter ego, Chris – and how will Crystal react, when she’s worked so hard to become everything Chris isn’t?

Steel City Secrets

Having left Australia, and a father who doesn’t approve of his sexuality, Daryl Porter has settled into life behind the bar at Steel City.

He’s had some strange propositions in the course of his work, but none like the one he receives from Tommy and Louisa Blake. Tommy’s bisexual, and Louisa gets off on watching him with other men, and Daryl is more than happy to accommodate their request for a ménage.

But Tommy is also the captain of one of the city’s football clubs, and in an in an environment where professional players find it almost impossible to come out, he needs to hide his desires.

Keeping secrets is never easy, so once it becomes obvious that this is no one-time thing, how will he and Daryl stop the world from finding out how much they need each other?

Steel City Sins

Scott Beresford has worked hard at making Steel City one of Sheffield’s hottest nightclubs; and a break-in at the club’s premises strikes him as only a minor setback, at first.

Fraser Adams is the detective in charge of the case, and a man struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.

When it becomes clear this isn’t a routine burglary, and someone appears to want Scott dead, Fraser’s fight against his own feelings becomes a fight to save the man who has awoken his desires.

But will giving in to those needs prove the ultimate sin?

You can find the bundle on Amazon UK and Amazon US, and come back on Sunday for a Steel City Sunday Snog…