Sunday Snog – Ridden Hard

For this week’s Snog, I’ve dug out an extract from one of my all-time favourite things I’ve written. Ridden Hard is the story of actor Jamie Desmond, who bluffs his way into the cast of a film based on the legend of King Arthur by claiming he can ride a horse. Of course, his lie is exposed, leading to him being dealt with by dominant riding instructor Andrej, but here’s the scene where he celebrates landing the role with his friend with benefits, Fin:

ridden hardWe kissed as he fumbled to unlock the front door; hot, sloppy kisses that showed how much we wanted each other. Laughing, Fin pushed me up against the wall, scrabbling to pull my T-shirt out of my jeans.

‘Slow down,’ I murmured, not really meaning it.

‘Can’t,’ he replied. ‘Got to taste your gorgeous body. Got to have your big hard cock in my mouth.’

When Fin was really turned on, he spoke like someone out of the filthiest porno you’ve ever seen. It was all part of his charm, as far as I was concerned, and my cock pushed at the fly of my jeans, aching to be in his grasp.

Somehow, we made it as far as the bedroom, leaving a trail of hastily discarded clothes in our wake. I didn’t know whether he was sharing his bed with anyone else at the moment, and even if he was, it wouldn‟t have stopped me doing what I was about to do. Exclusive wasn’t a word in Fin’s vocabulary, which probably explained why our relationship had never progressed beyond the occasional fuck.

True to his earlier words, Fin pinned me down on the bed, slurping a wet trail the length of my body with his lips and tongue. When his mouth latched on to the head of my cock, engulfing me in warm wetness, I squirmed against the covers. Fin’s blue eyes shone with amusement at the strength of my reaction. ‘Ready for me, were you?’ he chuckled.

I just groaned, wanting him to take me deeper.

Nothing, in my experience, compared to the sensation of having my cock buried deep in a sucking, clutching throat. Coupled with clever fingers caressing and tugging on my balls, it was the quickest way I knew of making me come.

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Sunday Snog – In Clover


It strikes me that I’m overdue to feature a Sunday Snog with some girl-on-girl action, so I’ve delved into my backlist to put that right. Here’s a very naughty kiss from In Clover, my story in Xcite’s Lesbian Love 2 collection. Rebecca is visiting a lapdancing club with her male colleagues, and while the men have been hoping to get intimate with dancer Clover, Rebecca has hit the jackpot. Warning – this one is explicit!

Pushing the door open gently, I found Clover on her knees, waiting for me. There was a comfortable-looking chair in the centre of the room, and I sat down in it. Without being told, Clover crawled over to lesbian love 2me. Just as I had recognised her submissive nature by the slave collar she wore, I wondered if she had picked up on my dominant side from my starched white blouse, pinstripe skirt suit and severe black-framed glasses.

As she had in the club downstairs, she began toying with her nipples through her top. This time, I wanted to see more. ‘Strip,’ I ordered her, ‘then put your fingers in your pussy. I want to see you play with yourself while you’re licking my cunt.’

Obediently, Clover peeled out of the mesh bodystocking. Her shaved pussy looked good enough to eat, but I wouldn’t be sampling it just yet. Instead, I settled back and waited for her to start feasting on me.

She pushed my skirt up my thighs, then helped me out of my drenched knickers. She took a long sniff, as though memorising my scent, before placing them on the floor. Her fingers traced along my freshly waxed sex lips, gently prising them apart.

I almost wished Josh and the others could be here as Clover’s small pink tongue darted out, licking along the length of my slit. It would have been fun to have them lined up, cocks out and wanking while they watched. Look but don’t touch, boys, I thought, throwing my head back and giving into the delicious sensation of Clover sucking my clit.

I cupped my own breasts, teasing my nipples through the layers of clothing I wore ’til they were doing their best to burst through my bra. Glancing down, I could see Clover’s blonde head bobbing between my stocking-clad thighs. I grabbed a fistful of her hair, using it to help set the pace at which she was licking me. Like the good slave she was, she didn’t moan or complain. She simply let herself be guided by her mistress’ needs and demands.

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Sunday Snog – His Secret Boss

His Secret Boss6

Yes, it’s that Sunday Snog time of the week again, and as my Cariad Romance novel, His Secret Boss, is officially released on Thursday (yes, it’s a big couple of weeks for me in terms of new releases but sometimes the planets align that way…) here’s an extract.

Hotel chain owner Claudia Anthony has agreed to take part in a reality show where CEOs go undercover to discover why part of their business is underperforming. She’s taken on a menial job at the Anthony Hotel in the rundown Welsh seaside town of Aberpentre, where she’s started butting heads with the cute young manager, Rhodri Wynn-Jones. Here’s the moment where Claudia and Rhodri get up close and personal for the first time:

He stepped a pace closer, and I looked up at him, silhouetted in the subdued orange glow of a streetlamp. Even though I wore heels, he still had a good few inches on me. Tension hung in the air between us.

I parted my lips a fraction, though whatever I’d intended to say was swallowed up as Rhodri swooped down to claim my mouth with a kiss.

His lips were soft against mine, and I brought my hands up to twine round the back of his neck as I raised myself up on my toes. There was a moment’s awkwardness as I manoeuvred so my unfamiliar glasses weren’t poking against my flesh, or his, and then I settled into the kiss. It was deep, intense; my body seeming to melt against his. Rhodri’s tongue explored the contours of my mouth and I moaned, the sound swallowed up by the night.

He grabbed my bum cheeks in both hands and pulled me tight to him, breaking the passionate lip-lock so he could trail soft kisses over my neck and down to the hollow of my throat. With our bodies pressed together, I was all too aware of his cock, thick and solid, pushing at me. Even the layers of clothing between us failed to disguise its heat and urgency. He wanted me, just as much as I wanted him.

Heat burned between my legs. We gazed into each other’s eyes. Maybe things were moving too fast here, but I didn’t care. I was more than ready to take this further.

I was about to suggest that we go up to my apartment, where we could have a little privacy, when Rhodri’s phone rang.

To find out what happens next, pick up a copy of His Secret Boss. To read more sizzling snogs, go to Blissekiss and see who’s sharing a sexy extract this week.


Sunday Snog – The Pride Of Amsterdam

Sunday means snogs, and as The Pride of Amsterdam receives its official release this coming Friday, I thought I’d share a kiss from the start of the book. This is the moment when Kees, eager for a new experience on what might be the night the world ends, Millennium Eve, gets close to a sexy stranger at a party…

theprideofamsterdam_800“I’m just not a great one for parties, that’s all,” Kees mumbled. Always shy around people he didn’t know, he found his throat drying and the hairs on his neck prickling in response to the man’s presence. More than that, he was all too conscious of a sudden tension in his groin. He felt his cock thicken and grow. He blushed, unable to prevent his body’s response to being in the presence of someone so masculine, so vital, so…arousing.

“And yet here you are,” the stranger commented.

“Well, I came because my friend wanted to, but he’s just hooked up with a girl. And I’m really not very good at making conversation with people I don’t know very well.”

“There are other things one can do than make conversation.” Again, his new companion ran a hand through his glorious mass of hair and fixed Kees with a stare that held him rooted to the spot. He’d never had such an instant, powerful reaction to anyone, and all he wanted to do was to sink to his knees and obey this man’s every wish.

“I don’t— That is, I…” he stammered.

The man put a finger to Kees’ lips, gently silencing him. Kees fought the urge to take that digit between his lips and suck.

“What is your name?”


“Did you know you’re really cute when you blush, Kees?”

The observation sent the flush back to his cheeks, harder than before. He shivered, aware of the man’s strong physical presence and seductive, musky smell. That scent didn’t come out of a bottle. He knew it to be pure, primal male, and he wanted to breathe it in forever.

“This is a big building,” his companion said casually. “I’m sure we can find somewhere a little quieter. Somewhere we can be alone.”

Kees took a gulp of his punch, no longer flinching at the strength of the alcohol. He needed all the courage he could muster to agree to such a blatant proposition. His jeans had grown uncomfortably tight, struggling to contain the urgent swelling of his dick, and more than anything he wanted to be somewhere private, where he could bare himself to this man. Yet still he hesitated.

“Don’t be afraid, Kees. I’m not going to ask of you anything you’re not prepared to offer. But let me give you just a little taste of what I have in mind…”

He bent his head, and put his mouth to Kees’. When he ran his tongue along the seam of Kees’ lips, there was no resisting the gentle pressure.
The room seemed to dissolve around them as they kissed. Kees could no longer hear the music that had been assaulting his eardrums or see the wild, uncoordinated dancing. He was lost in the softness of this stranger’s mouth and as their bodies pressed together, he could feel the man’s erection up against his belly. He wanted to reach down and grasp it through its denim covering, but that seemed like entirely too forward an act.

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Sunday Snog – The Christmas Box

The Christmas BoxYes, it’s Sunday Snog time again, and with Christmas coming ever closer, here’s a kiss from The Christmas Box, a ménage tale that was my first ever release with Totally Bound. Natasha has travelled to the home of her old university friend, Joe. The plan was for a whole group of people to spend Christmas together but heavy snow has intervened, leaving Natasha and Joe to get reacquainted.

“It’s not going to be much of a party for you, is it?” I asked, as he sat on the sofa beside me.

“Well, it’s not exactly the send-off I had planned for this place,” Joe admitted, “but I still think the two of us could have a pretty good time on our own.” His gaze met mine briefly, then we both glanced away, a little surprised at the depth of the look which had passed between us. In that moment, I realised I wasn’t the only one looking at an old friend with suddenly admiring, lustful eyes.

“But all the food you must have got in…” I continued, trying to keep the conversation light.

“Oh, we were mostly going to have nibbles tonight,” he said. “I’m sure those will keep. You and I have got some catching up to do first.” As he spoke, he caught hold of the point of my chin, stroking his fingers along the soft skin of my throat. I’d never experienced such an intimate caress from Joe before, and I felt liquid heat rushing to my sex. Joe’s lips met mine, kissing me gently at first, then with a sudden fierce hunger. I wondered briefly whether I was doing the right thing—I had seen friendships fall apart so many times when those friends had become lovers—but it was Christmas, I told myself. The season of goodwill to all men. Time to let myself go for once. Catching Joe’s urgent mood, I pulled his t-shirt out of his jeans, anxious to explore the planes of his chest and stomach. His big hands were on my breasts, teasing my nipples into aching peaks even through the layers of clothing I’d worn to make the journey to his aunt’s home.

“Let’s get you out of some of this,” Joe said, tugging my thick sweater over my head to leave me in only a skimpy camisole. He pushed the straps down off my shoulders, baring my breasts. The smile that crossed his face told me just how much he liked the sight of me like that, half-dressed and wanting him. I straddled his thighs, pressing briefly against what felt like a nice bulge in his jeans, then leant over him so that my nipple was temptingly close to his lips. He was straining up towards it when a sudden, insistent banging echoed through the house.

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Sunday Snog – The Spirit of Stage 13

With Hallowe’en creeping ever closer, here’s the final spooky snog of the month as part of the weekly Sunday Snog at Blissekiss. This time, it’s an extract from The Spirit of Stage 13, part of the Totally Bound Haunted By You collection. Struggling screenwriter Evin has had a strange experience on a soundstage which is supposedly haunted by the ghost of Jack, a young actor who died in tragic circumstances. Later, Evin finds himself dreaming about Jack…

thespiritofstage13_800He didn’t speak, just crooked his finger and beckoned Evin close. With one stride, Evin was in Jack’s arms. Their lips met in a crushing kiss. Evin felt the other man’s tongue snake into his mouth, battling with his own. The kiss left him panting, short of breath, his dick standing up hard, seeking to find its way out of his underwear. For the first time, he glanced down and realised he was dressed in his usual night attire, a grey marl T-shirt and white briefs. Not the kind of thing he’d usually wear to impress such a gorgeous stud—or to stand on the sidewalk in front of his apartment building—but in dreams nothing ever made sense. And anyway, Jack seemed to like what he saw well enough.

His hand made a grab for Evin’s bulge, stroking it through the thin cotton underwear. Already feeling constricted in the tight-fitting briefs, Evin sighed as his cock stiffened further, reacting to the light, teasing touch.

In response, he roamed down the length of Jack’s bare, warm back with his hands to cup the cheeks of his ass. Their mouths were mashed together. Evin was lost in the passion of their kiss. He clung to Jack like he never wanted to let him go, while those clever fingers worked their way into the Y of his briefs, closing around his shaft.

Evin broke the kiss, needing to release the moan that was trapped in his throat. In any normal dream, the perspective would have changed again by now, events not driven by any internal logic. He’d have found himself lying on his bed with Jack, both of them naked, having bypassed the time-consuming process of climbing the stairs and stripping each other down to nothing. Or maybe they’d have been in the shower, water pouring down on them as they kissed and explored each other’s body. But something in his subconscious seemed to relish the scene he’d created, Jack spinning him round to push him up against the side of Gilson’s newly washed Chevy before tugging Evin’s underwear down and off.

Dampness soaked through his T-shirt as his back met the wet glass of the passenger window. He wanted to be free of it, but Jack seemed to like him the way he was, half dressed and horny. With lips curled in a smile that bore a delicious hint of something dark and dangerous, he renewed his steady tugging at Evin’s rod.

You can find out what happens when Evin’s lust for Jack becomes more than just a dream in The Spirit of Stage 13, and as always there are a whole range of Sunday Snogs waiting for you over at Blissekiss.


Sunday Snog – The Feel Of Wings


thefeelofwings_800Continuing with the spooky kisses as part of the Blissekiss Sunday Snog, here’s a snippet from my Totally Bound angels and demons-themed novella, The Feel of Wings. Faith is cataloguing the library in a house that once belonged to a student of the occult. She doesn’t believe the story of the man’s attempt to raise a demon – until she meets Andras…

Andras held out a beckoning hand. “Come to me, Faith.”

She didn’t think to argue, simply walked the few paces to where he stood.

“Kiss me,” he commanded, bending his head towards her.

Faith had to raise herself on tiptoes to come anywhere near reaching his mouth. Taking pity on her, conscious of the mismatch in their heights, Andras hitched her up till she could wrap her legs round the small of his back. She had no fear that he wouldn’t be able to hold her in that position for as long as necessary. His strength was superhuman, just like his build.

She wasn’t quite prepared for the feel of his mouth. She’d expected his skin to be cold, like a dead thing, but he was warm, vital. When he pressed his lips to hers they almost burned her, both with their heat and their passion. As he said, it had been a long time—with so much pent-up desire to release she wondered whether she could take it all.

He explored her mouth with bruising thoroughness. His kisses left her lips swollen, his teeth nipping at the soft flesh. Faith could smell the odd, other-worldly scent of him—a mixture of feathers, smoke and exotic spices—like nothing she’d ever known before. She ground herself against him, trying to manoeuvre herself into a position where the head of his cock pressed against her pussy. But Andras had other ideas.

“Have you ever learned how rewarding pleasure can be when mixed with pain?” Andras murmured in her ear. “Or that you have not truly experienced orgasm till it has been wrenched from your bound, helpless body?” When she didn’t immediately answer, he continued. “I take your silence as meaning that I have much to teach you, sweet Faith. But first, let me shed a little light on the subject…”

He snapped his fingers together, and fire burned at their tips. No heat came from the flames, just a cold white light. Another snap, and every candle in the study blazed into life.

Find out what happens when Faith’s guardian angel enters the erotic fray by reading The Feel Of Wings, available from Totally Bound. And check out Blissekiss for the many delicious snogs on offer today.


Sunday Snog – The Washstand

spirit lovers twoAnother Sunday and another spooky snog in conjunction with the Blissekiss Blisse Birthday Bash, the party to mark the 150th Sunday Snog. Here’s a kiss with a distinctly Victorian flavour from The Washstand, my story in the Xcite paranormal collection, Spirit Lovers 2. Ros has bought the antique piece of furniture of the title, but she doesn’t realise it comes with its own resident ghost who’s naked, handsome and in the mood for an erotic adventure…

He crept down further, till his mouth hovered over my pussy. Looking up at me, he asked, ‘I hope you are not averse to a little gamahuche?’

If it meant what I thought it meant, I wasn’t going to say no. I shook my head and, to my delight, he spread my lips with his fingers and began to run his tongue along my slit. He toyed with my clit for a moment or two before lapping all the way down to my rear hole. None of my lovers had ever tried licking me there, and I squirmed at the new, strangely pleasurable sensations. Geoffrey tongued me till I was a wet, panting mess, but he never quite took me to the orgasm my body was starting to demand. If he was leaving me frustrated I couldn’t exactly complain, since that was the exact condition in which he’d spent the last century.

Just when I was ready to scream if he didn’t give me the relief I needed, he rose to his knees. My juices shone on his lips, and I knew if he kissed me now I would taste myself, rich and fragrant.

He climbed over me, clutching his cock. It was as rigid as I had seen it on any previous occasion, and though it was one of the fattest I’d ever come across, all his oral attention had made sure I was more than ready to take it. He guided it to my entrance and pushed home. I was so turned on, I almost came just feeling him enter me.

Spirit Lovers 2 contains stories of ghostly lovers and out-of-this-world encounters by Giselle Renarde, Roxanne Rhoads, Kitti Bernetti and Frank Selby Jr, and is available from Xcite and Amazon. Alternatively, leave a comment below and you could win a PDF copy of the book. Enter by the end of today (October 12th) and I’ll draw a winner at random. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss 150th for plenty more sizzling Sunday snogs and maybe a slice of birthday cake…


Sunday Smooch – Abyssinian Heat

Some Sunday snogs coming up from books and stories with spooky themes this month, as Hallowe’en is on the horizon. Today, I’m bringing you a smoochy snippet from my Totally Bound shifter novella, Abyssinian Heat. One for cat lovers, this tells the story of Miranda, who’s just lost her beloved old moggy, Charlie, and is in the market for a replacement. In the meantime, she’s getting intimate with her on-off boyfriend, Finn – a bad boy who she knows isn’t any good for her, except in bed…

abyssinianheat_800Finn lifted me up out of the bath, not caring that he was splashing water down the front of his faded jeans. I was sure they would be coming off soon enough.

He wrapped the towel round me hastily, and carried me through to the bedroom. Placing me down on the bed, he bent over me and we shared a long, lingering kiss. My fingers tangled in his sleek black hair as our mouths mashed together. Finn never failed to rouse a deep hunger in me, an overpowering urge to have his cock buried in my aching pussy. But this was something beyond simple lust. This was a need to prove that life still went on, even though Charlie was gone. This was something raw and feral, an animal instinct my body couldn’t help but obey.

Impatient to have Finn naked, I grabbed the belt of his jeans, fumbling it undone before turning my attention to his zip.

“Whoa, slow down there, sweetheart,” Finn said in an amused tone.

“I can’t,” I replied. “I need to see that big, beautiful cock of yours. I want to feel it sliding up into my pussy, giving me the fucking of my life.”

Finn must have realised how out of character my behaviour was. I never used dirty talk and I usually let him take the lead in bed. Now, I was almost ripping the clothes off him and he was clearly loving it. He never wore underwear, so when I pulled his jeans down his cock uncoiled at once, almost pushing itself into my grasp. I stroked its hot, smooth length, marvelling at how quickly it grew fully hard.

Normally, I liked Finn to lick me for a while, getting me good and wet before he fucked me, but today my juices were already flowing freely. I pushed him on to his back and straddled his crotch, guiding his cock into place. Our eyes met, the devilish twinkle in Finn’s reflected in my own in the moment before I slowly sank down, taking him all the way inside me.

He reached up to play with my tits as I rode him, squeezing my muscles hard round his shaft to give him as much pleasure as I could.

“Don’t stop,” he begged as I pulled almost all the way off him. Leaning forward, I gave him a long, sensual kiss, before sliding back down. I could have teased him like that for a while, but the wild spirit that infected me urged me on to make us both come, soon and hard.

To find out what happens when Miranda acquires her new cat, and discovers the secrets both it and Finn are hiding, pick up a copy of Abyssinian Heat. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss for loads more lovely snogs.


Sunday Snog – Everything To Him

everythingtohim_800Here’s a hotter than hot snippet as part of this week’s Blissekiss Sunday Snog. It comes from my Totally Bound ménage story, Everything to Him, the tale of a young journalist who gets the chance to live a billionaire’s lifestyle for a magazine feature. Felix Meredith has agreed to share everything for the story, and that includes his wife, Amber…

He paused to shower her face with kisses as she hung, suspended above him, the head of his dick bathed in her flowing juices but not yet breaching her entrance.

“You’d do it?” she asked, in the moment before she slid down on to his upthrust length. “You’d let Josh fuck me? And it wouldn’t change anything between us?”

“Nothing could change the way I feel about you,” he assured her, his words breathed directly into her ear. “I love you, Amber, and I always will. You’re everything to me. That’s why I want to do this, because I’m sure it will strengthen what we feel for each other, not weaken it.”

Then he was pushing up, into the hot, clutching grasp of her cunt. Amber cried out at the delicious penetration, feeling the two of them become one. He gripped her arse cheeks, holding her secure, and she wrapped her arms round the back of his neck. The musk of his cologne, the muskier scent of his body mingled so seductively with it, inflamed her senses. “Fuck me, Felix,” she pleaded. “Show me just what I mean to you.”

His response was to jab into her with short, almost brutal thrusts that slammed her against the wall. The jerking motions sent a dull friction through her pussy, setting her clit pulsing. Her moans filled the hallway and she was sure Alison would come running, alerted by the commotion. If the housekeeper arrived and saw them, Felix still fully dressed, Amber naked, fucking for all they were worth, would they stop what they were doing? She very much doubted it.

You can get hold of Everything to Him either as a standalone story or as part of the Sharing the Billionaire anthology. And you can enjoy a selection of snogs, from torrid to tender, over at Blissekiss.