Here Goes – Guest Post by Constance Munday

sweetsecrets_800So, here goes and a big warm welcome to everyone who is stopping by and spending a moment to check me and my book out.

Sweet Secrets is a book that I hope you will love. I’m constantly asked about where the inspiration for my books comes from and how I find my characters, so over this blog tour I’m hoping I will be able to answer a few of the questions you might have about my current release and give you a taste of a book which I must add — I truly loved and enjoyed writing.

Taste is a bit of a pun since the novel centres around cookery and in particular baking. Baking seems a popular theme for books these days, maybe because a lot of us have a sweet tooth and many of us are secret bakers as we are encouraged to put on our aprons and find our way back into our kitchens. I am no exception. Ill health saw me making a great many dietary adjustments and that meant often disastrous cake baking extravaganzas. Baking has been, and still is, something I am passionate about and I am delighted to be back with flour up to my arms doing another thing I enjoy besides writing. As I bet you can guess, being in the kitchen is providing a seed for a great many plots and ideas.

With Sweet Secrets, I wanted to write a novel with a familiar theme and a twist, but also a book that was a bit different. It had to blend together romance and chick lit, but it also had to have heat and contain some challenging themes that many women face.

You’ll soon find out that my heroine Carrie Ann has talent, but she has had a tough life and things are not going to come easy for her. She uses her passions for both baking and erotica as a release valve for all her frustration. A carer in many ways, when we meet her she has spent years pandering to her ill father and on his death is forced to fall back on her hobby of expressive cake design, as a means to fashion her future. Out of this comes her inspiration to create her own erotic cake company called ‘Sweet Secrets’, which I am soon to tell you a bit more about.

And what about the love interest and the secrets? We have to have a hero, don’t we, and we also have to have our secret for the What’s Her Secret? imprint. Well, I’ll tell you more about that soon. Just let’s say that Carrie Ann’s route towards love is not going to be easy as she lies to protect her secret past. Before she knows it, she has created a very sticky web indeed.

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Blurb for Sweet Secrets:

What will happen when dark secrets threaten a perfect recipe for happiness and newfound love?

Left on her own, Carrie Ann decides it is time to escape her past, empower herself and overcome her confidence issues by turning her secret hobby of erotic cake design into a business. Her world is then turned upside down when she bumps into dynamic and sexy Dominic. Unwittingly, Carrie Ann sows the seeds of disaster from day one, weaving a web of deceit, and before she knows it the lies are multiplying.

As news of her baking brilliance spreads, romance grows. Now, only one thing can ruin their happiness and that is Carrie Ann’s dark deceptions and the battle she is fighting within herself. Will she be strong enough to overcome a past that is set to destroy her dreams for the future and tell Dominic the truth, or will she lose him forever?

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