A Box Of Lions

Box sets are great, aren’t they? They let you binge all your favourite things in one go. or they let you catch up on something you missed the first time round without that impatient wait for the next part of the series. Well, some of the books I had the most fun writing – the Lionhearts series for Pride Publishing – are being released in two box sets, and the first is out now. The series, set in a world where lion shifters live alongside humans, not always without problems, was originally inspired by a plaque commemorating a brewery that once stood on the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam. It expanded into six books, tracing the fortunes of interconnected lion shifter families, and the human lovers they are fated to meet, and focusing on shifter prides in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, England and America. If you like tales of murder, obsessive stalkers, weird cults, secret treasures, paranormal investigators and lost loves, they’re all here.

Book One contains the first three books in the series – The Pride of Amsterdam, Taming The Lion and Vintage Pride, and is available from the Pride Publishing bookstore, Amazon US and Amazon UK. Part Two is coming soon. So that’s your next binge sorted…

I’m In The Spotlight At Cara Sutra Today

If you’d like to know more about my long (very long…) association with erotic fiction and why I really enjoy writing about hot men getting it together with each other, and you want to read spicy extracts from three of my Totally Bound/Pride Publishing books, then click here.

Another Sunday Snog From Taming The Lion

As promised on Friday, here’s a sweet snog from Taming The Lion, Book Two in the Lionhearts series. Lion shifter Kaspar has met Jon, the human he realises is destined to be his mate, and has accepted an invitation to go back to Jon’s for coffee. They’re discussing Jon’s career as a professor of archaeology when this happens:

tamingthelion_800Kaspar turned back to face him. “Do you still go on digs like this?”

“Not as often as I’d like.” He sighed. “I’ve become entirely too deskbound over the last couple of years. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all the internal politics of the archaeology department, and I certainly don’t want to talk about them.”

So don’t,” Kaspar said, moving to sit on the sofa beside him, so close Jon could feel the heat of the young Dutchman’s thigh through his jeans. “Talking’s overrated. You can say so much without words.”

He brought his mouth down on Jon’s in a kiss as sweet as it was unexpected.

Jon smiled against Kaspar’s lips, his eyes closed tight. When Kaspar sought to push his tongue into Jon’s mouth, deepening the kiss, he didn’t resist.

“You taste good,” Kaspar murmured as they broke apart for a moment. “I could spend the rest of my life kissing you from head to toe.”

“Well, why don’t you start?” Jon spoke with a boldness that surprised him.

“Anything you say…”

With their mouths locked together, they tugged at each other’s clothing, undoing belts, buttons and all the fiddly things that stood in the way of their being naked.

Kaspar sucked and nipped at Jon’s neck then pushed the tip of his tongue into the folds of his ear. The wet pressure made Jon squirm and he let out a little noise somewhere between a giggle and a moan.

“Ticklish, huh?” Kaspar grinned evilly. “Now that’s something I need to file away for future reference.”
So maybe this isn’t going to be a one-off…

Find out what happens next by picking up a copy of Taming the Lion from Totally Bound. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss for this week’s selection of juicy snogs.


Views Of Bath

Taming The Lion is out today, and to mark the launch, here are some images of Bath, where much of the action in the book takes place. (Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Bath Abbey at night by Nikater

Bath Abbey at night by Nikater

The Sacred Springs, Roman Baths by Andrew Dunn

The Sacred Springs, Roman Baths by Andrew Dunn

Pulteney Bridge by Michael Maggs

Pulteney Bridge by Michael Maggs

And because the official symbol of the city of Bath is a lion (something I didn’t discover until after I started writing the book), here’s a particularly fine example from the gates at the entrance to Bath’s Victoria Park.


Find out more about Taming The Lion at Totally Bound, and come back on Sunday when I’ll be sharing a snog from the book.

Sunday Snog – Taming The Lion

tamingthelion_800Taming The Lion, Book Two in the Lionhearts series, is now available as an exclusive early download from Totally Bound. In this book, the action moves from the Netherlands to Bath, as lion shifter Kaspar attempts to start a new life after failing to be made leader of the Amsterdam pride. Here, as part of the Blissekiss Sunday Snog round-up, is a short but very hot kissing scene as Kaspar indulges his voyeuristic side:

Kaspar glanced at the two men across the way, now face to face with their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. God, how he envied them. If only it were he who stood with his arms wrapped around some hot guy, enjoying the taste of his lover’s soft lips and feeling the slight prickle of stubble against his chin.

Unable to resist the urgent demands of his body any longer, he pushed a hand into his sweatpants and took hold of his shaft. When he ran his hand gently along it, he discovered that pre-cum had already gathered at its tip. He spread the slippery droplets over his cockhead and down, to make the shuttling passage of his fingers easier.
The blond sank down to his knees so that only the top of his head remained visible above the window sill. Kaspar needed more in the way of lubrication but he didn’t want to miss a minute of the show his neighbors were putting on for him. He dashed into the bedroom where he stripped out of his sweatpants before grabbing the bottle of baby oil from the nightstand.

When he returned to the living room, it was to be greeted by the glorious sight of the blond bobbing his head up and down on his lover’s length. Kaspar couldn’t see very much of what was happening so he let his imagination fill in the blanks. But in his mind, he was the one who had a man kneeling naked at his feet, tonguing his dick.

He squeezed a copious amount of oil onto his palm. Now his fingers glided effortlessly from base to crown as he wanked himself. With his other hand, he cupped and rolled his balls, enjoying the shivers of pleasure the action sent through him.

As Kaspar’s excitement mounted, he turned his gaze on the man receiving the blow job. Bliss was clearly etched on the stranger’s face. His eyes were half-closed and he seemed to be muttering something. Was he asking to be sucked harder? Maybe he was praising the blond for his efforts or ridiculing him with a sneer in his voice as the two played out some game of domination and submission.

So many delicious possibilities. So many things Kaspar yearned to enjoy.

Find Taming The Lion in the Totally Bound bookstore, and check out Blissekiss for more delicious snogs.


Cover Reveal – Taming The Lion

With The Pride of Amsterdam, the first book in my male/male paranormal series, Lionhearts, out as an early download later this month, here’s a sneak peek at the cover for the second book, Taming The Lion, which will be published in spring 2015. This time, the action switches to Bath, where Dutch lion shifter Kaspar meets university professor Jon and finds himself at the heart of a deadly plot to revive an ancient cult…


Starting The Week With Some Spooky Standing Stones

The second book in my Lionhearts male/male shifter series, Taming The Lion, has just been contracted, so I thought I’d share something of the inspiration for this particular book. The books are loosely connected, with a different pair of main characters and a new mystery for each story, and in Taming The Lion the action moves from the Netherlands to Bath and its surrounding countryside. The human protagonist, Jon, is a university professor researching the legends surrounding the standing stones that can be found throughout Britain but have a particularly high concentration in Somerset and Wiltshire.

Perhaps it’s because I saw the TV series Children of the Stones at an impressionable age but I’ve always thought there was something deeply sinister about these sites, especially as one of the theories about their creation is that they were used for ritual sacrifice. This is the opposite to a good friend of mine (hi, Diamond!) whose reaction to seeing Stonehenge up close and personal was, ‘It’s just some rocks.’ Whatever your own point of view on the subject, here are some standing stones courtesy of Wikimedia Commons to get you in the mood for Taming The Lion.

A section of the Rollright Stones by Steve Daniels

A section of the Rollright Stones by Steve Daniels

The Devil's Arrows by Gordon Hatton

The Devil’s Arrows by Gordon Hatton

Stonehenge by Frederic Vincent

Stonehenge by Frederic Vincent

Avebury Stone Circle by Gazimoff

Avebury Stone Circle by Gazimoff