Hats Off To Desiree!

I’m over at the very lovely Desiree Holt’s blog today, talking about how I lived out a long-cherished fantasy and unleashed my inner rock star in the name of Three-part Harmony, the story from the TEB musical menage anthology, Treble, in which we both have stories. Find out more here.

BlackRaven’s Reviews Loves Treble

Reviewer Trixie gave the TEB musical menage anthology Treble 41/2 ravens, saying it’s ‘full of hot, steaming sex, heroes so hot they should be illegal and intriguing stories that all have music beautifully entwined in their plots and settings’. While she gave high praise to all the novellas in the anthology, she referred to my Three-Part Harmony as ‘the stunner of the six’. As you can imagine, that’s music to my ears. Thanks, Trixie!

You can read the full review here, and you’ll find the Treble anthology at Total-e-bound, All Romance and other good online booksellers.

Another Great Review For Treble!

The Total-e-bound musical menage anthology, Treble, has picked up four and a half cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews. Reviewer Peppermint says the collection contains ‘six well written and entertaining stories’, and describes my story, Three-part Harmony, as ‘having a different vibe than many menages’, with a twist that makes her want to read it again.

The full review is here – read it and discover why Peppermint claims this collection turned her into a groupie… Thanks so much, Whipped Cream!

Let The Music Play

The Treble anthology is out today! Featuring novellas by Desiree Holt, Lisabet Sarai, Lily Harlem, Wendy Zwaduk and Imari Jade as well as my good self, these six tales of musical menage including the adventures of three hot cowboy brothers and a honky-tonk owner, a model and two Italian pianists with very skilful fingers, on-stage antics in a struggling blues bar and, of course, and bands forming and reforming in all kinds of delicious ways…

My own contribution, Three-part Harmony, revolves around the tangled love lives of the members of British multi-platinum rock band, Sweet Lies. To quote the blurb:

When guitarist Mark Deans quits Sweet Lies the week before their concert tour is due to start, it looks like the end of the band, but singer Aimee and her husband Stefan have worked too hard to let that happen. The answer lies in Jake Anderson, who blows them away when he auditions to replace Mark. He’s cute, talented-and twelve years younger than Aimee-but there’s an instant attraction between them.

Even though she loves her husband deeply, she knows it’s only a matter of time before she and Jake end up in bed together-the same way she destroyed her relationship with Mark by tumbling into bed with Stefan. What she doesn’t expect is that when it happens, Stefan will not only give his blessing, but make the twosome a threesome by acting on his own desire for Jake…

Sounds interesting? Well, here’s an extract to give you a hint of the rockin’ good vibe Jake creates when he walks into his audition to join the band:

In turn, each auditionee was ushered into the rehearsal room. Almost all of the twelve were ushered out almost as swiftly. The majority of them were session musicians, who would play for anyone as long as the money was right. They had the notes down pat, but there was no real passion in their playing, no sense they were interested in being part of the band long term. We might as well take a digital recorder holding all Mark’s guitar licks on stage with us for all they brought to the party.

More impressive were the two guys from the tribute acts. They cared about the music, and we knew they’d both be thrilled to be a part of the band, but Stefan’s words about the weirdness of taking on a Mark Deans lookalike still rang in my head. I honestly didn’t know whether I could spend so much time around someone who was almost Mark…but not quite. Still, given what we’d already heard, we were convinced one of the two would become our new guitarist.

Then the last man walked into the room, and my heart missed a beat. He couldn’t have looked less like Mark, with dirty-blond hair that fell in shaggy waves to his shoulders and a deep cleft in the point of his stubbled chin. In his mid-twenties, he was by some distance the youngest person we’d auditioned today. And when he opened his mouth, his accent placed him from somewhere on the west coast of the United States. Yet the reaction I experienced on his arrival was every bit as powerful as the first time I’d seen Mark. I knew with absolute certainty that one day very soon, we’d end up in bed together.

I didn’t know whether Stefan saw the flush rising to my cheeks as I watched the newcomer shrug out of a well-worn leather jacket that appeared to be older than he was. Beneath it, he wore a sleeveless black T-shirt revealing honey-tanned, muscular arms. An intricate piece of knotwork circled his left biceps. I wondered whether that was the only tattoo he had, or whether there was something else, in a more intimate place where no one but his lovers would ever see it…

So, if hot rockers – or cowboys who come in threes, or singers with honey-coated voices – get your nerve-endings singing, track down a copy of Treble, available from Total-e-bound.


Sex And – Er, More Sex – And Rock And Roll

Having received a droolworthy cover for the Total-e-Bound musical menage anthology the other day, their fabulous cover artist Posh Gosh has only gone and produced an even hotter one for the solo release of my story, Three-part Harmony. And here it is!

Rock stars, gee-tars, men with sculpted abs – what more could a girl want? The perfect accompaniment to the story of Sweet Lies, the best-selling rock act who lose a long-standing member at a crucial moment in their careers and recruit a hot young rock god who… Oh, but that would be telling!

Treble The Pleasure

As John Junkin once said on the inimitable Hello, Cheeky! (currently being repeated on Radio 4 Extra for those of us who love bad puns and really, really old jokes), ‘If music be the food of love, I’ll have double egg and chips twice.’ Well, music being the food of love is the theme behind Total-e-bound’s forthcoming Treble anthology, featuring menage tales with some kind of musical background. It’s not out till September, but here’s a sneaky preview of the cover:

While you’re enjoying your big, stubbly men quotient for the day, please take time to notice the contributors involved alongside my good self – Desiree Holt, Lisabet Sarai, Lily Harlem, Imari Jade and Wendi Swaduk. A talented line-up like that should be music to the ears of any erotic romance lover.

To cue you in, my story, Three-part Harmony, involves an adult-orientated rock band with a tangled sexual past and a potentially even more tangled future, and writing it allowed me to indulge all my wannabe rock star fantasies. But more of that nearer the time – for now, just keep enjoying those delicious cover models…