I’m In The Spotlight At Cara Sutra Today

If you’d like to know more about my long (very long…) association with erotic fiction and why I really enjoy writing about hot men getting it together with each other, and you want to read spicy extracts from three of my Totally Bound/Pride Publishing books, then click here.

Backlist Blast: Wagers of Sin

wagersofsin_800 Sometimes, we’re all in the mood to switch things around, and when that comes to the arena of BDSM play, it can be a very enlightening – and very hot – experience when the dominant becomes the submissive, and vice versa. That’s why it was so much fun to write Wagers of Sin, which is part of the Totally Bound Switch collection. It all starts with a bet between two dominants, Marcus and Selina. Marcus believes Selina will never be a perfect top until she discovers what it’s like to be the bottom, and when he wins the bet, he gets the opportunity to prove to her exactly what he means…

Grasping the heavy iron knocker, I brought it down against the blue-painted front door, congratulating myself on arriving just before nine. No chance of being in any trouble for turning up late—assuming Marcus was serious in his intentions to make me submit. He didn’t answer at first, and I wondered whether he was still in bed. A delicious image filled my mind. Marcus, barefoot and wearing only a short dressing gown, wiping the sleep from his eyes as he rushed down the stairs to open the door. I glanced up at the bedroom windows, but the curtains were drawn back. He was definitely up.

I knocked again, and this time the door swung open.

“That’s a demerit point,” Marcus said, ushering me inside. Not ‘Good morning, Selina’ or ‘How was your journey?’, and that’s when I realised this wasn’t a joke at all.

“I’m sorry?” I said, not fully grasping his meaning.

“I asked you to be here at nine o’clock exactly. It was two minutes to nine when you first knocked. We’re going to have to do something about that impatient streak of yours.” His lips curved in a smile that did nothing to soften the sting of his next words. “And in future you’ll address me as ‘sir’.”

“Yes, sir,” I stuttered in reply. I’d seen this side of Marcus so many times before—stern, brooking no argument—but always when he’d been disciplining Lydia or another slave. He’d never turned the full force of his dominant persona on me.

Had those other women felt the way I did now? Strangely guilty, even though I’d really done nothing wrong, and beneath the guilt and the uncertainty about what might come next, a fierce sexual excitement that made my pussy twitch and my nipples peak against the cups of my bra. And though I’d always been amused by the way women blushed and giggled in his presence, reduced almost to helplessness by his good looks, I couldn’t deny he looked particularly handsome this morning, relaxed and casual in a simple black T-shirt and black jeans, his silver hair still slightly damp from showering. Unlike some dominant men, he didn’t need the trappings of leather and steel to add to his aura. He simply exuded a quiet confidence that most women found hard to resist.

I thought Marcus might lead me into his living room, or maybe to the kitchen I could glimpse through the half-open door at the end of the hallway. Instead, he left me standing where I was while he looked me up and down, shaking his head slightly as though something else displeased him.

“Did you follow my other instructions?” he asked.

My cheeks felt hot, and I knew I was blushing, all too aware of what he meant. “Yes, sir.”

“I’d like to take your word for it, but given how you’ve already messed up a simple order, I don’t think I can. You’re going to have to show me. Undress.”

The command sent a thrill through me. I’d suspected Marcus might make such a demand, but not so soon. Not when I’d barely stepped through the front door.

When I hesitated, he snapped, “I haven’t got all day, girl. Be quick about it.”

With every word, every gesture, he was defining this new relationship between us. I was no longer Selina. I was his girl, to instruct and discipline as he pleased. If I hadn’t been happy with this arrangement, the domina who’d long dwelled within me would have risen up by this point, telling Marcus things had gone far enough. But she remained stubbornly silent, almost as though she was enjoying this abrupt switch to submission.

What will Selena learn from her journey into submission, and how much more delicious humiliation will she enjoy before that journey is over? The answers can be found in Wagers of Sin, which is available from Totally Bound and Amazon. Maybe it’ll inspire you to enjoy some switching of your own…

Ooh, Lovely Covers!

Seeing the cover of a forthcoming release is always an exciting moment, particularly when they’ve been put together by the very talented Total-e-bound cover artist Posh Gosh. It’s a busy time on the TEB release front for me – first comes the Switch BDSM anthology, published on September 3rd but available to pre-order from August 27th. As you might know, a switch is someone who can take both the dominant and submissive role in a relationship, and the authors in this collection will have had fun with that concept. I know I did! Here’s the cover, to give you an idea of the talented line-up involved.

My story in the collection, Wagers of Sin, is also coming out as a single release. Telling the story of dpminatrix Serena, who finds that when she makes a losing bet with her best friend,  she has to experience life from a submissive’s perspective, it features this delicious act of shirt removal:

And to round the selection off, here’s a very spooky cover for The Spirit Of Stage 13, a Hollywood-based ghost story for Hallowe’en, available to pre-order from October 8th. Look out for those things that go hump in the night!

Oh, I really am spoiled! And maybe I’ll spoil you with an extract from these stories nearer the release date…