Win Down To Earth at the Year End Splash!

I’m giving away a copy of my m/m medical novella, Down to Earth, as part of The Romance Reviews’ Year End Splash, but you’ll have to hurry, as you only have today to answer the question I’ve set relating to the story.

Just to remind you what the story involves, here’s the blurb:

It started out the happiest day of Ryan Johnson’s life. At breakfast, his long-time boyfriend Craig accepted his proposal that they enter a civil partnership, and in the afternoon he’s making a parachute jump—a surprise organised by his new fiancé. But when his chute fails to open, experienced skydiver Ryan finds himself in the hospital, in traction and not going anywhere for a while…and everything starts to fall apart.

High-maintenance Craig doesn’t seem to want to be there for him anymore, but down-to-earth Luke—the hottest male nurse Ryan has ever seen—is determined to help him make a full recovery…and maybe even win his heart in the process…

Click on the cover below to go to The Romance Reviews event page. I’ll be notifying the lucky winner once they’ve been announced, so good luck and have fun taking part!