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Hungry For More: Romantic Fantasies For Women is released via Cleis Press’s new Tempted Romance imprint on August 12th. The book features stories by many of the hottest names in erotica, including Giselle Renarde, Jacqueline Applebee, D.L. King, Jeremy Edwards and Valerie Alexander, and my own contribution, Something Sleazy, is the tale of a couple who decide to act out a fantasy involving voyeurism and man-0n-man action.

Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel is offering the fantastic prize of a $100 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner, and all you have to do is pre-order the Kindle version of Hungry for More via

For full details of how to enter, as well as a full table of contributors and a sneak peek of Rachel’s introduction to the anthology, Getting Explicit, just click on the cover below. Good luck, and happy reading!

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Backlist Blast: Uniform Behaviour

The best erotic fiction should always leave you feeling good, and the Uniform Behaviour anthology certainly does that. Not only did editor Lucy Felthouse choose a cracking selection of stories about characters who have a thing for men (and women) in uniform, a percentage of the royalties goes to the Help for Heroes charity. If you didn’t pick up a copy when it first came out, here’s an extract from my story in the anthology, Strictly No Parking, to give you a flavour of what you’ve missed.

uniform behaviourLate for an appointment, the narrator of the story has parked in a space designated for a senior member of staff, much to the disapproval of the company security guard:

“So, are you going to move your car?” The security guard interrupted my musings. He was standing closer now, and I realised he was barely into his twenties. Certainly not old enough to be addressing me in such a cocky tone of voice.

“What if I say no?” I asked, trying to sound more assertive than I felt. “What if I just leave it here and march straight into my meeting?”

“In that case, I’d have no choice but to teach you a lesson, show you what happens to bad girls who think they can break the rules.”

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been called a bad girl; certainly it hadn’t been by someone as self-assured and, though I hated to admit it, horny as the man who stood before me now. Glancing swiftly down, I couldn’t help but notice a substantial bulge in the crotch of his uniform trousers. Was telling me what to do turning him on? If so, it made us a perfect fit, because despite my annoyance at his treatment of me, there was a distinct wetness in my panties. My body was responding to the idea of being taught a lesson by this brawny young security guard, and I was suddenly anxious to see whether he was prepared to carry out his threats.

“Well, now I know where I stand…” I turned on my heel and started to walk in the direction of Bevington’s reception area. Before I’d taken more than a couple of paces, the guard had caught me by the wrist. Spinning me round, he pressed me up against the wall.

I was suddenly, overwhelmingly aware of the difference in our respective builds. Even in my three-inch heels, I didn’t even come upto his shoulder. The emotion I felt wasn’t fear at being so securely in his grasp; it was arousal, causing my pussy to bloom against the lace crotch of my panties.

His musky, masculine aroma was strong as he bent his face close to my ear. “I gave you a chance, but you just had to disobey me, didn’t you? Well, now you find out what happens when you don’t do as you’re told.”

And what does happen? Find out in Uniform Behaviour, available here.

Take The Heat Cover Reveal

Take The Heat is the latest anthology from the very talented Skye Warren, due for release in September, and the cover has just been unveiled over at the AllRomance Café. You can get a sneak peak, and find out more about some of the contributors here.

Take The Heat will be a must-read for lovers of erotic crime fiction, and my own story, Disposing of Donnie, will make you wonder what you’d do if you knew someone who could remove an unwanted spouse from your life. More details in due course…

Sunday Snog – Keeping Score

a short cambodian affairToday’s Sunday Snog is a short but sweet snippet from Keeping Score, my story in the Xcite short story collection, A Short Cambodian Affair. Composer Roxy has travelled to Amsterdam to meet Kai, who wants to use some of her music in his latest film. Roxy’s very up for the idea, then she learns the type of production Kai is famous for:

You know how they say if you give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, eventually they’ll come up with the complete works of Shakespeare? Well, if you give one monkey an electric keyboard, in about twenty minutes it’ll come up with the soundtrack to Debbie Does Doncaster. This was the point at which I should’ve thanked Kai politely and told him there’d been some kind of misunderstanding. I was a serious musician, and I wanted my music to be associated with a serious film. But I didn’t.
I was aware of Kai watching me as, on screen, the brunette licked the blonde’s nipples, causing her to gasp like she was an asthmatic in dire need of her inhaler.
‘What do you think?’ he asked.
‘Well, I think you’re right. I think the music does go with the action. But to be honest, I don’t really want to watch any more of this.’
‘What? You’re offended by it? I’m sorry, Roxy, but maybe it was a mistake your coming here.’
‘It’s not that,’ I assured him. ‘I’m just not into women. Have you got something else you can show me – something with a man in it?’
He grinned, and I noticed him glance at my chest. I wore a tight-fitting pink top, and even through that and my bra, the outline of my stiff nipples was clearly visible.
‘Are you sure you’re not into girls?’ he teased. ‘OK, I’ll take the action forward.’
He skipped the action to a point where the blonde was being fucked from behind by a brawny black man dressed as a Cavalier. Historical accuracy really was way down on the film’s list of priorities, but I no longer cared. Nothing happening on screen mattered, not when Kai and I were twined in a long, tongue-probing kiss, my hands burrowing under his T-shirt to stroke his muscular chest, and his working to unfasten my bra.

You can read more in A Short Cambodian Affair, which also contains stories by Blair Erotica, Jean Phillipe Aubourg, Sexton Black and Tabitha Rayne. And don’t forget to check out all the other sizzling snogs waiting for you at Blissekiss.



You Want Trouble, You Got It

We had a great time at the Dirty Sexy Words reading slam in Croydon on Tuesday, and if you couldn’t make it, then there’ll be another event in September, so do go along and listen to some of the very best in erotic fiction.

The event finally gave me the chance to meet the very lovely Kristina Lloyd – it’s crazy that our paths haven’t crossed in person before now, given that I published some of her very first short stories back in my Forum days.

Kristina was reading from her classic Black Lace novel, Asking For Trouble, which is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its original publication (where does the time go?)

asking for troubleThis is the novel that probably best sums up the imprint’s intention to move from classic romance with a strong erotic thread running through it (the style which earned it the title ‘Jane Eyre with bondage’) to a more transgressive, contemporary feel. Many other titles came after, but no other author quite captured the mix of wit, danger and incredibly filthy sex that defines Asking For Trouble.

Heroine Beth runs a trendy bar in Brighton, and has a chaotic but basically comfortable life. Becoming intrigued by her new neighbour, the mysterious Ilya, she embarks on a relationship with him which involves the ultimate safeword – if either of them uses it, it’s not just the end of that sex game, it’s the end of everything between them. Gradually, Ilya enables Beth to live out all her fantasies of being a slutty sex toy to be used and enjoyed, but the man has secrets that could blow her world apart. The stakes are raised ever higher, until there’s a possibility that neither will come out of this relationship intact.

With romance coming to dominate the erotica market, it’s unlikely that Black Lace would take on Asking For Trouble if it were submitted to them today, which is a real shame. But if you want kink and edge in your fiction, then the book remains compulsory reading. You can get hold of it at Amazon, and find out more about Kristina here.

Here Goes – Guest Post by Constance Munday

sweetsecrets_800So, here goes and a big warm welcome to everyone who is stopping by and spending a moment to check me and my book out.

Sweet Secrets is a book that I hope you will love. I’m constantly asked about where the inspiration for my books comes from and how I find my characters, so over this blog tour I’m hoping I will be able to answer a few of the questions you might have about my current release and give you a taste of a book which I must add — I truly loved and enjoyed writing.

Taste is a bit of a pun since the novel centres around cookery and in particular baking. Baking seems a popular theme for books these days, maybe because a lot of us have a sweet tooth and many of us are secret bakers as we are encouraged to put on our aprons and find our way back into our kitchens. I am no exception. Ill health saw me making a great many dietary adjustments and that meant often disastrous cake baking extravaganzas. Baking has been, and still is, something I am passionate about and I am delighted to be back with flour up to my arms doing another thing I enjoy besides writing. As I bet you can guess, being in the kitchen is providing a seed for a great many plots and ideas.

With Sweet Secrets, I wanted to write a novel with a familiar theme and a twist, but also a book that was a bit different. It had to blend together romance and chick lit, but it also had to have heat and contain some challenging themes that many women face.

You’ll soon find out that my heroine Carrie Ann has talent, but she has had a tough life and things are not going to come easy for her. She uses her passions for both baking and erotica as a release valve for all her frustration. A carer in many ways, when we meet her she has spent years pandering to her ill father and on his death is forced to fall back on her hobby of expressive cake design, as a means to fashion her future. Out of this comes her inspiration to create her own erotic cake company called ‘Sweet Secrets’, which I am soon to tell you a bit more about.

And what about the love interest and the secrets? We have to have a hero, don’t we, and we also have to have our secret for the What’s Her Secret? imprint. Well, I’ll tell you more about that soon. Just let’s say that Carrie Ann’s route towards love is not going to be easy as she lies to protect her secret past. Before she knows it, she has created a very sticky web indeed.

You can read more about Sweet Secrets here:

Blurb for Sweet Secrets:

What will happen when dark secrets threaten a perfect recipe for happiness and newfound love?

Left on her own, Carrie Ann decides it is time to escape her past, empower herself and overcome her confidence issues by turning her secret hobby of erotic cake design into a business. Her world is then turned upside down when she bumps into dynamic and sexy Dominic. Unwittingly, Carrie Ann sows the seeds of disaster from day one, weaving a web of deceit, and before she knows it the lies are multiplying.

As news of her baking brilliance spreads, romance grows. Now, only one thing can ruin their happiness and that is Carrie Ann’s dark deceptions and the battle she is fighting within herself. Will she be strong enough to overcome a past that is set to destroy her dreams for the future and tell Dominic the truth, or will she lose him forever?

Email me at:

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To celebrate the release of Sweet Secrets, Totally Bound are giving you the chance to win a bundle of eBooks.

To enter, click on the image below:

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Sunday Snog – Crossing The Line

crossing the line cariadYes, it’s Sunday Snog time at Blissekiss, and here’s a kiss from my Cariad Single story, Crossing the Line. Ellie and Jason are having issues relating to their adjoining properties, but in the bedroom, they may be able to reach a harmonious accord…

I leant over and kissed him on the mouth, softly at first and then more insistently. I thought he might pull away for a moment, but then he responded, his lips opening to allow my tongue to push between them. He took my face between his hands, as though trying to learn its contours, and I twined my fingers in his hair. He smelled of the sweat caused by a hard day’s work, underlaid with an almost feral male aroma; it was a potent mix, and I almost ripped his T-shirt in my haste to pull it off him so I could lick his chest and beautifully flat stomach.

‘Hey, slow down,’ he said with a laugh, though he made no move to stop me as I reached for his belt buckle. I didn’t pay any attention. I wanted him naked. I needed to know how close his cock  came to the monster I had created in my fantasies.

Jason, unequal to the fight, lay back and let me strip him. I pulled down his jeans to discover he wore no underwear beneath them. His cock was beginning to stir, and I took hold of it and stroked up and down its length. As it hardened, I realised it was much the same size as Pete’s had been, and had a slight bend to the right. Not the stuff of fantasy, perhaps, but so much nicer for being real, solid flesh and so easily aroused by my touch. My pussy clenched with the anticipation of feeling it inside me. Slithering down his body, I took the tip between my lips and sucked.

‘Mmm, that feels so nice,’ Jason murmured. I glanced up from between his legs to see that his eyes were closed and he was sprawled back against the cushions, clearly loving what I was doing to him. Encouraged, I went to work on him, swirling my tongue around and over the head, then kissing all the way down his shaft. His balls were tight in their wrinkled sacs, and I gave those a little kiss, too. Using a combination of my hand and mouth, I took him right to the brink, then pulled back.

The action continues in Crossing The Line, available from Xcite and Amazon, and there are lots more hot kisses to enjoy over at the Sunday Snog.