Sunday Snog With A Soccer Star

In the mood for a Sunday Snog? Good, because I have a sizzler for you from Steel City Secrets, the second part of the Steel City Nights trilogy.

steel city secretsAll the books in the series revolve around the staff of Steel City, Sheffield’s hottest nightclub, and in Steel City Secrets, bar manager Daryl takes centre stage. He’s working one Saturday night when he receives the strangest proposition of his life: to take part in a threesome with bisexual footballer Tommy Blake and his wife, Louisa, who loves to watch Tommy get it on with other men. Daryl doesn’t know, or care, how famous Tommy might be, or how big a hero the man is to the supporters of the club he plays for. But he’s up for this unusual ménage, and when Steel City closes, he goes to Tommy and Louisa’s home, where the fun begins…

He couldn’t help but be aware of the growing tension between himself and Tommy, so thick he felt he could poke a hole through it with his fingers. Tommy was taking short, shallow breaths, his belly rising and falling. His eyes locked with Daryl’s; they seemed to be pleading for Daryl to take that last step and strip him completely.

Before that happened, Daryl needed to shed a layer or two. Louisa hadn’t told him he couldn’t undress, and though he’d experienced a strong rush of power at having this hot football player all but naked while he hadn’t so much as removed his bowtie, he was beginning to feel seriously constricted by his underwear. He compromised by unzipping himself and pulling his cock out of his black dress pants. There was something so rude about the way the hard length jutted out from his fly, its head taut and shiny with precome, and Tommy licked his lips at the sight of it.

‘That’s nice,’ Louisa said from behind him. ‘I’m going to love watching you give that big, fat cock of yours a stroke while my husband sucks you.’

An unexpected thrill shot through Daryl at her words and he returned to the task of stripping Tommy of his underwear. Again, the man wriggled and humped his arse against the sofa cushions, aiding him in easing the shorts down and off. The cock that rose up to meet him was as long and thick as his own, though where Daryl was circumcised, Tommy’s cock still kept its velvet sheath of skin. As Daryl rocked back on his haunches, Tommy reached and began to ease that foreskin gently back and forth.

Daryl’s breath caught in his throat. The footballer looked so masculine, so self-assured as he sprawled back against the sofa cushions, lazily wanking himself.

‘Let me,’ Daryl said. Tommy relinquished his grip on his shaft, allowing Daryl to work his own fist up and down its length. The blood-gorged flesh felt hot and vital in his hand, and he looked up to see that Tommy had closed his eyes and was resting his head against the back of the sofa, lost in the pleasure of having his cock played with.

‘Now use your mouth,’ Louisa ordered. Daryl didn’t hesitate for a moment; still gripping Tommy by the base, he dipped his head and slurped his tongue over the juicy cockhead. The man tasted, he thought, of olives and brine, like a good Dirty Martini. The image of leaving Tommy Blake stirred and shaken in all the best ways brought a grin to his face, and he licked with more enthusiasm, really savouring the flavour and texture of Tommy’s dick.

Tommy panted and thrust his hips up, trying to get more of his cock into Daryl’s mouth. Daryl broke off for a moment to unfasten his shirt, remove it, and drop it to the floor. In the process, he revealed the blackwork tattoo that licked across his left shoulder like flames. Just before he returned to sucking Tommy off, he looked over at Louisa. The blonde had her skirt rucked up around her waist and her right hand was moving busily between her legs. He heard the wet, squelchy sound of Louisa’s fingers pushing in and out of her pussy, and knew just how hot the sight of him pleasuring her husband was getting her. Still, it somehow felt as though he and Tommy were the only two people in the room, and all that mattered was bringing this gorgeous man to the brink of a shuddering, come-spilling orgasm.

That didn’t mean he had to deny his own cock its share of the attention. He spat into his fist to give him a little extra lubrication, then wrapped his fingers around his straining shaft and began to tug at it. Once he was into a steady rhythm, he bent his head and swallowed Tommy’s dick once more. This time, Daryl took him deeper than before, feeling the blunt head butting against the roof of his mouth. He sucked hard, his cheeks hollowing with the effort.

‘Fuck, that’s it,’ Tommy muttered. ‘But keep doing that and I’m going to come.’

Daryl broke off. ‘You don’t want that?’ he asked, surprised.

‘No, I want to come when you’re in my arse.’

Daryl’s cock gave a jolt at the words. ‘Maybe we should take this to the bedroom, then.’ Instinctively, he thought to seek an opinion from the third side of this strange triangle. ‘What do you think, Louisa?’

‘Sounds like a plan to me.’

To find out what happens next, and why this ménage needs to remain a secret, pick up a copy of Steel City Secrets from Xcite Books. And don’t forget to visit the Blissekiss Sunday Snog, and check out all the other great snogging scenes on offer this weekend.


Interview With C.J. Payne

My guest at the Naughty Corner today is C.J. Payne, whose new novel, Sting, is the story of a man’s search for a dominant mistress to give him the discipline he needs, and his adventures along the path to true love and submission.

Hi, C.J., and thanks for stopping by.

Thanks so much for having me!

First of all, tell me a little about how you got into writing erotic fiction?

I’ve always like the genre but I suppose it was getting a few short stories published by Forum which opened my eyes to the possibility of writing an erotic novel – from what I recall you were the editor! KISS was my first published novel although I have tried my hand at writing novels before in other genres and not had any success.

What’s your writing space like?

I’m quite lucky as there is only my wife and I living in a three bed house so the ‘second’ bedroom is my study – full of books and a work station. It’s quiet as well. My wife tends to use the iPad so the PC is kinda mine…

Are there any routines or rituals involved in your writing – for instance, any music you like to listen to, or any time of the day when you feel most creative?

I don’t like listening to music when I write – I like silence – I like listening to classical music and listen to Classic FM in the car but when I have tried this at home I find I start listening to the music. I work full time and have a fairly long commute so I try to be very disciplined in my writing as I don’t get a lot of time. I do some writing in the morning and a bit more at night. I set myself a target of 500 words a day with more at the weekend.

What is your favourite genre to write in, and to read?

My favourite genre to write in is definitely erotica as this has bought me the most success. I have read a lot of erotica over the years but my favourite books tend to be pulp fiction thrillers like those published by Hard Case Crime. I’m reading Psycho at the moment….

What particularly interests you in writing about relationships where the woman is the dominant partner?

It has always been something that has appealed to me and I like those relationships – they turn the ‘natural’ order on its head and personally I think they are more interesting than the usual female sub stuff!

There are lots of fem dom novels on the market, and in many of them the submissive male is a bit of a wimp and a victim. Lynton in Sting is a much more complex character who reacts to his various mistresses in different ways – was that a conscious decision when you were writing the book?

Yes it was. I’ve read quite a lot of fem dom books and found them hard to read because I can’t emphasise with the main character so I purposefully set out to give Lynton some balls! I do like well-rounded characters and think the fem dom genre lags behind the submissive female genre (which is mainly written by female writers) in its characterisation – maybe that’s because female readers like more plot and characterisation! When I read erotica, I tend to read submissive female literature for that reason.

You wrote about cross-dressing in your first novel, KISS, and had a central character who clearly enjoyed expressing the feminine side of his personality. This subject doesn’t turn up in erotic fiction very often – why do you think this is?

KISS wasn’t as successful as I had hoped it would be and I actually received a lot of negativity about it in some quarters. I think, in the cross-dresser/transvestite community, there is a resistance to equating dressing with sex. Frock e-magazine, in the States, wrote a good review of the book but apart from that, it was not well received. I think a lot of cross-dressers are a bit prudish!

What’s your next writing project?

I’m currently writing another fem dom novel which is called Swish – I’m about halfway through it. I hope to have that finished by the summer and, like Lynton, I hope the main character is a bit more complex!

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Write for pleasure not for money. I think if you think you are going to make money out of this game you will be disappointed. I look at my writing a hobby in the same way I enjoy horse racing and going to the theatre.

What was the best advice you’ve ever been given about writing?

Don’t do it! Seriously, I don’t know so much about a single piece of advice but I once paid a literary critic to read an early novel and she didn’t spare the rod when it came to telling me how bad it was and, although at the time, it was a bit discouraging, it taught me a lot in terms of thinking of the reader and ensuring the story moves along. Looking back now I can see it was really good advice.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with us here at the Naughty Corner?

No, I think that’s about it – thanks for having me, Elizabeth.

stingSting blurb: A submissive side is awoken in Lynton when he asks his ex-manager, Julianne, to help him get a job: she spanks him as a punishment for misbehaviour when she first managed him. She then trains his girlfriend, Chloe, in the art of female domination. With the aid of Julianne’s mysterious ‘friend’, Lydia, Lynton and Chloe move into a flat together. After a miss-adventure with Lynton’s friend, DW, he is gradually drawn into Julianne’s web: he is ‘rented’ out to other women before finding true happiness.

Extract: As time went on, I started searching my agitated, partially jealous brain for other incidences of infidelity, even though Chloe promised it had only happened the once. I’ve always believed you never really forget anything – you just can’t recall it. And I started to recall a time when I was blind drunk – Chloe, DW, and I had been out drinking – it was a hot summer’s day and we gone to a canal pub. Chloe had worn a denim miniskirt and DW, as always seemed to be the case, was between girlfriends. We’d sat outside drinking and looking at the canal. DW was always the bigger drinker and could hold his liquor far better than me. I’d tried to keep up with him and, as a result, was drunk when we got back to his house – so was Chloe. I remember he brought some more drinks in for us – shorts – just as he had done the night he had made love to Chloe officially. He brought the drinks in and we sat and drank and laughed and then Chloe said she was going up to bed – we often stayed at his house as it was only a short walk from the city centre. When Chloe had gone, DW and I carried on talking. I asked for a cup of black coffee and he made me one, then I remember falling into a deep, alcohol-induced sleep – still with the half-drunk cup of coffee in my hand. Alcohol fucks your brain and you don’t sleep well – however well you think you’ve slept, you still wake up tired in the morning. So I fell into a deep, dark, comatose sleep and I was still in the armchair when I awoke at about two or three in the morning – a cold cup of coffee in my hand.

I remember I staggered to the spare bedroom and got into bed with Chloe. I recollect slipping under the covers and I remember, or half remember – perhaps even a quarter or an eighth remember – her words, soft and gentle and hummed in the early morning air.


Of course, they meant nothing and I took no notice at the time, but after her confession about their liaison at the wedding, I started to really think things over. Recall the little details. When I was asleep, hadn’t I heard noises above my head in DW’s room? Or had I imagined them? Hadn’t I heard the bed squeaking and Chloe squealing? Or was I imagining I had because of Chloe’s confession? Or was it just a figment of my overactive imagination? She denied it, of course – there had only been the one infidelity and I was just being stupid and jealous. But how could I trust her?

And then, one night, she said, ‘Anyway, what does it matter? You get turned on by the thought of me and DW fucking, so why does it matter if we’ve fucked once or a dozen times?’

My heart pounded, my hands felt clammy – I knew it was the nearest I was going to get to a confession. Maybe she’d had sex with DW on more than one, more than two, more than three occasions behind my back.

One Saturday, when Chloe was at work behind the cosmetics counter, I went horse racing and bet and lost. I watched the horses in the parade ring and all I could think about was DW. DW and Chloe. How many times had they done it? It was different when I was in control of a scenario in which I was the willing cuckold, but despite that there was a small, annoying part of me that was turned on. I had no one to turn to – all my friends were part of DW and Chloe’s social circle and I didn’t want anyone else to know that DW and Chloe had had sex behind my back. All the same, I had to tell someone – talk to someone – and that’s why I went back to Julianne’s house.

I told her the whole story. From start to finish. And she listened – she listened intently.

‘It doesn’t surprise me,’ she said. ‘Lydia and I felt that girl had something of the minx about her. What do you want to happen, Lynton?’

It was a good question.

‘I don’t know,’ I said.

Sting is available from Amazon and Xcite Books.

Sunday Snog – Protecting His Pack

Yes, it’s Sunday Snog time over at BlisseKiss, and as promised, here’s a kiss from Protecting His Pack, my Xcite wolf shifter novella. Lennox, head of the Grayling pack, has been helped out by Highland vet Sarah in a time of tragedy, and though he knows that wolf and human should not be mates, he finds himself drawn to Sarah’s home to show his gratitude. And when Sarah makes him a present of second-hand clothes, replacing some he ruined when shifting, he insists on trying them on for her. Which may not be the wisest thing to do, given their unspoken attraction to each other:

‘It’s a long time since I’ve had any clothes as fine as these,’ he said, as he took the jeans from her. She thought she had never seen anyone take so much delight in someone else’s cast-offs. ‘When you live the kind of life we do, such things are hard to come by, unless someone is careless enough to leave their washing unattended on the line.’ He rose to his feet, unbuttoning his shirt as he did. Sarah had a brief view of his well-muscled chest, his pecs matted with dark hair, then he was pulling the T-shirt over his head. She could smell that familiar, primal musk of his, and her pussy flooded with juice in response.

‘Very nice,’ she said, not sure if she was referring to the white tee or the body beneath it.

‘Could have been made for me,’ he observed. ‘Now, how about these …?’

Almost before she knew what was happening, he had draped the jeans she’d bought him over the arm of the chair and was unbuttoning the fly of the pair he wore.

‘You might want to try those on in the bathroom,’ she suggested, as, his back to her, he inched down the jeans to reveal the sun-browned skin of his backside. Part of her was enjoying the impromptu strip show he was treating her to, but she had to keep reminding herself this man was off limits. ‘There’s a mirror in there.’

‘Oh, I have no need of a mirror …’ He stepped out of the jeans and turned to face her. His cock jutted from the bush of hair at his groin, more than half hard. In that moment, she wanted him more than she’d ever wanted any man. Yet she had to pretend he wasn’t driving her wild with want, had to deny her feelings in order to prevent herself doing something she knew he would regret.

Lennox seemed to have no such reservations. He crossed the space between them in three long strides, and pulled her into his arms. His lips dropped to hers, his kiss hot and bruising. She moaned into his mouth and tried to push him off her, still fighting her need for him, but it was futile. Her body burned for him, and she gave up any pretence of trying to resist.

By the time he broke the kiss, her lips were swollen and her pulse was beating a wild tattoo in her chest. ‘Lennox, we shouldn’t be doing this. Think of Aoiffe …’

‘I have thought of nothing but,’ he responded, tugging at the zip on her dress. ‘But Aoiffe is gone, and you are here. You rouse me in the same way she did, Sarah. I thought I could need no other but her, but your scent inflames me.’

His hands were pushing her dress from her shoulders, and the jersey fabric slithered to the floor. She stood before him in her underwear, her nipples pushing hard at the cups of her bra and the wetness in her panties betraying her need for him.

And that’s as far as we go without getting too spoileriffic, so if you want to find out more, you’ll have to get hold of Protecting His Pack, available from Amazon and Xcite. And don’t forget to check out all the other sizzling Sunday snogs that authors are bringing you via Blissekiss.




Protected by Request

protecting his packMy wolf shifter novella, Protecting His Pack, is now out, and it came about for a rather unusual reason. When I wrote the first of my Grayling Wolves stories, Must Love Wolves, I intended it to stand alone, and I certainly didn’t expect that if I came up with another tale that involved this pack of Highland wolves, I’d be following a male/male story with a male/female romance. It’s not as though I haven’t written sequels before, but that’s either been because I created a character who clearly had a life beyond one short story, such as jewel thief The Black Lily, who has made appearances in the Xcite collections Lesbian Love and Crimes of Passion, or because I’m working on a series, like Steel City Nights.

However, I  happened to read a review of Must Love Wolves on Amazon (not something I usually bother with, as that way madness lies…) from a reader who was keen to find out what happens to Lennox Grayling, whose act of exiling his brother, Logan, kicks off events in Must Love Wolves. And in the spirit of giving the people what they want, Protecting His Pack was born – and proved to be great fun to write.

So has that ever happened to any other authors out there? Have you written a sequel to a book thanks to reader demand, or have you taken a suggestion on board and maybe flirted with a different genre or style of writing? And would you ever go so far as to create a bespoke piece of fiction for someone? I’d be really interested to know your thoughts.

Meanwhile, Protecting His Pack is now available from Xcite and Amazon. Will there be a book three? Watch this space – and come back on Sunday, when I’ll be sharing a snog between Lennox and Sarah.


High Praise For Stand To Attention

Stand To Attention has been given a full military inspection at Mrs Condit And Friends, and reviewer Trish has given it their highest rank of five sweet peas. She called the anthology ‘a fantastic collection of stories… written by a very talented group of authors’ and enjoyed the ‘absolutely blazing hot sex’. To read the full review, go here, and to get a copy of Stand To Attention, visit Totally Bound. Thanks very much for the review, Trish – now stand at ease…

Win A Copy Of Maestro With The Romance Reviews

I’m taking part in The Romance Reviews’ Third Anniversary Party, and today is your chance to win a copy of my older woman/younger man BDSM-themed novella from Totally Bound, Maestro. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is register at TRR if you haven’t done so already, then answer the simple multiple-choice question. With over 200 authors taking part in the event, there are lots of other books and great prizes to be won every day, and the overall winner will get a $100 gift card. So what are you waiting for? Get over to The Romance Reviews now, and good luck!