Lisabet Sarai’s Sunday Snog For Charity

Passing on a quick request from the lovely Lisabet Sarai. In response to the devastation of Haiti by Hurricane Matthew, she’s posted a charity Sunday Snog, and for everyone who leaves a comment on the post, she’ll donate a dollar to Oxfam America’s hurricane relief fund. She’ll also be giving away a copy of Rough Weather, the book the snog comes from (and which just so happens to have a Haitian hero…) to one lucky commenter.

You can enjoy the snog, leave a comment and possibly win a prize, as well as help out people who really need it, on Lisabet’s blog.

Sunday Snog – One Night In Brussels

Here’s a snog with a continental flavour, from One Night In Brussels, a hot romantic suspense tale that’s now available from Tirgearr Publishing.

One_Night_in_Brussels_by_Elizabeth_Coldwell-500Saskia has bunked off from her boring job at the European Commission to spend the afternoon with businessman Dominic. After an incident in a jeweller’s shop she’s starting to believe he’s not all he seems, but in his plush hotel room things are about to become more intimate between them.

He comes to sit beside her, so close his thigh rests against her own. Even through the layers of clothing, she can feel the heat his body gives off. Her pulse has quickened and her nipples are tight knots against the cups of her bra.

“Look, about the necklace…” Dominic begins, but Saskia doesn’t want to hear another word on the matter. Their faces are a matter of inches apart, and her focus is solely on those soft lips of his. He must be aware she isn’t listening to what he’s trying to tell her, because he takes one big gulp from his glass before setting it on the nightstand.

“Like I said,” he goes on, “this is an adventure, and I want you to enjoy it.” He takes the point of her chin in his hand, and runs his thumb over her pouting lips. The motion is gentle, hypnotic, and Saskia lets her mouth fall open a little further.

“You want this, don’t you?”

As far as she’s concerned, he doesn’t need to ask her permission to go further, but she gives it anyway. She nods then lets her tongue flicker over the pad of his thumb. Her gaze meets his, and the depth of the desire she sees there causes her heart to skip a beat.

“Kiss me,” she murmurs.

Dominic takes the glass from her hand, placing it beside his own. He plants a kiss by the corner of her mouth, as if testing the waters, and then another, full on her lips.

She melts under the strength of that kiss, as Dominic pushes his tongue into her mouth, claiming it for himself. He tastes of the sparkling wine they’ve been drinking, and along with sandalwood, his cologne carries a faint aroma of pipe tobacco and leather, how she imagines the interior of an old-fashioned gentlemen’s club to be.

Saskia brings her fingers up to tangle in Dominic’s hair, pulling his lips even more firmly on to hers. When they finally break apart, she’s breathless and wildly excited.

“You really know how to kiss a girl,” she comments. It’s not flattery, just the truth. With Dominic, there’s no awkward bumping of noses or clashing of teeth; none of those awful, slobbery, over-eager kisses Saskia dreads.

“That’s not all I know how to do,” Dominic quips. He pushes Saskia’s caramel-coloured curls out of the way so he can nuzzle the sensitive place at the nape of her neck. She loves to be kissed there, and she lets out a little purr of delight as Dominic nibbles at her skin. She kicks off her shoes then draws her legs up on to the bed,
making herself more comfortable.

Almost without her being aware of it, Dominic has unfastened the top two buttons of her blouse. If he glances down, he’ll have a perfect view of the upper curves of her tits, cradled in the saucy bra. Saskia leans back against his chest, allowing him to undo her blouse the rest of the way. She slips a hand down to Dominic’s crotch, where the material of his trousers strains to contain the heft of his erection. When she runs her fingers over the twill-covered bulge, Dominic hisses out a breath.

You can find out more about One Night In Brussels here, and don’t forget there are always plenty of hot Sunday Snogs over at Blissekiss.

Sunday Snog – Vintage Pride

vintagepride_800Vintage Pride, Book Three in the Lionhearts m/m paranormal series, gets its full release on Tuesday. To mark the occasion, today’s Sunday Snog is a kiss between lion shifter Jean-Luc and Ethan, the paranormal investigator who’s come to Jean-Luc’s chateau to find evidence of things that go bump in the night…

Ethan took a sip of his Champagne then shot a quizzical look at his glass. “The stuff we were drinking with Marcus the other day was good but this is better somehow. It tastes rounder, creamier, if that makes sense.”

“That’s because you’re drinking the 2006 vintage. That was a truly exceptional year for most of the houses in this region, Château LeBlanc included. I have saved a handful of bottles for special occasions. One is set aside to toast the arrival of my sister’s baby.”

“So if it’s that good, why are you wasting it on me?”

“Ethan, nothing I do in your company can ever be a waste. Don’t you realize you are fully deserving of the very best?”

Ethan looked down at his glass as if Jean-Luc’s fervent words had embarrassed him. But he’d meant them with all his heart. For his mate, nothing could ever be too good.

To break the awkward silence that had descended, Jean-Luc reached for another berry. This time, he gripped the morsel between his teeth, encouraging Ethan to gnaw on it. When every bit of the fruit had gone, they shared a long, deep kiss, Jean-Luc tasting the sweetness of strawberries on Ethan’s lips.

Ethan lifted Jean-Luc’s fingers to his mouth and sucked the sticky red juice from their tips. The slow pull as Ethan’s cheeks hollowed and his tongue swirled had Jean-Luc groaning with need. The sensations were transmitted to the base of his shaft, his cock uncoiling in response.

“I swear you were sent to me by the devil himself,” he murmured. “Where else could you have been schooled in such wickedness?”

“Oh, this is just the start.” Ethan grinned, his gray eyes filled with mischief. He plucked at Jean-Luc’s shirt, unfastening one button after another.

Jean-Luc aided him by undoing the cuffs then shrugged out of the garment. Ethan’s T-shirt was quicker to dispose of. They both stood topless, surrounded by old books and antique furniture, Jean-Luc silently daring his mate to make the next move.

That’s only the start of a hot and sensuous encounter between the two men. To read more, and find out how a reality TV show and a hoard of missing art treasures fit into the story, get your copy of Vintage Pride from Totally Bound, Amazon US and Amazon UK. And nip over to Blissekiss for this Sunday’s selection of mouthwatering snogs.



Sunday Snog – Piano Man

NeverTooLateFSHere’s a short but hot scene from my Dreamspinner m/m novella, Piano Man, which features a spot of kissing as it’s Sunday Snog time. Graham, the main character and a man who believes love has passed him by, is having a very filthy fantasy about the pianist he’s recently employed for his new bar, Adam…

Closing his eyes, he pictured himself at the Midnight Lounge on its opening night. Couples, Mike and Judy among them, swayed on the dance floor. Groups of friends chatted over drinks and platters of food. The barman poured expertly mixed cosmopolitans into frosted glasses. And underpinning all of this was the slow, beautiful tune Adam had played for him at his audition.

His thoughts drifted and now he saw himself and Adam sitting on the sofa in his living room. They were both half undressed, Adam shirtless and revealing a chest still bearing the remnants of the tan he’d picked up on board his cruise ship. Graham imagined himself planting a slow trail of kisses down Adam’s torso, all the way to the waistband of his trousers. Adam’s cock was a solid bulge, pressing against the dark fabric. Graham would pull down Adam’s zipper and reach in to pull his erection free from his underwear. Then he’d kiss that too, licking up the drops of precum glistening at his tip…

Overcome by the fantasy he’d woven, Graham unbelted his robe. He sprawled his limbs, letting his head loll against the back of his easy chair. Grasping his dick at the base, he started to stroke along its length, the juice that had formed at its crown easing his movements.

He couldn’t recall the last time he’d played with himself. His libido had shriveled to nothing after Scott left him, but now, spurred on by thoughts of the gorgeous pianist, he was filled with the need to cum. His breathing grew ragged as he continued to pump his fist up and down his shaft. His balls tightened, preparing to release their seed. Every nerve-ending tight as piano wire, he humped his ass against the soft leather seat cushion. Part of him wished Adam were here now, watching as he wanked.

This is for you, you gorgeous young stud. He yelled out Adam’s name as he reached his climax. The cum shot from his cock tip, landing in a creamy spatter on Graham’s heaving belly.

Does the fantasy become reality? You can find out in Piano Man, which is available from Dreamspinner as a single release and as part of the Never Too Late anthology. And pop over to Blissekiss for all the smoochy, sloppy Sunday Snogs you need to spice up your weekend.


Sunday Snog – Steal Your Soul Away

As promised, here’s a snog from Steal Your Soul Away, my story in the Totally Bound Wild After Dark anthology. Burlesque dancer Angelique has a secret – she’s really a 250-year-old vampire. It’s one of the reasons she has a ‘look but don’t touch’ rule with the guys she dances for. But that rule has gone out of the window on meeting Tom:

wildafterdark_800They half fell through the open door and into the hallway, colliding with a bicycle that one of the students who lived in the ground floor flat kept chained up there.

“Merde, now we’ll have woken everyone in the building up.” Angelique barely knew her neighbours, though she occasionally saw one or other of the students if they were staggering home at the same time as she arrived back from Club Peekaboo.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Tom paused on the stairs to kiss her again, on the lips this time.

His mouth was warm and soft, and she realised with a shock just how long it had been since she’d been properly kissed.

By the time they reached her front door, Tom had pulled off her shawl, and she had loosened his tie and undone half of the buttons on his shirtfront. Need pulsed through her veins, and when she gazed into his eyes, she saw that the pupils were wide with lust.

Angelique dragged Tom into her flat without effort. Her strength and muscularity didn’t seem to surprise him. Perhaps he put it down to her gymnastic dance routines.

She pushed him up against the wall and quickly undid his shirt the rest of the way. He shrugged his jacket off, then the shirt, and Angelique smiled at the sight of his bare, brawny chest. His skin was tanned an appealing shade of honey. A small, deeply buried part of her envied his ability to spend time in the sun.

Tom drove the thought from her mind by mashing his mouth to hers, while with one hand he groped for the zip on her dress. She went limp in his arms as he stripped the garment from her, only stepping out of it once it had dropped to the floor.

This wasn’t how she’d envisaged the seduction. She’d planned to take him up to the roof garden, where they could have drunk wine and maybe enjoyed a few stolen kisses. But his blood was roused, and she could scent his excitement, more subtly masculine than the sharp, intoxicating stink of his friend, the wolf.

Don’t think about him. He has no place here…

Tom brought her back to the moment by reaching for the fastening on her bra and pulling it open

“Gorgeous,” he murmured, looking at her breasts with stunned admiration.

So funny of him to be so in awe of what he’d already seen on stage, but she supposed he must be trying hard to separate her fantasy persona, the distant and untouchable Clair de Lune, from the woman who stood before him now in nothing but lace panties and heels.

“You’re pretty easy on the eye yourself,” she responded, pressing herself tight to him as she worked to unbuckle his belt. His cock, long and virile in his clinging trousers, was imprinted in her mind, and she was desperate to hold that big, beautiful thing in her hand.

She nipped at his neck, playfully at first, but as he responded to her caresses, she felt her canine teeth begin to lengthen. They pricked at his skin, hard enough to draw blood. The rich, coppery aroma awakened her need to feed on him, and she fought the urge to sink her fangs deeper.

Find out how Tom reacts to Angelique’s revelation of her true nature, and read five more stories that mix vampires, humans and werewolves in the sexiest of ways in Wild After Dark. And check out lots more spicy Sunday Snogs at Blissekiss – where kissing is always erotic.


Sunday Snog – Away From It All

awayfromitall_800In the mood for a hot snog? Well, I’ve delved into my back catalogue to bring you a snippet from one of my BDSM-themed Totally Bound novellas, Away From It All. Alyssa thinks she’s going to have a boring time on a spa retreat when her best friend has to miss the trip. Then she meets dominant, demanding and very cute film star Drew, and soon she’s having the best sex of her life…

Enjoy the moment, her inner voice told her. Don’t think about what’ll happen when you go your separate ways. He’s the hottest man you’ve ever known and he loves the way you submit to him. Be happy with that.

As if sensing how her thoughts threatened to run away with her, Drew pulled her into his arms. He crushed his mouth against hers in an urgent, bruising kiss. Not caring that someone might come by and see them, she wrapped her arms around his neck, grinding her body against his. Beside them, candle flames flickered, their reflections caught in the surface of the pool, the effect strangely ethereal.

Breaking the kiss, Alyssa panted, “Want you so much. Need you inside me.”

“All in good time, sweetheart.” Drew captured her nipple between thumb and finger, pinching until the pleasure was undercut with sweet pain.

She threw her head back, gasping, pushing her crotch hard at Drew’s still-covered bulge. “Please, Drew. I want to be fucked. I want to come.”

“Demanding little thing, aren’t you?”

Drew chuckled, but he didn’t keep her waiting any longer. Guiding her out of the water, he picked up their discarded robes and took her over to one of the loungers that lined the side of the pool. Caught up in her need for him, Alyssa no longer cared about being naked. All she wanted was to feel Drew’s cock filling her once more.

Find out just how far Alyssa is willing to go to make all her submissive fantasies come true in Away From It All, and pop over to Blissekiss, home of the Sunday Snog, for all the kisses you’ll need to spice up your weekend…


Another Sunday Snog From Taming The Lion

As promised on Friday, here’s a sweet snog from Taming The Lion, Book Two in the Lionhearts series. Lion shifter Kaspar has met Jon, the human he realises is destined to be his mate, and has accepted an invitation to go back to Jon’s for coffee. They’re discussing Jon’s career as a professor of archaeology when this happens:

tamingthelion_800Kaspar turned back to face him. “Do you still go on digs like this?”

“Not as often as I’d like.” He sighed. “I’ve become entirely too deskbound over the last couple of years. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all the internal politics of the archaeology department, and I certainly don’t want to talk about them.”

So don’t,” Kaspar said, moving to sit on the sofa beside him, so close Jon could feel the heat of the young Dutchman’s thigh through his jeans. “Talking’s overrated. You can say so much without words.”

He brought his mouth down on Jon’s in a kiss as sweet as it was unexpected.

Jon smiled against Kaspar’s lips, his eyes closed tight. When Kaspar sought to push his tongue into Jon’s mouth, deepening the kiss, he didn’t resist.

“You taste good,” Kaspar murmured as they broke apart for a moment. “I could spend the rest of my life kissing you from head to toe.”

“Well, why don’t you start?” Jon spoke with a boldness that surprised him.

“Anything you say…”

With their mouths locked together, they tugged at each other’s clothing, undoing belts, buttons and all the fiddly things that stood in the way of their being naked.

Kaspar sucked and nipped at Jon’s neck then pushed the tip of his tongue into the folds of his ear. The wet pressure made Jon squirm and he let out a little noise somewhere between a giggle and a moan.

“Ticklish, huh?” Kaspar grinned evilly. “Now that’s something I need to file away for future reference.”
So maybe this isn’t going to be a one-off…

Find out what happens next by picking up a copy of Taming the Lion from Totally Bound. And don’t forget to visit Blissekiss for this week’s selection of juicy snogs.