Cover Reveal – Power Chords

I just received this amazing cover for my new MM BDSM novella, Power Chords. The very talented Posh Gosh at Pride Publishing was tasked with finding some gorgeous men who look like rock stars, and as you can see, she’s succeeded wonderfully:


Power Chords is the story of Dax and Jordan, members of chart-topping rock band Code Black, and their love-hate relationship that takes a whole new turn when they’re sent away to write songs for a new album together. More info coming nearer the release date…

Freeing Pain: Annex | The Process – Guest Post By Lor Rose

I’m delighted to welcome Lor Rose to the Naughty Corner as part of her blog tour for her MM shifter novel, Freeing Pain: Annex. All authors have their favourite ways to create an atmosphere while they’re writing, and Lor is sharing hers today.

My writing process differs from book to book but some things generally stay the same.

For instance I always have the TV going, some show or movie I’ve seen a dozen times, and a snack of some kind that won’t dirty my fingers (usually pretzels). Sometimes I listen to music, like I did with Annex.

I have a playlist on SoundCloud that has 10+ hours of dubstep music. With that bad-boy on shuffle I got to writing. To me it’s a little weird seeing as Annex isn’t too hardcore worthy of dubstep. It’s more of… Well, I don’t know.

Anywhoop, from there I wrote. Procrastinated on the interwebs. Wrote a little. Procrastinated. Wrote. That’s my process. It’s so very glamorous, I know.

After all, author-hood is the most glamorous thing ever.

If you’d like to learn more about Freeing Pain: Annex visit my website ( for my next stop on this tour.

Annex Banner

Title:  Freeing Pain: Annex

Author:  Lor Rose

Series Title and Number: Freeing Book One

Publisher:  Thirteen Below Press

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Release Date:  4/7/16

Heat Level: 4

Pairing: MM

Length: 66 pages/38,580 words

Genre/Tags: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Shifter, Fairy, Fai

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FP Annex_Lor RoseJude Kash’s life was filled with abused animals and too little sleep. His work at the We Are One Foundation brought him his new devil-dog Teddy Bear and his new obsession: an abused liger named Sampson.

Sampson suffered from poor living conditions and threats with a gun. Jude, or Kash to his friends, witnessed it first hand when he snuck onto Whitman’s, Sampson’s owner’s, property. When Kash and others from the We Are One Foundation finally make a plan to rescue poor Sampson things go terribly wrong.

When Kash finally regains consciousness he awoke to a very handsome and naked man taking care of him. Kash felt a connection with the man he couldn’t explain. The man introduced himself as Maj and explained everything except for one small detail of his life: he was Sampson, a liger shifter.

Kash took the news considerably well except for one problem… that detail wasn’t so small, in fact, it could cost Kash his life.


13 Below Press | Amazon US | Amazon UK | All Romance

Meet the Author

Lor is a snarky, over the top genderfluid polyamorous demipansexual with dark hair and pink highlights. Although, sometimes the color varies. She is almost constantly fighting with her muse, Animus, or referring the fights between Animus and Epicene, her other muse. Lor started reading very questionable M/M fanfiction at a very young age in the closet. Literally. Though that didn’t stop her from getting caught once or twice. This early love of things M/M sparked her writing career. Without a doubt, her Christian high school English teacher Mrs. B didn’t expect Lor to fall into the M/M genre. Mrs. B did know Lor would be a writer someday because when the class had a minimum, Lor had a maximum. It truly was unfair.

Besides writing, Lor may also be found with one of her two horses, the Chihuahua or her cat. Any un-caught typos are courtesy of the cat, who shoves Lor’s things out of the way when it’s her time for cuddles or playtime… Which is about every ten minutes.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Email

Tour Stops

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Dreamspinner Is Nine Years Old!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying reading (and/or writing) LGBTQ fiction? Dreamspinner Press is celebrating its ninth birthday, and that means 35% off books by authors who joined their roster in years four and five of their existence – including my good self. Click on this banner to go to the Dreamspinner bookstore, where you’ll find details of all the titles on special offer:


Alternatively, click on this banner and go straight to my Dreamspinner author page. Happy bargain hunting!


Book Review: Torn By E.B. Barrett

tornRecently graduated, James appears to have it all. He’s smart, he’s good-looking and, under the guidance of his tutor, Professor Thomas, he’s discovered an algorithm that has made him a multi-millionaire. But James’s emotional life is a mess. Throughout college, he and his girlfriend, Amee, have engaged in a lot of sexual experimentation, which has led him to discover two things. One, he’s bisexual, and two, he’s hopelessly in love with Professor Thomas. In an effort to come to terms with his feelings, he travels to Amsterdam, where all kinds of sexualities are tolerated and attitudes are less judgemental than in his native United States. But still he remains confused – torn between doing what’s expected of him and acting on his true desires.

Torn is that rare thing in erotic fiction – a novella that takes an honest and intense look at what it means to be bisexual. James butts up against negative beliefs about bisexuality right from the start of the book. His parents are separated and his father is dating a woman, Claire, who wants all three of his children to be ‘normal’ – in other words, heterosexual. She believes if you’re gay, you haven’t chosen your sexuality, but if you’re bisexual you have the choice to be gay or straight, and if you don’t, you’re just greedy. (A view expressed, coincidentally, by the loveably grotesque Linda La Hughes (Kathy Burke), in the fabulous sitcom Gimme Gimme Gimme.) It’s a view that leaves James feeling as if he’s doing something wrong in desiring both Amee and the men with whom he plays around, and it reflects a problem bisexual people often have, not fitting into some easily definable category.

I was eager to read Torn because I’m a sucker for anything set in Amsterdam, though in truth the city doesn’t play much of a part in the story – it simply serves to present a different attitude to sex than the one James is used to. In Amsterdam, James can visit sex clubs and make his desire for a bisexual threesome explicit – and, this being a romance, he might also be able to have the encounter he’s been longing for throughout the book.

Torn is not your standard MM romance. It’s one for lovers of literary erotica, and it features straight sex, threesomes, domination and submission play and much more. Running parallel to James’s discovery of his bisexuality is Amee’s growing acceptance that she has a dominant side. With the aid of a D/s couple she and James meet, she explores her dominatrix persona, Alexa, inviting men to worship them and punishing them for their failings. The sex scenes are vividly described, as Barrett explores the motivations of the many people James meets along the way – from Ryan, the supposedly typical jock who joins him and Amee for a threesome and knows that James wants to have sex with a man even before James really knows it himself, to Max and Iris, the couple who help Amee become Alexa. Barrett has a knack for making even minor characters feel rounded and realistic – even though some, like Claire, are designed purely to put forward a certain point of view, they don’t feel like the cardboard cut-out bigots who infest too much LGBT fiction.

If you don’t want a predictable tale of MM love and you’re interested in what makes people tick in and out of the bedroom, give Torn a try. Based on what happens in the story, I’m certainly keen to read more by E.B. Barrett.

Torn is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK, and you can find out more about the book on Goodreads.

(I was given a copy of this book by Indigo Marketing in return for an honest review.)

Coffee Time Romance Loves Pride Under Fire

prideunderfire_800Pride Under Fire, the latest book in my Lionhearts m/m shifter series, has been reviewed by Coffee Time Romance, and they’ve given it a five-cup review! Reviewer Regina called it ‘one of those unique and fun shifter stories that just keep you on the edge of your seat’ and ‘one story you do not want to miss’. To say I’m delighted is an understatement, as I had such fun bringing lion shifter Connor and his human mate Andy together, and giving them the mystery of a malicious arsonist to solve.

You can find the full review by clicking on the dinky CTR image below, and you can learn more about Pride Under Fire and the rest of the Lionhearts series at the Pride Publishing site.


Book Review: Beyond The Sea By Kiera Andrews

Troy Tanner may have found fame and fortune as part of the hottest boy band in the world, Next Up, but his life is still full of complications. He’s with his girlfriend, Savannah, more out of duty than love, and his brother and fellow band member Tyson has a drug habit that’s getting worse by the day. Troy’s father was an addict who died of an overdose, and he doesn’t want to see his brother go the same way, so he carries out his threat to quit the band if he catches Tyson using again. He doesn’t care about the consequences; he simply needs to be as far away from Tyson as possible, and if that means chartering a private plane in the middle of the night, that’s what he’ll do. But when a cyclone forces a crash landing that leaves the pilot dead and Troy a thousand miles from civilisation with only injured co-pilot Brian Sinclair for company, it looks like his real problems have just begun…

Being stranded on a desert island, fighting for survival alongside someone you’re attracted to, is hardly a new idea, beyond the seaand if handled poorly it can be riddled with clichés and cringe-worthy moments (anyone remember the appalling Swept Away pretty much finishing off Madonna’s film career?) But in Troy and Brian, Kiera Andrews creates an engaging couple whose struggles on the island they christen Golden Sands are all too believable. Both carry serious amounts of emotional baggage – while Troy has his family troubles, Brian suffers from survivor’s guilt after being involved in an earlier fatal plane crash – and they have to find a way to work through that as well as dealing with more pressing matters like finding food and water, making a shelter, and not picking up an illness or infection that might kill them without medical attention.

The sexual attraction between them is something they try to fight at first, putting it down to their need for physical contact and the fact there’s no one else around, as they both consider themselves straight. But once they’ve made their first tentative explorations they realise there’s something deeper involved, and soon they can’t keep their hands off each other. The sex scenes, when they finally arrive, are scorching hot, as Troy and Brian explore pretty much everything two men can do to each other, both learning what the other enjoys as they go.

Beyond The Sea is at its strongest when Troy and Brian are trapped on the island, learning about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and falling in love. Somehow, the storyline becomes less realistic once they’re back home, as they appear to slot back into their everyday lives without problems and everyone around them, even Troy’s conservative Filipina mother, accepts their relationship with a shrug and a ‘that’s cool’. But overall, this is an enjoyable, escapist book with plenty to offer fans of MM romance – just don’t read it on a flight…

Beyond The Sea is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, ARe, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords.

(I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.)

Call For Submissions: Silver Desire

Writer, editor, woman behind the regular Dirty Sex Words reading slams and all-round kinky person (she’ll love me for calling her that…) Zak Jane Keir is putting together an anthology featuring characters who rarely feature in erotica/erotic romance – women over fifty. Silver Desire, to be published by Sexy Little Pages, will celebrate the love life and lusty libido of the older woman in all its varied forms. Zak is looking for sex-positive stories (i.e. no downer endings or sex going wrong) of between 4,000 and 6,000 words. You can find full details of formatting and other requirements here, and the deadline for submissions is May 10th.