Character Interview With Victor Ivanov: Guest Post By MK Schiller

My guest at the Naughty Corner today is MK Schiller, whose Lucky Fall is part of the Totally Bound Paramour collection.

Thank you to the lovely Elizabeth for hosting me. Lucky Fall is about a bashful bookseller who has a birthday encounter with one very sexy British billionaire. I managed to catch Victor Ivanov in between business meetings so your followers would get a more intimate glimpse of the man who rocked Julianne’s world.

luckyfall_exlargeMK  – If I gave you an elephant and asked you to keep it a secret, where would you hide it?

Victor – I would keep it in my mansion, but I don’t care for secrets, but I must admit I’m intrigued why anyone would want to hide such a thing. Julianne would want to keep it as a pet and I can already see that argument.

MK – What is your favourite colour for socks?

Victor – Black – versatile enough to wear with a suit or jeans. However, I am most comfortable sans clothing, including foot coverings.

MK – Boxers or briefs?

Victor – Boxer briefs – the best of both worlds. However, again I must admit I would rather be at my most comfortable. Refer to prior question.

MK – *blushes. Clears throat.* Dogs or cats?

Victor – Definitely dogs. Especially the beautiful Blood hound Julianne rescued.  He sometimes gets confused about who is alpha male, so I inevitably play the bad cop role as Julianne indulges him a great deal. But then again, her compassion is one of the things that draws me to her.

MK – Apart from Julianne what other famous person would you like to get naughty with?

Victor – I plead the fifth. Although, if you placed my sockless feet on hot coals, I would tell you Diane Lane. She resembles Julianne.

MK – Aww, very sweet, Victor.

Victor – Yeah, don’t let word spread about that. I do have a reputation to protect.

MK – Would you ever take part in a TV reality show? Which one?

Victor – Never – I value my privacy too much. Although, I think Julianne could win America’s Next Top Model.

MK – Tell us something we don’t know about Julianne.

Victor – Her favourite presents are books, chocolates, and candles…in that order. Also, she enjoys role play…. don’t tell her I told you.

MK – What will I find if I look in your fridge?

Victor – Forgive my manners, I should have offered you something.

MK – Oh no, this really is just an interview questions.

Victor – Oh, okay then, I have chilled champagne, fresh strawberries and French cheese.

MK – Um, change my mind then. I’d actually like that. (Sipping champagne) What’s your worst quality?

Victor – I’m tenacious. When I know what I want I go after it. I’m a very jealous man, and that can make it difficult to have a relationship with me.

MK – What would you say was the best thing before sliced bread?

Victor – Bread.

MK – Clever.

Victor – You asked. Seriously, I would say the written word. Books were my friends before I ever knew what friendship was.

MK – What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid?

Victor – I had a difficult childhood, but I did once steal a loaf of bread… unfortunately, it wasn’t sliced.

MK – I’m letting that go.

Victor – I appreciate it. As I said, I value my privacy and if I honestly answered that question, I’m afraid it could get me into some trouble.

MK – What’s on your iPod?

Victor – I don’t care for those apples.

MK –*Scratches head, then gets joke, and chuckles.* Seriously.

Victor – The favourite playlist on my phone contains Oasis, The Beatles, and U2.


A woman who thought she was finished with love meets the one man capable of changing her mind.

Julianne Brenan was living her life like a nun without a church. Suffering from a betrayal she let define her, she chooses to live in solitude. Then a chance encounter on her birthday with a younger, handsome, billionaire leads to a night of passion like she’s never experienced. Victor Ivanov releases all her inhibitions and makes her feel alive.

Julianne is thankful for the experience and chooses to cherish the memory of Victor’s gentle but demanding touch. But Victor has no intention of being a memory for Julianne. She’s a beautiful but bashful bookseller, and he’s no ordinary billionaire.

Author Bio:

I am a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. I have a full time life and two busy teenagers, but in the dark of night, I sit by the warm glow of my computer monitor, and attempt to conjure up passionate heartwarming stories with plenty of humour.

I started imagining stories in my head at a very young age. In fact, I got so good at it that friends asked me to create plots featuring them as the heroine and the object of their affection as the hero. We’d spend hours on the phone while I came up with a series of unrealistic, yet tender events, which led to a satisfying conclusion. You’ve heard of fan fiction… this was friend fiction.

Even with that, it took many years to realize I could produce an actual full-length book that readers would enjoy. I try to make my stories humorous, realistic, with flawed but redeeming characters. I hope you enjoy my stories and always find The Happily Ever After in every endeavour.

Getting Up Close And Personal With Zack Lassiter: Guest Post By Ashe Barker

Today I’d like to welcome Ashe Barker to the Naughty Corner. Her story Reawakening is part of the Totally Bound Paramour collection, and she’s brought along Zack Lassiter, the book’s hero.

SONY DSCThanks Elizabeth  for inviting me over here today to share a snippet from Re-Awakening, my story in the Paramour collection. If you want to get your hands on the whole thing – and who wouldn’t fancy getting to grips with the hot and oh-so-sexy Zack Lassiter? – you can find it in the Totally Bound book boutique. The Paramour collection went on general release on 7 February.

Knowing the sort of hot gossip we all like to keep abreast of, I tracked down Zack and fired a few finely honed questions at him. All in the name of research obviously. Here’s what he had to say for himself…

Me: Hello Zack, thanks for finding time to chat. I realise you must be very busy just now.

ZL: No problem, lovely to see you again, Ashe. Always nice to chat. Now, what is it you’d like to know?

Me: Well, let’s start with the big one and get that out of the way. If I gave you an elephant and asked you to keep it a secret, where would you hide it?

ZL: A what?

Me: An elephant. Big thing, grey, has a trunk.

ZL: Right, an elephant. That’s what I thought you said. I think I’d probably stick it in one of Gennie’s guest bedrooms. Might be a struggle getting it upstairs, but she’s been thinking about getting a lift installed for people in wheelchairs. That might work…

Me: Excellent answer, very inventive. Now for something simpler. What’s your favourite colour for socks?

ZL: Red, definitely. Or brown. Black perhaps. Anything really, except white. I don’t like white socks.

Me: Excellent taste. So, boxers or briefs

ZL: Boxers as a rule. More ball room

Me: Ball room? Is that an important factor.

ZL: Oh yes, I’d say so. Can’t be getting all constricted, it’s not good for the circulation. I do like to circulate, when I can.

Me: Right, I see. So, dogs or cats?

ZL: I’m not that keen on either, but probably dogs. Cats tend to trip me up

Me: Apart from Gennie, is there a famous person would you like to get naughty with?

ZL: Me? Naughty? I hardly think so. I’m a choirboy.

Me: Raises eyebrow sternly. Please give the question some thought, Mr Lassiter

ZL: Oh well, as you insist. Scratches head, thinks hard. I suppose Keira Knightley has her attractions. In a good light. So does Julia Roberts but my own pretty woman is my lovely Gennie

Me: Good answer. Now, would you ever take part in a TV reality show? And if so, which one?

ZL: ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. Definitely. I’d love to eat slugs and kangaroo penis, and stick my dick in dark holes with rats running around. Full of those tricks, I am. And Gennie would love the trip to Australia to meet me coming back across the bridge through the fireworks and ticker tape. I’d do it for her…

Me: What a hero. Now, could you tell us something we don’t know about Gennie?

ZL: She’s a closet foot fetishist. She loves it when I stroke her heels and massage the soles of her feet. Purrs like a kitten. She’ll do anything for me when I get between her toes…

Me: Yes, quite. (Fans self discreetly) What will I find if I look in your fridge?

ZL: Sod all. Now Gennie’s fridge, that’s a treasure trove. Ice cream, cheesecake, Stella Artois. I’ve been known to shove the odd dildo in there when her back’s turned – makes for a nice evening’s sport.

Me: More fanning. I hardly dare ask – what’s your worst quality?

ZL: I’m too self-effacing.

Me: What would you say was the best thing before sliced bread?

ZL: I’m not sure just when sliced bread arrived. I think the internal combustion engine might be up there though. Pennicillin? Electric lightbulbs?

Me: What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid?

ZL: Me and my brother used to play chicken on the train lines near our house. My mum would go ape if she ever knew. Don’t you dare tell her – I’ll deny it.

Me: What’s on your iPod?

ZL: Coffee stains and a swanky cover.

Here’s the blurb for Re-Awakening:

Her Master gone, is she destined to spend the rest of her life alone? Or can she bring herself to surrender – again?

Too busy trying to make a living out of her guest house in the Yorkshire Dales, Imogen hadn’t time to be lonely, or even think about having fun. And surrender to her innermost submissive desires is just a distant memory.

A widow for six years, Imogen is not looking for another lover, let alone a Master. She had one of those, once, and no-one could ever compare. Certainly not a handsome, cocky young man, passing through the area and needing a room for the weekend.

But when sexy Zack Latimer turns up on her doorstep he instantly recognises the underlying grief cocooning Imogen from the world outside. The intuitive young Dom makes himself at home in her house, and quickly exposes her most private needs and fears. He sees straight through her facade of self-sufficiency to expose the yearning she tries so hard to stifle. Unable to deny or resist the intense attraction she feels for her sensual guest, Imogen is quickly drawn in as he invites her to rediscover her submissive nature. Can she surrender once more, perhaps even  find happiness and fulfilment again with a new Master?

And is Zack that Master, or has he also gone for good?

Author Bio:

Until 2010 I was a director of a regeneration company in Leeds, in the UK, before becoming convinced there must be more to life. I left to work as an independent consultant, and still do some of that though most of my time is now spent writing. At last I’ve been able to realise my dream of writing erotic romance myself. I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres, and I still love reading historical and contemporary romances – the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse – research.

In my own writing I usually draw on settings and anecdotes from my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters, but my stories of love, challenge, resilience and compassion are the conjurings of my own lurid imagination.

When not writing – which is not very often – my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, rabbits, tortoises.  And most recently a very grumpy cockatiel.  I’m a rural parish councillor, and I’m passionate about evolving rural traditions and values to suit twenty first century lifestyles.

I’ve completed my third trilogy in the Black Combe ‘family’ and I’m well on with writing the fourth, as well as a novella, and a stand-alone novel for Totally Bound’s ‘What’s Her secret?’ imprint. All are due for release over the next few months.

Don’t be a stranger…

Ashe always loves to hear from readers. You can find her on her blog, and on the Totally Bound site. She’s on Facebook, and twitter. She’s on Pinterest too, and Goodreads

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite…

Her somewhat strained job prospects were still exercising Imogen’s thoughts reawakeningas she cycled back along the lane to her house later that afternoon. She was wondering about maybe finding some way of working from home—four buses a day into Skipton would make commuting to work something of a tall order in any case. Perhaps she could become an internet entrepreneur. Ebay was created for the likes of her, surely. Except she’d need a reliable broadband connection and mobile phone signal for that, and Bainbridge was not exactly speeding up the fast lane of the information super-highway.

Maybe she should think about marrying someone rich. That could be a good career move. She wasn’t even that fussed about the marrying bit, just the company would do. Well, except for the sex. Anyone of her age, single, and who was prepared to move out the back of beyond to live in her idyllic country retreat with her, would probably be into vanilla stuff. Too bland. Too—predictable—for Imogen’s taste. Not that she’d tasted much of anything for years now. Not since Sean.

She was amazed to feel tears pricking at her eyes. Christ, she’d thought she was past all that. Six years on, and she really, really should be past all that. Past sobbing at the sight of his picture tucked away in a drawer in her bedroom. Past gulping back her tears at a snatch of memory—a moment of remembered shared pleasure coming back to taunt her lonely present. Over the years she’d been alone, Imogen had trained herself never to glance in that rearview mirror. She had to move on, had to keep on trying to move forward. She would get there.

She supposed her problem lay in not really knowing where ‘there’ was. What was she looking for? If not a life with Sean, then what? There must be something else for her, but she hadn’t found it yet. Maybe she never would. She’d convinced herself that this guest house was her future, now she suspected it might be a millstone instead. She wondered if it had been a challenge to begin with, a huge responsibility that had the sole purpose of sucking up her attention, her energy and her drive. She needed to fill her days, and her nights with something. Anything. A distraction. And now she was failing at this, too.

She reached her gate, dismounted and unlatched it. She pushed her bike through, brushing the tears from her face with her gloved hand. Angrily she sniffed, determined not to give in. Not to spend another evening gazing at the television and lecturing herself on the evils of pouring another glass of wine, only to eventually stumble off to bed with no idea what she’d watched for the last three hours, and an ever increasing row of empty bottles waiting to go to the bottle bank.

She rounded the corner of her house and stopped dead. A car was in the driveway. A nice car, one of those large, smooth, purring things. As she came closer, she saw it was a BMW, its dark grey bonnet gleaming in sharp contrast against her brick-red gravel chippings. The car was empty, and as she stood admiring the sleek lines, Imogen balanced her bike against her front porch and glanced around for the occupants. They had to be here somewhere, there wasn’t another property for half a mile, nowhere else they might be. She reached out, laid a palm on the top of the bonnet and felt the warmth there. The car had not been standing idle long.

The crunch of footsteps behind her settled the matter. She turned and saw him.

Meet Graham From Raspberries And Wine: Guest Post By Ayla Ruse

Today, I’d like to welcome Ayla Ruse to the Naughty Corner. Ayla’s story Raspberries And Wine is part of the Totally Bound Paramour collection, and she’s here with Graham, the story’s hero.

Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for having me stop to visit today. I’m thrilled we’re all part of the great Valentine’s Day collection, Paramour, from Totally Bound!

Profile PicAmong the goodies I’ve brought to share today (like the sexy excerpt from my own tale in the collection, Raspberries and Wine), I wanted to share an interview I had with Graham, the sexy restaurateur and hero of the book. I caught up with him at one of his restaurants where we chatted cosily over an amazing artichoke appetizer.

Me: Okay, Graham. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Ready for some deep, introspective questions?

Graham: Ask anything you want, but know that I may not answer some questions.

Me: Fair enough. Okay. Question number one. If I gave you an elephant and asked you to keep it a secret, where would you hide it?

Graham: (blinks) Seriously? Probably in a garage at one of my houses up the coast. (he leans toward me and lowers his voice) Then you’ll tell me why it’s a secret.

Me: (my face colours as I duck my head into my notebook). Ah, sure. Umm, okay. What is your favourite colour for socks?

Graham: (he sits back and smiles) I think I like these deep, introspective questions. Socks? Eh, whatever matches. Dark with suits, white with jeans. Socks are a shoe-necessity for me, I don’t over think it.

Me: Boxers or briefs

Graham: Boxers. But I honestly prefer neither.

Me: O-kay. Does Stacy know you’re doing this interview?

Graham: (nodding) She does. She’d be just as amused, too.

Me: Good to know. Let’s move on then. Do you prefer dogs or cats?

Graham: Both. I don’t have any pets right now, but I can see having a loyal dog nearby, like a lab. Then, knowing Stacy, we’d definitely have to have at least one cat lazing around.

Me: Apart from Stacy, what other famous person would you like to get naughty with?

Graham: Hmm… it’d have to be Mary-Louise Parker. Definitely.

Me: Would you ever take part in a TV reality show? Which one?

Graham: Absolutely not. But, if it came down to life or death, it’d be one of those taste-testing cooking shows. Or better yet, the one where the guy goes around and tells restaurants what they’re doing wrong and how to make it right. Now that’s more up my alley.

Me: Tell us something we don’t know about Stacy.

Graham: She’s a closet mess. Don’t laugh, it’s true. She seems all organised and put together, but you don’t want to look inside her closets. Oh, and you don’t want to get too close to her when she’s on a new-recipe cooking spree. Food is everywhere.

Me: What will I find if I look in your fridge?

Graham: A lot of take-out. Stacy’s has all the essentials for putting together nearly any meal we’d want.

Me: What’s your worst quality?

Graham: I don’t give up. Some may call this good, but I’ve been told, on more than one occasion, to back off from a plan or project. When I see the end goal, I give it my all and go for it.

Me: What would you say was the best thing before sliced bread?

Graham: That’s easy. Fresh from the oven, still warm, melt-in-your mouth homemade bread. Even Stacy, when I cajole her enough, will break down and make a loaf or two.

Me: What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid?

Graham: (turns his head away and chuckles)

Me: C’mon, Graham. ’Fess up. Just one little naughty bit.

Graham: (relenting with humour dancing in his eyes) Just one? Okay. When I was about twelve I got mad because my mom wouldn’t send me to camp, so I mixed dirt in with all her spices.

Me: You didn’t!

Graham: Honestly did. And not only did I not go to camp that year, I spent my summer washing dishes at the restaurant and making sure my sore bottom did not touch a chair seat.

Me: (I mumble underneath my laugh) Better you than me.

Graham: What’s that?

Me: Hmm? Oh, um, what’s on your iPod?

Graham: (He gives me a hard stare, knowing I avoided his question. I can’t help but squirm in my seat. The moment lengthens before he relaxes and answers my question.) My music is pretty eclectic, so you’d find just about everything on there. Classical, rock, jazz, hip hop.

Me: Sounds vast. Well Graham, thank you for taking a few moments to talk with me today. I know you’re a busy man and restaurants don’t run themselves, so with that, I bid you adieu.


Raspberries and Wine blurb:

When Stacy opens her door on Valentine’s Day, it’s not to the man she expected, but to the man who’ll give her what she needs.

It’s Valentine’s day and newly liberated divorcee Stacy Dalton has a plan: raspberriesandwine_exlargeseduce her former classmate and end the post-divorce intimacy drought. She’s cooked a meal, she’s dressed to the nines, and she is crossing her fingers that tonight she will not go to bed alone. There is a slight hiccup in the plan when it’s not her former classmate that shows up with an easy smile and a hungry look–but his drop-dead gorgeous son.

Twenty-nine year old Graham Rosen has always been attracted to older women. So making last-minute plans to take out his father’s cancelled date seems an effortless and enjoyable task–especially when he sees the sable-haired beauty who opens the door. Unfortunately, Stacy seems hung up on their age. Even after giving in to Graham’s erotic attentions, the beautiful cook refuses to acknowledge any possible future to their relationship.

Some women need a strong man–with an even stronger hand. Graham is no mere boy to shy away from a challenge and he is more than willing to show Stacy he’s serious about his desire for her beyond just one lustful night. But will his erotic discipline succeed in dissolving Stacy’s hesitations and bring her closer to him? Or will it scare her away?


“Hold on, I’ll be right there,” Stacy Dalton called out when her doorbell rang. “Good Lord,” she muttered, snagging her heel on a throw rug, “he’s early.”

She double-checked the little details as she hurried to the front door. “Dining room table set, check. Dinner almost ready, check. Wine out, check. Dress, hair and make-up…” she trailed off as she inspected herself in the hall mirror. “Check. Well,” she whispered to her reflection, “here goes nothing.”

She opened the door and her smile froze. Damn, he’s not early after all. It’s not even him.

“Um, hi? Can I help you?” she asked the young man at her doorstep. She peered around his wide shoulder to see if Martin had pulled up yet.

“I hope so,” he said, his deep voice instantly capturing her attention. “Are you Stacy Dalton?”

She paused and gave him a more thorough inspection. He stood tall, maybe six feet, and wore an expensive suit. His short dark brown hair was neatly styled, but it was his eyes, deep hazel and intense, that held hers once she stopped looking all over the place. Captivating. He smiled then, and she thought she might melt. She trailed her gaze over him again and blushed when he cocked a smooth brow.

“I am,” she finally answered.

He held out his hand and she gave him hers, momentarily surprised because he placed a kiss on the backs of her fingers. “It is a pleasure to meet you. I’m Graham Rosen. Martin Rosen’s son.”

“Oh,” she sighed, then registered what he’d said. “Oh! Oh, please come in.” She wondered what had happened.

He stepped over the threshold and she closed the door, turning at the same time as Graham.

“How is your dad, is he okay?”

“He’s fine, but didn’t you get his message?”

She shook her head, confused.

“My dad sent his regrets. He…well, he apparently ran into my mother yesterday. They’ve been divorced for several years, but it seems like they hit it off again. He went to the mountains with her today. I’m sorry, I thought you knew.”

“Why did you come here if your dad already left a message?”

He smiled and didn’t speak until she met his gaze full on. She was struck again by his height, his sharp looks and by the subtle, but intense way he seemed to study her. She didn’t want to look away.

“Stacy, I felt bad for my dad cancelling on you like he did. He also mentioned he’d not seen you in many years. I’m only in town for the day, and it is Valentine’s, so I thought to take you to dinner.”

She blinked up at him. He wanted to take her to dinner? She almost said okay, then remembered where she was, who she was, and that this man before her was barely older than a boy. If he were Martin’s son, he couldn’t be more than in his mid-twenties. She studied the hint of laugh lines around his eyes. Okay. Maybe late-twenties. But that’d be pushing it. Martin must have had Graham right out of school. She shook her head to focus her thoughts.

“Sorry, but no thank you. Your father and I weren’t going out anywhere. I was making dinner here.”

A smile bloomed across his face, lighting up his eyes. “I thought I smelled something delicious.”

He stroked his thumb across her cheek. His touch startled her, but as soon as he pulled back, she strangely wanted him to touch her again.

“Since I’m here and your date cancelled, invite me to dinner.”

Author Biography

Handed a historical romance at the age of twelve, Ayla fell in love with love and with happy endings. Having grown up living life tasting a little of this and a little of that has not changed this attitude, but it’s expanded her views. Love isn’t always happy and it isn’t always the way a person “thinks it should be.” Sometimes it’s outside the box, and it’s always a challenge.

The challenge of finding and holding onto this love is what drives Ayla in her fiction. She likes stories that strip love—among other things—down to the skin and tests the attachment and beliefs of the participants. Sometimes that test can come in the form of multiple partners, overcoming a desperate fear or even being sexually inventive.

Ayla loves to hear from her readers. You can find her contact information and website at

Maestro, Please!

Maestro is released today, for all those of you who’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a major opera house. Is the star tenor really as passionate as the character he portrays? Well, that’s what the story’s heroine Jax is about to find out, as she’s charged with creating the costumes that will be worn by super-hot Canadian opera star Kieran Vale. In the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing Kieran’s story with the authors of the other stories in the Totally Bound Paramour collection, as well as learning all about their deliciously dominant heroes. But for now here’s a little extract from Maestro, featuring Jax and Kieran’s first meeting:

maestroTen minutes later, we were sitting at the table in my studio, Kieran tucking into cold pasta with tuna and beans, while I munched on a cheese and ham toastie. Sharing lunch with him felt like my delicious secret. Kirsty would be so jealous when she got back from her shopping expedition to discover the luscious Mr Vale had been here.

We talked as we ate. Well, Kieran did most of the talking. I was just happy to sit and listen to that deep voice, warm and smooth as honey, flowing over me. Kieran described his upbringing in a quiet suburb of Vancouver, and how his father had tried to push him towards a career in law.

“But I always wanted to sing,” he said, before pausing to take a sip of his orange juice. “I knew I’d been given a voice people wanted to listen to, and when you have a gift like that, it’s a crime not to use it. I mean, anyone can become a lawyer, can’t they? But to be on stage at La Scala, and have the entire audience hanging on your every note… How many people get that opportunity?”

I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was in his company. We’d just met, and already he seemed like an old friend. Even so, I couldn’t help but be aware of just how handsome he was. Kieran had charisma to burn, and when he turned that sexy, hooded gaze on me, my pussy clenched with desire.

It didn’t seem to matter that I was eleven years older than him, or that his financial worth was so much greater than mine. A couple of times I caught him staring at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. Each time he blushed and turned his attention back to his lunch. But I’d seen the way his pupils had grown larger, seen the cute way he gnawed on his lower lip. The signs were there. He was attracted to me, too.

Maybe he flirted like this with everyone. After all, he was a man who could have any woman he wanted. It would be safer if I kept my fantasies to myself—especially the ones in which I submitted to Kieran’s every instruction. Otherwise, I might be setting myself up for a very nasty fall.

Maestro is available from Totally Bound. Pop back on Tuesday, when I’ll be hosting Ayla Ruse and getting the lowdown on Graham, the sexy restauranteur from Raspberries and Wine


A Sneak Peek Snog From Maestro

Yes, it’s Sunday snog time again over at, and I’m joining in with a sneak excerpt from my new Totally Bound release, Maestro. It’s part of the Paramour Valentine’s collection, four stories involving older women involved with dominant younger men (and you can’t go wrong with a combination like that…) and is set behind the scenes of a major London opera company. Costume designer Jax has been tasked with creating designs for the opera Perpetua, in particular, the eye-catching outfits that will be worn by hot Canadian tenor, Kieran Vale. There’s a spark between Jax and Kieran that she can’t deny, but she’s afraid of acting on the attraction. Kieran, however, recognises her submissive tendencies and is more than happy to act on them, but first comes the kissing part:

maestroKieran pulled me into an embrace, and we kissed. The taste of his mouth was sweet against mine, with the slightest lingering flavour of olive oil. My body melted against his, and as he moved his kisses in a soft trail down my neck, heading towards my collarbone, I let him unbutton my blouse and push it from my shoulders. In response, I pulled his navy polo shirt out of the waistband of his trousers. I traced the flat, warm planes of his abdomen with my fingertips. He growled softly in response.

“I’m going to have to do something about those wandering hands of yours,” he murmured.

Almost without my being aware of it, he manoeuvred me backwards until the backs of my legs bumped against the edge of the bed. I didn’t resist, just allowed him to push me till I fell back on the soft towel.

He clambered on to the bed beside me, and pulled a couple of lengths of material from his bedside drawer. He wrapped the end of one of them around my left wrist and I registered the feel of silk. Then he used the scarf to secure my arm to the wrought-iron framework at the head of the bed. Working quickly, he repeated the process with my other wrist, tying the knots tight enough that I wouldn’t be able to wriggle out of my bonds, but not tight enough to endanger my circulation. Having secured me in place, he took one of the big, down pillows and arranged it under the small of my back, tipping my hips up towards him.

“Comfortable, Jaclyn?”

“Yes, sir.”

With a lazy smile down at my bound body, seemingly confident that I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while, Kieran began to undress. He took a frustratingly long time to strip down to his white trunk-style underwear with the designer’s name emblazoned on the waistband. All I could do was lay there, wondering what he might be about to do next.

He answered me by crouching over my body and planting soft kisses on my lips and the hollow at the base of my throat. He ran his hands over my skin, stroking and teasing, lulling me into a dreamy, relaxed state. I closed my eyes, and sighed in bliss. I’d never felt so deliciously passive, having surrendered control of my pleasure to Kieran.
His next move jolted me back to the moment. With ruthless tugs, he pulled the cups of my bra down, baring my breasts. Being half-exposed like this seemed altogether more brazen than if he’d removed the bra entirely, and his grin told me how much he liked the way I looked.

Kieran latched his lips onto my nipple, suckling and sending jolts of sensation down to my pussy. I needed more, needed to feel his mouth between my legs, but he was setting the pace here. I knew I would get the orgasm I so badly craved, but purely on his terms.

You can find out what happens next by getting hold of Maestro, which is available for early download from Totally Bound. And don’t forget to check out the Sunday Snog and see which other authors are sharing a sizzling kiss or two…



Here’s the cover for Maestro, my contribution to the Paramour collection Total-e-bound will be bringing out for next Valentine’s Day (I know it seems like a long time away, but those big, padded cards and bunches of flowers from mystery admirers will be on their way before you know it). All the stories have a storyline involving older women and younger men, and Maestro is set behind the scenes in a successful London opera company. Fiery diva? Check! Handsome leading man? Check! Costume designer charged with making sure this production will go down in history? Well, that’s where the story really starts…

You’ll be able to find out more when the book is released next year, but for now, feast your eyes on this: