Sunday Snog – Ridden Hard

For this week’s Snog, I’ve dug out an extract from one of my all-time favourite things I’ve written. Ridden Hard is the story of actor Jamie Desmond, who bluffs his way into the cast of a film based on the legend of King Arthur by claiming he can ride a horse. Of course, his lie is exposed, leading to him being dealt with by dominant riding instructor Andrej, but here’s the scene where he celebrates landing the role with his friend with benefits, Fin:

ridden hardWe kissed as he fumbled to unlock the front door; hot, sloppy kisses that showed how much we wanted each other. Laughing, Fin pushed me up against the wall, scrabbling to pull my T-shirt out of my jeans.

‘Slow down,’ I murmured, not really meaning it.

‘Can’t,’ he replied. ‘Got to taste your gorgeous body. Got to have your big hard cock in my mouth.’

When Fin was really turned on, he spoke like someone out of the filthiest porno you’ve ever seen. It was all part of his charm, as far as I was concerned, and my cock pushed at the fly of my jeans, aching to be in his grasp.

Somehow, we made it as far as the bedroom, leaving a trail of hastily discarded clothes in our wake. I didn’t know whether he was sharing his bed with anyone else at the moment, and even if he was, it wouldn‟t have stopped me doing what I was about to do. Exclusive wasn’t a word in Fin’s vocabulary, which probably explained why our relationship had never progressed beyond the occasional fuck.

True to his earlier words, Fin pinned me down on the bed, slurping a wet trail the length of my body with his lips and tongue. When his mouth latched on to the head of my cock, engulfing me in warm wetness, I squirmed against the covers. Fin’s blue eyes shone with amusement at the strength of my reaction. ‘Ready for me, were you?’ he chuckled.

I just groaned, wanting him to take me deeper.

Nothing, in my experience, compared to the sensation of having my cock buried deep in a sucking, clutching throat. Coupled with clever fingers caressing and tugging on my balls, it was the quickest way I knew of making me come.

To read more, get hold of Ridden Hard at AmazonAll Romance and Xcite Books. And enjoy more hot snogs at Blissekiss, the home of the Sunday Snog.


Ridden Hard Is Free On iTunes

Until 31st October, you can find my Xcite m/m novella Ridden Hard free on iTunes. If you want to find out what happens when an actor lies about his horsemanship in order to win a part, then finds himself at the mercy of a dominant riding instructor, click on the cover below to pick up your copy.

ridden hard

Sunday Quickie

Okay, I teased you with the cover earlier in the week, so here’s a brief extract from Ridden Hard. Jamie, having bluffed his way into the cast of low-budget historical epic, Grail, by claiming he can ride a horse, has just come face to face with the production’s riding instructor, Andrej. Even though Jamie is terrified of what might happen when Andrej discovers he’s lied, that fear is mingled with a healthy dollop of lust at first sight:

He pushed his sleek, shoulder-length black hair back from his face, exposing a broad forehead and high cheekbones. Slate-dark eyes glittered as he eyed us up and down. ‘There are only a couple of things I need to tell you before we begin. Man has a relationship with a horse like that with no other beast. Never underestimate the intelligence of these creatures, or their strength. Treat a horse well and he will be your closest, most loyal ally. Treat him badly and–’ Andrej let out a short, sardonic laugh. ‘Well, all I will say is you will have me to answer to.’

Why did my mind flash to thoughts of Andrej brandishing a riding crop as I grovelled at his feet, promising to do whatever he wished? I wasn’t into any of that kinky master and slave punishment stuff – at least, I didn’t think I was, but the image of Andrej towering over me, powerful and dominant, wouldn’t go away.

So will Jamie have to answer to Andrej? What do you think? Ridden Hard is now available from the Xcite bookshop and All Romance.

Get Off Your Horse…

…and join me in drooling over my latest cover, which I’ve just received from the ever-lovely Miranda at Xcite.

Ridden Hard is one for all lovers of m/m BDSM-themed romance. It tells the story of Jamie, who lies about his ability to ride a horse in order to land a part in a film about King Arthur and his knights. When Jamie’s true lack of horsemanship comes to life, the production’s riding instructor, Andrej, offers to give him lessons – but as he soon finds out, those lessons involve more than just getting on the back of a horse…

The book comes out on May 12th, so check back then for an extract. In the meantime, just keep admiring that half-naked rider!