Backlist Blast: Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road

You know what it’s like. Sometimes you’re in the mood to read something that defies genres, makes you think, makes you laugh – and if it turns you on at the same time, well, that all adds to the fun, doesn’t it? Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road is one of those books. The brief for authors was to take the rules and break them, whether that was in terms of the characters’ behaviour and motivation, or in the style and telling of the story. My contribution to the anthology is For Art’s Sake, in which Danni, a former academic turned professional house clearer dares to act on her most secret fantasy when she meets a man with a secret stash of Victorian porn; a man who finally understands the thrill of giving a spanking. Here’s an extract to whet your appetite:

“Now, what’s so terrible that you feel I need some Dutch courage before I see it?” I asked.

“These…” He handed me a small pile of books. Stiffly bound in black, they looked thoroughly anonymous. I set them down on the table and opened the first one at random.

My eyes wiTEST.QXD:Layout 1dened and I almost let out a gasp. I was looking at an illustration of a woman bending over a table, her skirts thrown up around her waist and her fleshy bottom bare. A man in the garb of a Victorian schoolmaster was taking a cane to her buttocks. I turned the page. In the next picture, the man had clearly tired of thrashing the woman and was fucking her from behind instead. The length of his cock, emerging from her pussy, was rendered as lovingly as the tramlines that marked the cheeks of her arse.

Flipping through the book, I saw more in the same vein. Intensely pornographic drawings, depicting flagellation and explicit sex acts. I looked up to see that Nicholas was regarding me with amusement.

“So what is your professional opinion, Miss Weatherley?” he asked.

“It’s filth,” I told him, in a tone indicating I didn’t necessarily think that was a bad thing. Indeed, studying the illustrations I had felt a fierce excitement, deepened by the fact I was imagining it was my backside that was being so thoroughly punished, and the man dishing out the necessary but loving chastisement was Nicholas.

To find out what happens when Danni makes her fantasy a reality, and to read what author Lisa Lane called ‘some of the creepiest and most unusual stories I’ve read in a long time ‘, check out Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road, edited by Sassy Brit and C.C. Bye, available from Amazon.


Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road Blog Blast – Tonya Moore

Today, the Naughty Corner throws open its doors to Tonya Moore, another of the talented mavericks in the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road collection. Welcome, Tonya…

One Writer on the Wrong Side
I grew up reading books by the likes of phenomenal authors such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Anne McCaffrey. Their works portrayed space-faring humans and unbelievable creatures having fantastic adventures in distant future and far flung regions of the universe. I fell in love with their stories, the remarkable characters and fantastic worlds their creators envisioned. These were the stories that fueled my desire to write.
The GENRE LOVE Blog Series acquaints readers with aspects of the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genres that inspire, amuse, illuminate and entertain us. It’s a great way to reach out to anyone who’s ever wondered why SF authors write what we write. Guest authors/bloggers are encouraged to share their thoughts on sub-genres and tropes of their choice, along with news of their latest works or current projects.
Genre Love Blog Series | How to Become a Guest Author

The TRIBUTE omnibus consists of five (5) short stories and ten (10) flash fiction pieces spanning the urban fantasy, horror and literary fiction genres. This omnibus is the first of a two-part collection of my work over the past decade. The second ebook “Signal” is scheduled for release this summer.
Buy TRIBUTE: Amazon Kindle | Smashwords (Price: $2.99)

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is solid, imaginative fiction for adults written, by an interesting lineup of authors in various genres. Let’s face it, sometimes we grown-ups just want to sink our teeth into something a little more substantive than teenage or “Young Adult” fantasy.
Buy From Publisher: Chase Enterprises Print: $23.95| (5 or more copies) $18.68 ea. or Buy from: Amazon (Print) | Amazon (Kindle)| Barnes & Noble
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Tonya R. Moore is a Speculative Fiction writer from Manatee County, Florida. Her stories can be found in publications including Kissed By Venus, Weaponizer, Purple Magazine, eFiction Magazine and recently, Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road anthology.

Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road Blog Blast – Karen Cote’

My guest in The Corner today is Karen Cote’, who’s revealing more about the genre-bending anthology that is Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road. Welcome, Karen.

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road – We took away the rules and let them write whatever the hell they liked: This is what we got, and there’s more inside…

What’s on the back cover (be sure to take a peek at some of the partial reviews listed from Amazon).

HOLD-UP by Lucille Robinson

A rapist learns why crime doesn’t pay—will he survive the lesson?

Partial Review on Amazon: This story is thoughtful and well-written. I liked the premise a lot, but would have liked to have read more. The ending was justifiably abrupt, but it did leave the story feeling somehow incomplete. Nonetheless, it’s a good, short read.

JUDGMENT DAY by Angelika Devlyn

An injured woman falls into the hands of a psychic psychopath.

FOR ART’S SAKE by Elizabeth Coldwell

Just what is Danni prepared to do for Art’s Sake?

Partial Review on Amazon: I don’t claim spanking as one of my turn-ons, but I enjoyed this erotic piece all the same. The story is well-written and cohesive and moves to a satisfying ending.

SIMON SEEKS by Nathan L. Yocum

Gotta find someone, go to Simon Craig. But don’t get on his bad side.

Partial Review on Amazon: This story is executed beautifully, offering creative visuals and awesome depth to details other authors might leave mundane. The only disappointing part is the ending, which seems far too abrupt for such an otherwise meticulously laid out story. I wanted to read more.


Grieving man stumbles upon a remarkable form of heroism.

Partial Review on Amazon: “The Barefoot Hero” brought tears to my eyes. The story is bittersweet, tragic, and brilliantly written. The characterization is deep and thoughtful, leading to a conclusion that is as painful as it is gratifying. A lovely story.

THE JOURNEY by Megan Johns

A complex woman—wife and mother, has a most surprising secret.

TRIONA’S BEANS by Casey Wolf and Paivi Kuosmanen

Teenage girl saves a world between first and last dinner call.

THE MEAL by Mike Brecon

Reality TV at its ugliest and most brazen.


He won’t stop. There must be seven to forgive his own sins.

THE SMILE IN HER EYES by John B. Rosenman

Can a young girl and an old man find love in an intolerant society?

Partial Review on Amazon: Very well-written and creepy on many subtle fronts, “The Smile in her Eyes” reads like Lolita in The Twilight Zone. Pay attention to every little detail when you read this story or you’ll miss out on its full brilliance.

SLUMFAIRY by Tonya Moore

A jaded mercenary is enlightened by her strange world.

TAKE TWO by Kit St. Germain

MALPAS (Novella) by Marion De Sisto

Her invisible & insatiable dream lover wants things his way. Not likely!

You can find out more about Karen at her talking website, Karen’s Romance, and Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is available from the Clayton Bye bookstore.

Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road Blog Blast – Megan Johns

It’s a beautiful weekend here in the Naughty Corner, and I’d like to welcome as my guest today Megan Johns, who’s part of the wickedly eclectic Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road line-up. The floor’s yours, Megan…

Gender stereotyping has long been a personal bugbear. It can have a negative influence on so many aspects of a woman’s life, both in the workplace and at home. The inspiration for my two short stories in the anthology Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road was born out of this frustration.

By stereotyping, we are saying that particular characteristics apply to all members of a group. Yet are all blondes dumb or all women bad drivers? Of course not! Worse are the bucket loads of stereotypes tipped over a woman’s head the minute she becomes a mother. This type of generalisation can be a great disservice and result in prejudice.

We are told that stereotypes help us to simplify a complex world. In my opinion, however, they often do more harm than good. They can lead to simplistic assessments, which are fundamentally flawed.

In my first story, The Journey, a wife and mother tries to break into a spontaneous conversation in a train carriage. The stereotyped perceptions of the group of young singletons leads to her exclusion. Dismissed as irrelevant by them, she starts to assess her own life and measure it against theirs. The results lead to some surprises…

Excerpt 1:
‘Melody shrank back in her seat, instantly deflated. It was as if her own experiences had been devalued without uttering a word. She peered across the short dividing gap. It might as well be a hundred miles, she was so far removed from their world, and she knew her presence didn’t even register on their collective radar. Had time and life really made her appear so banal, she wondered?’

Manic Readers review: 4 stars While Stay-at-Home-Mom listens to the conversation of Thighs, Nerd Guy, and Strappy she seethes, justifying her choice to herself and experiences a gamut of emotions from indignant to smug. The end comes completely out of left field, but instead of wondering “what the frill?” I read with wicked delight. Well done.

My second story, A New Leaf, features a recently divorced woman trying to move on with her life. The only thing holding her back is her family. Surely she will never manage on her own? Or will she?

Excerpt 2:
‘I watched the progress of her red Fiat from the bay window of the sitting room until it disappeared down the hill. A grating of gears confirmed her right-hand turn at the junction. Poor Sarah. She tried so hard. All the family did. That was the trouble. If only they could see that they tried too much.’

Manic Readers review: 4 stars Can you really find new life, after a divorce, via a rural cottage garden? I loved this little golden nugget about moving on, in spite of those around us. The narrator is my kinda woman.

To read the reviews on the other stories in the anthology go to Better still, buy a copy of Writers On the Wrong Side of the Road and read the stories for yourself.
BUY links: Publisher Chase Enterprises or Amazon Available in paperback and Kindle
Megan Johns Website Blog

Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road – Marion Webb-De Sisto

My guest at Naughty Corner Towers today is another of the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road gang, Marion Webb-De Sisto. Welcome, Marion!

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road – The most dangerous rule-wreckers from have written stories for this ‘adults only’ anthology. It’s a ‘must have’ book, covering different genres, all speculative fiction and great reading for those times when you want to get lost in the world of “What if?” There’s something for everyone within the pages, no one’s preference has been neglected. The anthology contains seventeen short stories and one novella, entitled Malpas. This is a Fantasy tale written by me, Marion Webb-De Sisto. A modern-day librarian and a demon come together in erotic dreams. Can these two very different individuals, who are drawn together by lust, eventually find true love? For one reviewer, who described this story as an “erotica beauty and beast,” it was her personal favorite.

Creating the story Malpas was a venture into something new for me. Although my previous novels have both angels and demons in them, the stories are not erotic. I’d been giving some thought to writing in that genre, but it wasn’t uppermost in my mind. Then I heard about the proposed anthology and I realized I was being offered the opportunity to try my hand at what is known as erotica. To my surprise the storyline developed easily and I enjoyed exploring my new genre. I guess this becomes obvious when I say I’ve written two further erotic stories since completing the one for the anthology. I’ve discovered a new path and am wandering down it.

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is available from the Clayton Bye bookstore.

Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road Blog Blast

Today, I’m taking centre stage in the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road Blog Blast, with a few thoughts on the fine art of taking a risk…

When was the last time you took a risk when it comes to fiction? Deciding to pick up a book by an author you’ve never heard of, rather than choosing the latest bestseller that’s been advertised with fifty shades of hype? Walk into the majority of bookshops, at least here in the UK, and you’ll be confronted by piles of books by familiar names on very familiar themes. It’s all chick lit, Scandinavian crime thrillers and werewolf/vampire love triangles, with publishers relentlessly playing follow my leader in search of sales. Walk past those towering piles, the ‘three for the price of two’ offers, towards those neglected shelves at the back of the shop and you’ll find interesting books by unfamiliar writers, but how many people bother to do that? The way books are marketed, It’s no surprise the industry is now dominated by no more than a couple of hundred authors, and it’s becoming ever harder for new voices to be heard unless they fit into the narrow slot of what publishers want this season.

As writers, we take risks all the time. When we send a manuscript to a submissions editor, we run the risk of having it rejected. If we present it to a critique group, we risk harsh appraisal, even from people who know and like our work. So what should we do? Stick the story in a drawer and run the risk no one will ever read it?

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road appealed to me as a project because it was designed specifically to take risks. Mashing up genres that don’t often find a home together, giving authors free rein to explore unusual and possibly controversial topics, offering an opportunity, above all, to have fun… Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

The lead character in my story, For Art’s Sake, also finds herself taking risks, forced by circumstances to step out of her comfort zone. First, when her secure teaching job comes to an end and she has to reinvent her career, going into the house clearing business with her brother. Then, when she meets a man who offers the romance she’s been craving, spiced up with something that appeals to her more adventurous sexual tastes. Not to mention that he’s taking something of a risk himself, by revealing needs to her that some women find peculiar or even distasteful. Can they find happiness together? You’ll just have to pick up a copy of the anthology and find out, won’t you?

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is available from the Clayton Bye bookstore.

Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road Blog Blast – John B Rosenman

The Naughty Corner today welcomes John B Rosenmann, another of the rule-breaking writers in the Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road collection. If you’re not familiar with his work, here it is:

A Senseless Act of Beauty
Purchase at Crossroad Press,
*eBook: 340 pages
$3.99 USD
Science-Fiction Romantic Adventure

Alien Dreams
Purchase at Crossroad Press,
*eBook: 220 pages
$2.99 USD
Science-Fiction Adventure

Beyond Those Distant Stars
Purchase at Mundania Press,
eBook, 343 pages: ISBN: 978-1-59426-329-3
$4.99 USD
Trade Paperback, 343 pages: $16.95; ISBN: 978-1-59426-328-6
Science-Fiction Romantic Adventure

Inspector of the Cross
Purchase at MuseItUp Publishing,
eBook, 241 pages: ISBN: 978-1-927361-74-0
$5.95 USD
Science-Fiction Adventure

Purchase at Musa Publishing,
eBook, 14 pages: ISBN: 978-1-61937-216-0
$0.99 USD
SF Time-travel

Steam Heat
Purchase at MuseItUp Publishing,
eBook, 21 pages: ISBN: 978-1-927361-40-5
$1.99 USD
Erotic Dark Fiction/Horror

The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes – Winner, P&E Annual Poll
Purchase at MuseItUp Publishing,
eBook, 30 pages: ISBN: 978-1-927085-27-1
$2.50 USD
Paranormal Fantasy

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road
Purchase at Amazon,
Trade Paperback, 312 pages: ISBN: 978-0-978177-4-47
$23.35 USD
General Fiction/Adults Only Short Stories


Reviews On The Wrong Side Of The Road

The Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road anthology, with its collection of genre-defying, rule-breaking, strangely different stories from a host of talented authors, has been picking up some great reviews. Co-editor Clayton Bye explains the concept of the collection like this – “Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road is a group of authors with some sort of link to who sprang at the chance to create an anthology designed to give the reader ‘a different kind of reading experience’. And just to make sure that happened, we took away the rules and let them write whatever the hell they liked.” And it seems people are having just as much fun reading the stories as we had writing them, if these comments are anything to go by:

Ellie Hall, 1889 Labs
There are no stories in this lot that do not deserve to be read; they are all of a worthy standard. Four stars.

Steve Beai
…And then it hit me. That was precisely the point of Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road; to take the reader off guard… … it all represented the essence of skillful storytelling and every participating author should be justly proud of their willingness to get behind those unfamiliar wheels and step on the gas. I had been run down, backed over, run down and backed over again and again, mangled and rearranged and left gently on the curb, whole and wholly entertained.

The Midwest Review (Kaye Trout)
The editing by Sassy Brit and C.C. Bye is excellent, and the entire presentation is beautifully professional. If you like the short-story genre and want something unique and innovative, you might consider this read. My personal favorite was Malpas, a novella, by Marion Webb-De Sisto, an erotica beauty and beast.

T Lane
Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road certainly did it for me. From the umber-creepy to the tragically bittersweet, this anthology has it all. …I’m giving Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road a 4½ spider rating and recommending this anthology to any adult reader looking for something different. You can’t go wrong!”

Lisa Lane
“This anthology contains some of the creepiest and unusual stories I’ve read in a long time. While a few of the selections seemed out of place either by caliber or by genre, the best works in this anthology truly set the bar for greatness in speculative fiction. As a whole, I rate Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road at four stars and recommend it as a great addition to any speculative fiction library.”

The anthology is now available in e-book format for $5.99, so if you want to read stories that really do defy description in their breadth of variety, including sci-fi, erotica, horror and much more, click on the image below to go to Clayton Bye’s bookshop. Or you could always stay on the right side of the road and miss all the fun!