The Making Of The Door Keeper Book Video – Guest Post By Hurri Cosmo

Highly detailed fashion portrait of a sexy muscular shirtless male model

Sexy Arrain

One of the things I really love to do is the book videos. Each one of my books has one. Some are very simple, like the early ones. But lately, they have been more intense. This particular video is longer than some of the others and I have also

started to use this image of the “word girl” at the end in conjunction with my website for more continuity. My plan is to probably go back and redo all my videos to not only include this image but to maybe add some other elements as well, like videos within my videos. I didn’t use that feature in The Door Keeper video but one of the things I did do is use the music to full advantage. Like where the demon comes up, the music is at a point where, I believe, it enhances that “reveal”. I love my demon, too. Gorgeous and scary! I do not have a great program, like photo shop, but I was still able to alter the eyes. I also altered the eyes on Arrain.

I also love that I found the perfect team when I found Nick. Unfortunately, he isn’t as “old” as I

The Zoo - Mason, Charlie, Nick, Wendy, Ross

The Zoo – Mason, Charlie, Nick, Wendy, Ross

wanted him to appear and if I had photo shop I could have probably made him a bit older but the “team” is exact. There is a perfect Mason and Charlie and Wendy and Ross so I could put up with a cute but not “old” Nick.

My story, The Door Keeper, does lend itself to possibly more stories. Hopefully the response to this story is such that readers will want more.

So check out my video for the Door Keeper and maybe even watch all of them on my YouTube channel.

 The Door Keeper by Hurri Cosmo

Door Keeper CoverPUBLISHER:  Amber Quill Press

RELEASE DATE:  May 24, 2015

GENRE:  M/M Romance

TAGS:  Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Paranormal / Mystery / Detective / Suspense / Thriller / Action / Adventure

PAIRING: Male/Male

LENGTH:  Approximately 140 pages


Amber Quill Press| Amazon | Goodreads


Although they’ve been labeled as a group of misfits, Minneapolis’ 77th police precinct has plenty of talent.  The problem is, it’s paranormal talent and no one’s supposed to know about it.

Nick keeps his officers busy chasing after all the creepy crawly things that tend to go “bump” in the night, thus insuring the twin cities are safe and totally unaware that other realms even exist. Nick is the Door Keeper and his job as the precinct’s captain is to maintain order in what would otherwise be chaos.

When said chaos rears its ugly head in the form of a ferocious and brutal vampire, the last thing Nick needs is to deal with a new partner, even if that new partner is as sexy as Arrain.


abstract design with a girl grunge textHurri Cosmo lives in Minnesota where she holds tight to the idea that there, where it’s cold a good part of the year, she won’t age as fast. Yep, she avoids the truth as much as she avoids mirrors. But one of the reasons she loves writing is reality doesn’t always offer up a “happily ever after” and being able to take control of that is a powerful lure. Being a happy ending junkie, writing just makes them easier to find. Oh, she doesn’t mind “real life” and she does try to at least keep it in mind when she writes her stories, but she truly loves creating a wonderful couple, knowing they will fall in love and have their HEA. Every – single – time. And, of course, that is exactly the reason she loves reading this genre, too. Give her a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate, and her computer, whether she is reading or writing, and she will entertain herself for hours. The fact she actually gets paid to do it is Snickers bars on the frosting on the cake.

You can find Hurri here:





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